Posted on Sep 20, 2013

Infinity Blade III Complete Walkthrough Act 1 Anomaly

Act 1 Flowchart

(Visit Location Mark that located below this table to calibrate the location of the Map)

Map Area Note
 Infinity Blade 3 Chapter 1 Map 1 Normal treasure on the right side (after defeating the enemy)
2A Defeat the enemy to get the treasure. You will see an event with merchant for the first time.
3 Defeat enemy to proceed
3A 1 normal treasure;
1 medium treasure (Contain Map of life on my game)
3B Branching path, go left to get the treasure.
4 Tough enemy MX Scorian lvl 21 at 1st awakening
4A Treasure Chest
5 Enemy
6 BOSS Battle
7 End of this chapter. There is large treasure and a bookshelf that need lock pick 1 skill

You will get infinity cleaver from the boss on this act. This weapon is super strong which will make the game very easy. Don’t use it if you want a little challenge.

Location Mark

Area Screenshot
1  IB 3 act 1 1
3A  IB 3 act 1-3
4  IB 3 act 1-4
7  IB 3 act 1-7


[0] You can’t return to this place for awhile, so try to take the treasure at 4A. I believe it always contains good thing (I got 10.000 Gold). IMO, the guardian is tougher than the act boss itself.
[0] If you lose at normal battle, you will get “retry” option. But if you lose on the boss battle, you will be knocked out from the dungeon (reborn) and need to restart the act from the beginning. If you don’t want to run from the beginning of the act (I suggested if you’re simply too weak and under-leveled), simply close the apps when you lose against the boss immediately when you die (Go back to Home screen and close the app from the background app). You will start at the point before you challenge the Boss.

Infinity Blade 3 Main Guide

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6 Responses to “Infinity Blade III Complete Walkthrough Act 1 Anomaly”

  1. Berserk says:

    At location 3B there’s a gate on either side. Is the gate to the right unlockable?

  2. Arun Kumar says:


    Thanks for the wonderful walkthroughs.
    I have a question about Act-1. After defeating Mx-Scorian in Act-1 4A and returning back to the main chamber I see another floor on top of 4 or 4A and I see a chest which looks pretty similar to the one protected by Mx-Scorian. Any idea how to reach there?

    – Arun

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