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Infinity Blade III Guide Act V Ascensions How to Defeat The Worker


[0] If you lose at normal battle, you will get “retry” option. But if you lose on the boss battle, you will be knocked out from the dungeon (reborn) and need to restart the act from the beginning. If you don’t want to run from the beginning of the act (I suggested if you’re simply too weak and under-leveled), simply close the apps when you lose against the boss immediately when you die (Go back to Home screen and close the app from the background app). You will start at the point before you challenge the Boss.

You will use both characters simultaneously on this act.

Red = Siris’ path

Green = Isa’s path

Act V Flowchart

Map Area Note
 1A  IB 3 act 5 1A 1 Battle
1A Treasure
2 Battle
2A Nothing
 5A  IB 3 act 5 5A 3 Battle
4 Battle
5 Battle
5A Normal Treasure (High quality content)
 7C  IB 3 act 7C 6 Battle
6A Transitional Area
7 Battle
7A Transitional Area
7B Battle
7C Normal Treasure (High quality content)
7D Transitional Area
 9  IB 3 act 5 9 8 Final Boss Isa
8A Transitional Area
9 Final Boss Siris


Chest on 5A and 7C are containing very good things (either high-end equipment or a lot of money; I got Hibon Plate and 78.000 Golds). Simply restart the level (dead, etc) to re-obtain the chest :D.

Final Boss Tips


Equip sword and shield since it will make the battle far easier than using other weapons. You can’t block/parry shield attack, however most of them are really obvious (he almost always back step before doing it). I recommend you to equip ring that have defend spell so you can refill your block gauge.


I suggest you to have both super attack and magic attack at full condition before figthing him.

1st round is very easy since you can block all of his attack, so just hold that shield icon on the middle of the screen.
2nd round, still easy since he only adds dagger as his possession. It will deplete your shield gauge very fast (use your magical spell now).
3rd round, He adds shield and his attack are long and a little bit tricky. Use Super attack immediately. This should leave him with low HP (only need 1-2 break). Now do your best to avoid/block all his attacks.

Congrats you just defeated Infinity Blade III. Watch the credits and then you will begin with new game +.

You carry all things from the previous playthrough. So you can complete map of treasures side quest, dragon, etc

Infinity Blade 3 Main Guide

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  1. Raidriar says:

    ???Guys when you start rebirth1 how do you beat the worker???

  2. Commanderjets says:

    Umm you do know that the last enemy in 7B will ALWAYS give you the stateless helm and the chest right after gives you hi on plate, but only on your first time reaching those places.

  3. toing2 says:

    do u knw if thr s any secret passages, enemies, weapons somewhere? it s hard to believe they didnt have any, plus, there are 6 infinity weapons, i only located 4 so far, missing twin dagger siris and sword isa.

  4. Leon says:

    I got raped at 7B lol, so hard to beat that guy 😀

  5. Daniel says:

    Thanks for the guide man! much appreciated.

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