Posted on Mar 22, 2014

Jurassic Story Breeding Guide, Hints, and Tips

Jurassic Story FeaturedRelease Date: 29 July 2013 (3.3.1)

Genre: Simulation

Platform: IOS device

Publisher: Liberteenz.LLC.

Developer: Liberteenz.LLC.

iTunes Store link: Jurassic Story Game Apps Liberteenz.LLC.

Jurassic Story Banner Triassic


Make sure you have a space in your Nest or you have enough gems to purchase another space before you play Lucky Slot.
If you win an egg and don’t have either you will lose the egg and the gems you spent to play.

Jurassic Story Banner Jurassic
Please leave comment if you know how to get monsters those are still don’t have pages.
Number = dinosaurus id.
Example: Allosaurus 21 + 41 means Epidexipteryx + Pterodaustro
Enjoy the game.

Exploration tips (Thx to Jackal)

 If you are trying for a new Dino and you don’t like the three choices that are given, don’t use diamonds to switch them. Simply close the app, go back in and try again until you get something worth exploring for. You’ll have to do a hard shut down of the app and not just close and open it again.
  1. Neo_Allosaurus Jurassic Story Beast Element Mini
  2. Neo_Hydrorion Jurassic Story Sea Element Mini
  3. Neo_Stegosaurus Jurassic Story Armor Element Mini
  1. Neo Amphicoelias Jurassic Story Longneck Element Mini
  2. Neo Pterodaustro Jurassic Story Sky Element Mini
  1. Neo Medousaurus Jurassic Story Epic Element Mini
  1. Pampkinsaurus Jurassic Story Epic Element Mini

Jurassic Breeding Result Chart

Jurassic Story Banner Cretaceous
Unlocked at level 20 for 20 millions (Jurassic Period) but you need to COMPLETE ALL JURASSIC DINOSAURS FIRST (You can skip this requirements by using 150 diamonds).  So, better save your diamonds or buy diamonds (only 5,49$ for 130 diamonds :D).
Unlocking time = 72 hours (3 days :D)

Special Thanks to Cheeko111 who always helping me. This guide won’t be completed without your help.

Want to Help??

My email address: noobbgodlike(at)gmail(dot)com.

change at to @ and dot into .


  1. Include the subject (ex: Jurassic story “Dino name” info)
  2. Send me a complete picture package (from baby to teen) because  I can’t do anything with only one picture :D. Please zip the picture if you can and don’t compress the size (send them on png format)
  3. Please write about their data (income, food requirement, breeding/hatching time, buying and selling price, Xp gained, etc)
  4. Thank you very much 😀
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500 Responses to “Jurassic Story Breeding Guide, Hints, and Tips”

  1. Renee says:

    I just reached the Crustaceous era but only have about 1 million coins. Is there a way to get up to 20,000,000 million without having to pay or wait along time to collect from the land marks?

  2. Tana says:

    What is the island with a cave on it for in Triassic Period. I am in Cretaceous Period and I cant figure it out.

  3. soniabk says:

    Sorry, if I will ask you something really hard to do, noobbgodlike, this is my first post, I do love this game, so I thought, maybe if you and the other people here ask to the developers of this game,could them decide to update it and not let the game dead? It is a very good source of learning for children about dinosaurs this game can’t die! I play everyday, and love it.Thanks in advance.

  4. WickedWitchy says:

    I unlocked every era, monster, limited, habitat etc etc only to have my game crash. Support NEVER replied back to any requests or emails. Don’t spend money because you are out of luck if something happens. Thank goodness I never spent a dime!

  5. Hyla says:

    I have just reached the Cretaceous Period. I used the summoner while on the Triassic and the Jurassic period. Both times they gave me Dinosaurs for the Cretaceous Period but they are in the periods I used the summoner. When I look at the lists of dragons , their icon is in the correct period but the dragon is in the habitat where the summoner was used. Can I move them to the period they are supposed to be in? I am unable to use these Dragons to breed.

  6. Franc says:

    Is it safe to assume that this game is done and i should delete it?

  7. Hayley says:

    Would that be fun if you have Dragon Friends on this website. You’ll add all the dragons (Colorations and More), animals (Colorations and more), etc.

  8. Emily says:

    Got a neo melanorsaurs with out breeding two neo or doing lucky slot I just breed two melanosuars and ended up with a 48 hour time searched up the egg on here and found out I got a neo melanosaurs thats funny I got a neo unicorn first try on lucky slot I guess I have luck. Can you breed a neo mealanorsaurs and a neo unicorn?:) thanks noob

  9. kkdi says:

    I have completed all periods, but waiting on one event, 117 and two dinosaurs that remain locked, 110 and 111. Is there a secret to unlocking? I’m tiring being stuck!

  10. Sarah says:

    Can you get a guide for dragon world please

  11. Franc says:

    Is the game dead? i dont even check anymore

  12. Sky says:

    i am a new play. Can i get the Christmas and pumpkin dragon?
    And how to get 116?

  13. Anonymous says:

    What’s with the cave in Triassic period? Why cantvyou get rid of it or put a Dino in there or something?

  14. Jenna says:

    I have completed everything in Triassic except the two that say wait for event. Does the event just show up randomly since it doesn’t seem to be triggered by completing everything else.

  15. Crome says:

    In triassic whats the island with the cave for?

  16. Galora21 says:

    Does anyone know whether you can gift more than 3 other players a day?

  17. Audrey says:

    It would look cool if DragonVale would be on Guide4gamers 😀

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hehe, thanks but there are already too many dragonvale resources outside there, maybe later when they have released dragonvale 2 or tiny monsters 2 XD.

  18. Joe says:

    Is this game dead?

  19. sam says:

    Hi noon just wondering how often they have events in cretaceous ears because they had like three one after the other since I got to it but its been a few weeks w\o one :)

  20. Laura says:

    How do I send gifts?

  21. Joe says:

    Okay, need some advice on No.100 sunsaurus. I’ve been breeding fortunesaurus and sweetishsaurus for about a month with no results. I’ve never seen this game be so stubborn unless glitched. Does this combo actually work, or did you all get it via quest reward? Please respond.

  22. Laura says:

    Hi Noob….I thought I had a handle on this game….don’t know how I made it to the Cretaceous period…lol I have a couple silly questions. In my Cretaceous history I have 45/50 dinosaurs…..2/3 expansions …..and 73/139 obstacles removed but my level 40 bar has not populated in almost a month. It remains empty.
    Also…because I am unable to collect Kronosaurus as a reward you suggested I reinstall the game but I don’t know how to do that…..and won’t I lose everything and have to begin again? Help!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      maximum level is 40, so it’s pretty normal. for kronosaurus reward, I don’t know. Your save data is bound to your game center id, so as long as you use the same id, your save data is safe.

  23. Tezzika says:

    how can you finish history in cretaceous period…it says in Jurassic I have completed history but collect in cretaceous, and in Triassic it says I have one more obstacle but I have no clue what it means by obstacle. Thanks for any help

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Obstacles are the thing that you can remove, liek tree, stone etc. Look around the area carefully to find the last obstacles (it usually covered by your habitat accidentally).

      • Tezzika says:

        Thank you so much! I have to get my sniffer dog out there to look for me LOL

      • Tammie Norrie says:

        Ty that’s exactly why I couldn’t complete, then if said claim thus reward in the cretacious period!

        • Jenna says:

          You go to the Cretaceous period, pull up the Cretaceous history, hit the arrow on the left that takes you to the Jurrassic history page and you can claim the reward.

  24. Steve Lovaas says:

    I’ve had all the dinos for months now, and all the events are cycling back through previous rewards. But there’s still the tiny cloud-covered island in the Cretaceous… has anyone heard about whether/when that will be unlocked?


  25. Stephen Android says:

    Prize for Cretaceous multi-goal / multi-day quest?

    Prize was supposed to be #112, but when I claimed my prize after completing all of the goals, the hatch time is 60 hours and looks like none of the documented eggs. Closest match is Medousaurus, but the colors are different. E.g. Purple with red jewel vs. gold with blue jewel.

    • Stephen Android says:

      Browsing the collection book, I am guessing that I might be waiting for Neo Medousaurus to hatch (#113 rather tha #112). Egg is hatching in my Cretaceous Era.

  26. sam says:

    I’ve been playi saw ppl talking here about gifting…. Is there a social aspect of the game… I’ve been playing for a few months and haven’t noticed….

  27. lyoak1 says:

    I just noticed that you said for the cretaceous period that you need all of the dinosaurs. …… I was able to get it and I still need all of the epics except for Harry

  28. Jyt says:

    Hooray, I finally got my gagasaurus using kronosaurus & Phoenix . Thanks Noob for providing this wonderful site, many thanks to Cheeko111 & Lee for giving me the new combo :) :) :)

  29. cheeko111 says:

    New Event in Cretaceous.
    The reward states you get # 98 but you actually get # 112 (Poseidon Saurus).

    • bear4you says:

      I downloaded an update and now i lost EVERYTHING i had.
      If things like that happen i don’t think i will play this any longer

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Huh?? the game account bound to your game center data. The save data won’t disappeared as long as you use same game center id.

        • bear4you says:

          yeah i thought so myself, but it did, even dropped down like 2 levels and lost the next era

        • bear4you says:

          went back on today and guess what new update and everthing is back to where i was before,,,,,,weird

    • Stephen Android says:

      Mine show #112 as the reward.

      Can this reward (#112) be placed in the Cretaceous era, or only in the Triassic?

      Just need the awesome exploration result to win this prize, with only one more exploration to complete before the deadline…

  30. M1nn1es says:

    ? I lost my vampire!
    I see it in my collection, but not in the game!?!
    Is this happened to someone else?

  31. Galora21 says:

    Is anyone else not receiving their gifts? I have been gifting, but no one is receiving the gifts I send. I asked a friend and they have been “gifting” me also, but no gifts have been showing up in my game.

  32. Joe says:

    Is there any trick for getting the “history” mission for unlocking Zeussaurus? I’ve completed all of the Cretacious era quests but haven’t seen it. Do I have to get dark Island first? Is it just a random event quest that I missed? Any help would be great.

    • Galora21 says:

      Have you checked your “History” in the Cretaceous period? There is a list of things you have to complete. (50) dinosaurs, open all expansions, and clear all obstacles.

  33. JustELmo says:

    NR. 95+56 Gagasourus+Tyranosourus
    result an egg looking like desert i think its gona be the Sweetishsaurus nr. 99
    Breething time 60 hour

  34. Jyt says:

    Thanks Noob for providing such a wonderful platform to help us fellow gamers. It’s amazing to find help so quickly. I am stuck in my last mission in Cretaceous era for a long time. I need to breed gagasaurus to complete my Dino list. Using #93 Phoenix & #56 T-Rex ,I got more than 10 dracorexeses. Has anyone try this combo recently & get gagasaurus? Really really appreciate your HELP. Many THANKS

  35. M1nn1es says:

    How do you add friends?

  36. minemorph says:

    Noob, can you help me with a problem.When I enter the app it keeped
    saying please wait,can you help me.

  37. Taytay says:

    “Upgrade Longneck storage to level 3” what does this mean?!

  38. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    hey guys i need some people to gift my id is Francisco_3

  39. says:

    How to get sweetisaurus?

  40. cheeko111 says:

    Just need 2 more dino’s !
    # 104 Neo Allosaurus – haven’t had much luck in Lucky Slot
    # 108 Neo Eudimorphodon – it says to breed 2 Epic’s but it doesn’t allow you to do that as I have all of the Epic’s. Has anyone bred this dino ?

    • Alissa says:

      Epic doesn’t necessarily mean epic. I got it by breeding Neo Unicorn and Neo Plesiosaurus.

    • Joe says:

      The combo is neo unicorn and neo plesiosaurus. It works every time. Not sure if any other combo works.

    • cheeko111 says:

      Got it with Neo Unicorn & Neo Plesiosaurus and then again with Neo Unicorn & Neo Gojirasaurus …. thanks
      Also got lucky in Lucky Slot and got # 104 Neo Allosaurus
      I got’em all now!

  41. LeethaL says:

    Need friends ….

  42. Akko says:

    I have a neo stegosaurus and neo hydroin i bred them and ended up with patagosaurus

  43. Fryn says:

    SInce the recent update I can’t even open the app. Has anyone else got this problem? :(

  44. xenocraft says:

    I have the artermissauras egg but I can’t put it in its hábitat

  45. minemorph says:

    Noob,can you soon put#114 and#115 on the breeding chart when you get all the information about them.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I will when I have gotten the info, but I didn’t have the info at this moment. I can only hope cheeko to send me pictures so I can work on it immediately.

  46. PersephoneLuna says:

    ok i have tried exploring and backing out of it and re exploring and breeding every dino i have for the past month and still have yet to get a Mamenchisaurus … it is all i need left in jur period and i am getting frustrated enough im about to uninstal it. is there any breeding hints i can get out here?

  47. Jyt says:

    Been trying to get gagasaurus using T-Rex + Pheonixfor close to 10 times, only get lot of dracorexes. Can someone please help. Thanks a lot

  48. cheeko111 says:

    I got # 114 by breeding Zeus and Giganot and I got # 115 by breeding Zeus and Sun.
    First try on # 114 but it took 10 attempts to get # 115, fortunately they were all Concave so I only had to wait a minute.

  49. cheeko111 says:

    They just released #’s 114 & 115.
    They are son & daughter of # 120 Zeus.
    I bred # 120 + # 53 Giganoto and got 60 hrs.
    Will let you know the outcome.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thx for the info :), wait for your info like usual :).

    • Tobenits says:

      Just guessing based on clue, I think 114 = Zeus + Giganto and 115 = Zeus + Sun. Can’t confirm yet as I still need to clear a few boulders to get Zeus.

      • cheeko111 says:

        You are correct.
        Zeus can only be bred with Giganto and Sun.
        Sun can only be bred with Zeus.

        • Steve says:

          So after getting these two, I have all the Dino’s in all three eras. Still there’s the little cloud over the final little island. I had hoped that would open up when I finished. Anyone have any info on that?

    • jackal says:

      Zeus + Giga = 114. Got two in a row. I don’t have sun so I can’t try the other combo yet.

  50. minemorph says:

    Noob,today #114 and#115 came out

  51. xenocraft says:

    Is it possible to get pampkinsaurus?

  52. Kathi Martin says:

    When exploring with a dinosaur , the one just before tyrannosaurus. It says I got a super egg. Got three jewels, but egg hatched in 58 sec. What gives. This has happened twice.

  53. minemorph says:

    I tried everything to get sweetishsaurus but I can’t get him/her

  54. Dejagg says:

    How long does it take to build a large epic habitat?

  55. minemorph says:

    Noob,can I breed 2 unicorns in Triassic time period?

    • cheeko111 says:

      No you can’t breed 2 Unicorns (#17) in Triassic.
      I have all of the Epic’s in Triassic, except Neo Unicorn, and you can’t breed any of them together.
      I’m assuming you can breed Neo Unicorn (#103) with another Epic to get Neo Eudimorphodon (#108).
      I haven’t been lucky enough to get Neo Unicorn via Lucky Slot yet so I can’t confirm.

  56. LoveLane34/LoveLane29 (Tiny ID) says:

    Just a question, is this only avail for iPhones? It looks really cool, but can’t get it from the Google Play Store. Thanks Noob : )

  57. Jude says:

    How do I breed 2 epic dinosaurs???

  58. cheeko111 says:

    After 30 tries, in Triassic, I finally got # 109 using 101 + 102.
    Patience is a virtue.
    I’ll send data and pics after it hatches.

  59. Clairisa says:

    Noob I sent you more info today:)

  60. cheeko111 says:

    Make sure you have a space in your Nest or you have enough gems to purchase another space before you play Lucky Slot.
    If you win an egg and don’t have either you will lose the egg and the gems you spent to play.
    I found out the hard way :-(

  61. cheeko111 says:

    There’s a new event in Cretaceous, 11 days to complete, reward = # 112.
    I’m assuming I’ll be able to put this Triassic Epic Dinosaur in a Cretaceous Epic habitat.

  62. Maggie Cull says:

    I can not get into my game. I got a new IPad Air and down loaded the game but accidentally deleted the game on my old Ipad before I lodged out in options in the game so know it wont load the new game it keep saying you need to log-out in options. Can any one help me please

  63. Madonna says:

    Hi, I’m at level 19 in the jurassic period, I have all the dinosaurs including the epic ones and I don’t know how to get to cretaceous bacause it says you have to be at level 20 to unlock it. There is also a thing called cretaceous summoner that seems to be to breed dinosaurs from another period but I can’t use it, it says that it’s not available at this moment and that they will add more dinos. So I don’t know what to do, I would like to reach the cretaceous because if I do I would get the Christmas dino (at least that’s what they say) and I would like to have it! So, any help will be welcomed :)

  64. Samuel says:

    Hi noobbgodlike is it possible for me to for me to breed gagasaurus and tyrannosaurus because I went and unlock easy hint for sweetishsaurus

  65. Wil says:

    has anyone got the happy X’mas Dinosaur it’s an event

  66. Samuel says:

    Anybody knows what sea tyrano x immortal =diva for gagasaurus ?

  67. allison says:

    Can you add a friend from the random visit? I don’t use facebook and can’t figure out how to send gifts.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know about adding random visit. Then create facebook account (simply dummy account, like what I do, almost all games need facebook account now, just treat it as a game ID), sending a gift can be done easily once you have a friend.

  68. Richi says:

    Number 100 sunsaurus = 99 breed 98 I can get a picture.. 97 hours breed

  69. Wendy says:

    I have a stupid question. In the events it says to change a dinosaur name. How do you do that?

  70. Dawn says:

    Can anyone help with an achievement I am stuck on?
    I just started on Cretaceous and it says “Jackpot … Hit Bull’s Eye 2 times” … It shows I got one already but no clue how I even did that to do it again lol … any suggestions, please??


  71. Alissa says:

    I got Libertiestatue by breeding Phoenix and Zombisaurus. :)

    Rarity: 6 stars

    Era: Cretaceous

    Habitat: Epic

    Buy Price: none

    Sell Price: 10.000 Coins

    Breeding time: 24 hours

    EXP point: Unknown (sorry, I didn’t catch it…)

  72. X says:

    I’m on an android phone and I can’t add anyone as a friend in social to complete the quest. Any tips on how to do this?

  73. Govind says:

    I breed a saichania but i sold it and I want it back do you know how to do this

  74. Kira says:

    Sorry if this seems a silly question, but can anyone breed the dinosaurs in the Triassic era which have a 60 hour breeding time and the description is “god only knows”? Coz I’ve got all the dinosaurs on that era now, that count to getting the reward for it, and I want to know if there’s any point in breeding for the mysterious two. Otherwise, I’ll use my unicorns to breed one of them neo. ??? that aren’t from the lucky spin.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      God only knows = Dino is not released at this time :D.

      • Kira says:

        Thank you! Another question, for breeding the neo melanosaurus, can I use two unicorns or, as it says, have to use two different epis dinosaurs. Because if so, I’m done breeding in the Triassic for a little while.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I believe you can, since unicorn + unicorn won’t resulted on unicorn (like in other breeding game), but to be safe use 2 different dino.

        • Kira says:

          Thank you! I’ll be using my two unicorns then. Having a fail time of 48 hours would be rather annoying, so thanks again Noobbgodlike!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          You’re welcome.

        • Tobenits says:

          Are you able to breed a Unicorn with another Unicorn? Can’t seem to do that on my end. I can’t even breed my Unicorn, or ANY EPIC monster for that matter, with any other monsters. As soon as I select the epic monsters, the next row blacks out. The highest rarity monsters I can seem to breed are GOJI+GOJI or NEO GOJI+GOJI. Can’t seem to get 108 and 109 with those 2 combos.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I can’t do that too. I am not sure whether it’s a glitch or not, like the new gagasaurus, they tell us to breed the immortal with sea tyranno. From the data sea tyranno = kronosaurus and immortal = phoenix. However, I can’t combine phoenix with krono. Not sure where to contact the publisher….

  75. Kelly says:

    Well….I guess I’m done for a while. I bred #100 (97 hours) using Fortunesaurus and Sweetishsaurus. After four days in the breeding den and another four waiting for it to hatch, I am now stuck. I can click on it and select “place in habitat.”. It even points to my free habitat, but it won’t let me put the egg there. However, I tried so many times that when I go to explore or breed again, it shoes that I have something like 23 #100 dinos. It still says ??? Instead of a breed, but each one has a name. To make matters worse, the dumb replicated itself so there are now TWO in the hatching place. One is ready to be placed, and the other just started, so it will be there for at least four days. No more breeding, hatching, or exploring until they fix this!

    • Serg says:

      I’ve had this issue for a few weeks as well, all you can do for now is take advantage, sell your hatched egg for 1.5 m coins. Every time you click on the “get reward now” in the dinosaur info you’ll get another egg.

  76. Joe says:

    I’ve been very lucky with this game in the few days I’ve been playing it. I got a unicorn by accident being two dinosaurs that aren’t even supposed to be compatible, then I decided to try lucky spin, since it costs 99 jewels, and you get 100 jewels from a quest for trying it. What’s to lose? I got neo unicorn egg, first spin. Now I have both unicorn eggs sitting in my nest. The neo unicorn egg has a 96 hour timer.

  77. Kelly says:

    I’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned, because I feel like I’m sort of playing catch up, but I breed the Fortunesaurus with the Sweetishsaurus and got a 97 breed time. The dumb thing FINALLY finished breeding and where there is normally an egg, there is a picture that looks like the food symbol – like a turkey and fruit. I have no idea what it is and it won’t hatch for almost 4 days but I will let you know! I got it on the first try. I didn’t try it again because I didn’t want to tie up my breeding den for another four days.

    • cheeko111 says:

      Breeding time equals that of Dino # 100 but “God only knows” what you’ll get :-)

    • Richi says:

      After 100 breeds, I got it too, thanks
      It is the #100 dino I hope..

    • Richi says:

      Kelly, what do you get?

      I get an egg like Giant banana food icon, and after 97 hours, I can’t put it in the epic habitat, instead that I get another same egg and anothers 97 hours.
      Do you get the same things?

  78. cheeko111 says:

    Out of the 117 dino’s how many can actually be obtained at the moment ?

  79. james567 says:

    I like the game

  80. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    Any news on any other cretatious epic? ive been trying everything i can think of and i havent gotten anything new.

  81. srtobey says:

    What is the highest level a dinosaur can reach in this game?

  82. Dawn says:

    Can anyone help??
    I am stuck on the “Explore” achievement.
    It says to “Check exploration achievement within 1 hour after exploration.”

    I am not getting what to do for that??

    • Dawn says:

      No one can answer this!?!
      I have tried “checking” the exploration status both within 1 hour after starting a new exploration and 1 hour within finishing an exploration and received no credit for the achievement.
      I don’t understand where I am going wrong … Can anyone offer any help, please ??

  83. castlemage says:

    soo noob, had to tell us it runs on android now 😀 just went and bought a new tablet to access google play store 😀

  84. Shannon (iOS 6) says:

    Hi Noob
    Do you have the info for the Neo Unicorn in Triassic?
    I finally got this one & can send you the info if you need it.

  85. Madonna says:

    Hi, I just installed the game on Android and I wonder how to close the App? because I can’t find a button to close it in the game and the one I use to close all my apps doesn’t seem to work. It sounds stupid, but I have to close it ‘hard’ (like when you turn off the computer by pulling the cable) and then I can not enter anymore and I have to delete the app and install it again (and start the game from the beginning), and I have to do that everytime so I can’t play the game. Has this happened to anyone? anything I can do?

  86. samuel says:

    Hi noobbgodlike ,can i still can get the dinosaur in event goals if I skip the quest required?

  87. Tobenits says:

    I know this is not the Tyrannosaurus section, but I am asking here hoping it could get answered faster. Does anyone know of a dinosaur that I could use to explore and get the T-Rex as a possible outcome? It is the only thing I am missing for the event. I was luckily able to get the pteranodon from an explore, and am hoping I could do the same thing for the rex. If I try to get Rex the breed way, I don’t think I would finish in time for the event.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      From my experience, I never see t=rex egg. Breeding is very easy (got it on 1st try), obtaining breeding formula monsters are quite hard though.

      • Tobenits says:

        That’s the problem. I only have less than 10 days. And some of the breeding formula monsters, need other breeding formula monsters that can be obtained only through exploration. And even if I get said monsters as a possible option through the lottery system, doesn’t guarantee I would get it after 24 hours. Too bad I can’t speed up explorations too. Right now, I am just hoping the event monster becomes available next year too. (Hopefully I am still paying by that time. :-))

      • Tobenits says:


  88. Richi says:

    Hi, anybody knows how can I get Libertiestatue?
    Breed Epics in cretasceus just resoult in concavenator

  89. samuel says:

    hi noobbgodlike ,can I still go back to the Triassic period when I am in Jurassic ?
    Cause I want to complete the quest there.

  90. Kathy says:

    Do you know what the cave is for in the Triassic period?

  91. Rachael says:

    Is this game done at level 40? Also are the last epic dinosaurs not available yet bc the hints all say only god knows and idk how to get them

  92. Sai_Gemini says:

    I can not breed Sauroposeidon with Dracorex to make Argentinosaurus because it is in my Triassic Period…
    It comes up in my Longneck Habitat in Triassic…my Collection in Cretaceous…not on my Breeding list in Cretaceous.
    How can I breed with it?

  93. Kelly says:

    I have another general tip…not sure if it’s been mentioned or not…..

    When there are no current quests and you have an abundance of food, feed your dinosaurs – but not past level 9! I keep mine at level 9 because the difference in earning between level 9 and 10 is usually not much, and that way when a quest begins, I only have to raise them one level! 😉

  94. Rachael says:

    How do u beat the goal in Jurassic era that says “make good amount less than 500”?? I’ve tried making food less than 500 but it never works!! Is it a trick question?

  95. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    is it just me or were these quests easier than last time’s? managed to get the triassic and jurassic dinos and got the hardest parts of the cretaceous done.

  96. Jackal says:

    Since I haven’t seen it anywhere, here’s a general tip for exploring. If you are trying for a new Dino and you don’t like the three choices that are given, don’t use diamonds to switch them. Simply close the app, go back in and try again until you get something worth exploring for. You’ll have to do a hard shut down of the app and not just close and open it again.

    You probably already all know that but I didn’t see it anywhere and new folks would probably want to know to save diamonds or time spent exploring for eggs they already have.

  97. legosaw says:

    what is number 144? It doesn’t have a hint or title so I have no idea and I have looked all over google and I haven’t found anything on it. It was released on October 1st, and I have no idea how to get it.

  98. Tobenits says:

    Noob, seems like 110 and 111 are missing from the list. I was going nuts trying to look for an egg picture. Lol. Had to look at the Collection Book one by one. It seems that I got 111 from the oven. I’ll confirm once it is done hatching.

  99. Kathy says:

    I am fairly new to the game and am trying to figure out the social aspect of the game. I have added several friends and given gifts, but as far as I know have not received any. Would that show up on the same page that you give the gift? Is there something else I need to do?

  100. Colin says:

    Noob it’s says collect amazing Dino using finders guide, what is finders guide?

  101. Rachael says:

    I got the pteranodon (#74) by exploring the quetzalcoatlus (#73) a few times!

  102. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    Anyone have a clue on how to get t-rex?

  103. Renee1313 says:

    my iphone crashed and had a hardware/ software failure and had to be replaced. I was unable to log out of the game before the old fone was useless. When i log into the game on the new fone i get a message saying to log in with the old device( cant is totally fried ) and log out in settings then log in with new device in order not to loose game data. i have logged in and out of the game center with no luck, and no help on the games facebook page or in itunes comments. any one have anything like this happen before?

    thank you in advance for any help

    • noobbgodlike says:

      HMM, I am not sure, but I think as long as you use same game center id your game should be back without no problem. Not sure what to do about your problem. Because I don’t know where their support section.

      • Renee1313 says:

        thank you.. Sadly it doesn’t work not for this game specifically. Tiny Village and the others yes they recognize me in the game center , but this one nope tells me to log out on other devise that I don’t have any more:( I did face book message them and they are not responding) I like the game and spent a lot of time on it and sadly I will not start over again and waste time and any more money. Sigh :(


        • Steve says:

          I’ve also had no response from their support site, which is in Japanese. I had to translate the form fields to submit a request. You’d think that maybe someone in their office speaks/writes English to respond, although based on the grammar in the game itself perhaps they really don’t have many English speakers on staff. I have some glitches I’d love to report if they’d reply.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          hmm, then I have no idea TAT.

  104. Chris says:

    How much money is required to reach the Jurassic era?

  105. Steve says:

    I’m stuck… I have all the dinosaurs except 95, 96, 97, 99, and 100. I can’t figure out those combos, or any storage other than beast or longneck (even though sea storage, armor storage, etc. are on the Achievements page). Has anyone gotten any of these?

  106. sai gemini says:

    I know it sounds crazy but I got the Zombiesaurus breeding #64 Futabasaurus and #68 Kronosaurus.

  107. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    almost have the poseidon saurus just need last part of the quest and only need to hatch about 7 more eggs

    • franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

      got the egg. do you need pics? only have the egg for now will need to wait 60 hours to get the dinosaur

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Yeah please :D. I will wait.

        • MimiMonster says:

          9 more hours and my posiedonsaurus is hatched! Only need 2 geosaurus to get the neo medusaurus. I have no clue how to get a zombiesaurus to complete fortunesaurus. I think that one will be a no way for me. It takes 70 hours to hatch triceratops…add another and you’ve already blown 6 days!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          My guess is zombiesaurus = tyrannosaurus + phoenix. Waiting for the info and pictures of poseidon saurus 😀 (if you don’t mind).

  108. MimiMonster says:

    It’s such a simple tip but the Jurassic app page suggests NOT hatching one of your Dino’s you need consecutively till you have another. The only problem is you better have at least two slots and not a million other timed quests for hatching. Right now I have one geosaurus to hatch but I’m leaving it there till I get a second. Now to get that second one…

  109. ARTPOP says:

    Does anyone know how to breed for Zombiesaurous I have 2 but I had them before the goals thing so I need help also when I explore I think there’s a bug because the dinosaurs aren’t correct

  110. Robbob says:

    How does one upgrade food house from large to giant? I am at level 15. I can,t buy it and when I empty food no option is available for me to upgrade the structure like there is going from small to large.

  111. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    how are we suppose to hatch 2 plessiosaurus and gojirasauruses in a row? even if we have 2 of them and breed them together we get something else… any suggestions?

  112. Tobenits says:

    Has anyone tried skipping a quest?

  113. cheeko111 says:

    New Triassic Goals available, reward = No.112
    If you don’t have any habitats left I would suggest selling one of your Epic’s if you have multiple.
    Buy a small Beast habitat and it can be used to complete the “Max Coin Collection” goal as you need to do it 150 times.
    You can’t buy eggs to complete the “Hatch Many Eggs” goal, I tried and it doesn’t work.
    23 days to complete all goals to get reward.
    Doesn’t seem like it will be too difficult.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You can solve it by buying because the quest already said through breeding :D.for collecting 150 times I believe it doens’t need to have many small beast habitat as we still got 23 days :D. Thanks for the info.

    • MimiMonster says:

      I have been breeding the lowest combo at 1 hour over and over to complete the hatch many eggs quest. My biggest problem is getting a zombiesaurus. All other quests are very possible if you don’t waste time and check in a lot!

      • noobbgodlike says:

        yeah, it’s all possible. For fortunesaurus I think it’s better to buy it since food amount that needed to feed 10 dinosaurs is too much unless you really check the game frequently.

        • MimiMonster says:

          I have had no problem with tons of food surplus since I already unlocked the blue mushroom in all my farms that makes food every 3 hours. My biggest problem is zombiesaurus and geosaurus…..I have completed almost every other quest listed other then hatch 30 times. Since I have been using low breeding time combos I’m almost done those too.

  114. Janet says:

    I’m helping my 6 yr old, and for some reason we can’t get another large sea, we are in level 10. What do we have to do. We only got one and we need another on. Also how do you get more blue diamond besides buying them. Thank you!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Try to level up more so you can increase your maximum habitat. for blue diamonds you cna buy crystal cave so you can harvest them daily (3/day). Open new age also unlock explore cave which can generates diamonds (1-3/day).

  115. Steffi1981 says:

    What must I do to get all the 79 obstacle points in Triassic which You can see in the History part?

  116. Anthony says:

    Is there a reason for the cave during the Triassic period? And is there any benefit to unlocking/buying the crystals?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Do you mean crystal cave? if yes then it can generates 3 diamonds per day. No, there is no benefit for buying diamonds.

      • Anthony says:

        I have the cave or “mine” you buy that produces the diamonds, but around level 18-19 you unlock in the “decorations” section a red white and blue crystal I was wondering with they have any actual value or if it is in fact just a decoration.

        The cave I’m talking about in in the Triassic period and its a tiny island that you can’t put anything on. That’s the cave I’m asking about.

  117. Audrey says:

    What are the new things when you reach level 19? Thx: ).

  118. Colin says:

    Noob I’ve tried breeding 2 Neo dino’s as it says you can get Neo Amphicoelias & Neo Pterodaustro but after many many tries no new Neo’s!!!! Have you or anyone else had any luck breeding these or is it just another glitch in system.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I believe it’s not glitch, but it’s just the chance is really low TAT. But it maybe glitch since there are some hints those don’t work.

      • Baljinder says:

        I’m having trouble at getting the memchisaurs dino, tried exploring 5 times with the expidextrex, but kept on getting same dino all the time.
        Are their other ways getting memchisaurs dino without buying and breeding with different dino.

  119. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    hey guys need two people to share jewels with id:francisco_3 will give everyday as long as i get one in return

  120. Audrey says:

    Do you need more experience to level up? Thanks :)

  121. Colin says:

    Noob how do I complete all of the obstacle’s in Triassic period? I’ve breed every dinosaur and finished all goal’s but when I check the history it says 77/79, so want the reward but can’t seem to figure it out. Please help its driving me crazy!!!!!

  122. Hayley says:

    I recently downloaded the app today and it’s like Dragonvale but with Dinosaurs.

  123. Baljinder says:

    Just wondering, why don’t you put storage for spare dragons and decoration so when we need it we can put it back. It’s like a storage boxes where we can put many things if have have decorations and etc.. Rather selling the decoration or dragons , because if we have to many we can plae it in the storages so it can be used again!

  124. banjo says:

    well can some1 swap there diamonds with me? I have not any like I have 1

  125. Colin says:

    Noob how do u join someone else’s JurassicStory so to be able to swap diamonds?

  126. Colin says:

    Hi, love this game but need some people to join my game….
    My gamer tag is kaco36. Please add me so we can swap diamonds.

  127. Audrey says:

    noobgodlike, in JurassicStory who is Monica? The one on “Goals” page? Thanks!!!

  128. Stefie says:

    Anyone that would like to add me please do so.

  129. Tobenits says:

    Monster cleanse 1/6 requires you to hatch a plant hybrid. Somehow auto completed on my end. Wasn’t able to see rewards.

    2/6 requires you to collect from giving tree. 200 exp and 150 food.

  130. Robert says:

    Does anyone know if you can transport the dinosaurs from the summoner into the actual place it should be in this case the Cretaceous cause they’re useless in the other eras.

  131. Tobenits says:

    Is there a friends list page for Jurassic Story?

  132. Izzy 4713 says:

    Noob Dragon Story is all free of bugs and I could use some tips. I’m pretty sure it’s free, too. So now u can start playing.

  133. cheeko111 says:

    Was going for No.023 with No.021 + No.026 but got 48 hours instead.
    Will let you know what I get, I’m assuming it will be No.048, 49 or 50.
    Can someone speed up my breeding ?
    Oops wrong game :-)

  134. Pedro says:

    This game is ok. Cretaceous period is taking forever. I have already reached the max level that you can for this game which is level 40. I have 31 of the Cretaceous dinosaurs, and the rest seem impossible to get. Trying to save 50,000,000 coins to buy the epic egg from the store. I see you don’t have any helpful hints for this era. Makes me wanna quit! I truly can’t figure out how to get any other Dino’s and I refuse to spend money on this game. Made it this far without it, not going to start now. If anyone knows how I can get the Phoenix epic dinosaur, please let me know. I need other ones, but lets start with that! Thanks for the help!

  135. Bboy399 says:

    When I got Jurassic era, my island was filled with dinosaurs and decorations that I had no clue existed??? What do I do?

  136. ali says:

    Does anyone know if it will come out for android?

  137. Izzy 4713 says:

    Noon there is a game that I want u to check out. It’s called Dragon Story. It’s awesome. It’s a breeding game so I think you’ll like it.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I know that game :D. On the past the game was full of bug, that’s why I don’t play it anymore. IMO dragon city is better than dragon story. I am just starting to play it too.

  138. Nito says:

    How I get the 40 ?-( breed brachiosaurus and ceratosaurus NO work!!!!)

  139. Valerie says:

    Noob, I just sent you an email with my notes of Cretaceous dragon formulas (those that I remembered to write down. Have fun!

  140. Kelly says:

    I just reached level 15 and I have a goal to upgrade my large food houses to giant food houses but I have no option to upgrade. Does anyone know why? I haven’t fully dewar he’d the large ones yet because of the cost. Do I have to unlock all large recipes before I can upgrade to giant?

  141. Valerie says:

    Through my obsession, I made it to the Cretaceous Era!! Hope I’m not the first one because I need some help. (Joe, where are you? It seemed like you were leaps and bounds ahead of us in the Jurassic Era, then you disappeared!) What does it mean when it says “explore” a certain dinosaur? That’s the hint it gives you and nothing else.

    For the Jurassic Era, after I bred a list of dinosaurs, I took one dinosaur and just went down the line in the breeding den and then just added each new dinosaur to the list. You’d be surprised at how well this works! After a while, didn’t even follow the goals because I was way ahead!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Nice :D. I am still waiting to complete all my collection on Jurassic Story. If you don’t mind please write your breeding formula (Like Joe didi), So I can add it on the post above.

      • Valerie says:

        Noob, what iOS device are you using? iPhone, iPad? I was going to email my notes; namely, my formulas, so I don’t have to retype. Will this work for you? I’m on an iPad, it’s easier on the eyes. I don’t have to keep expanding the screen to make everything larger so I can see it, lol!

  142. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    got medussasaur by exploring with excalibosaurus. need pictures?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Please XD. Thank you very much.

      • Valerie says:

        Noob, I’m at Createous Era and a lot of the “hints” for breeding are: “explore” with t-rex, for instance. What does “explore” mean? I don’t understand!

      • Valerie says:

        Noob, I haven’t “explored” at all – not in the Ttiassic or Jurassic Era.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          huh?? then I guess you unlock cretaceous by using diamonds. You just need to buy explore camp and choose explore.

        • Valerie says:

          Noob, I purchased the Explore Camp but never used it because I didn’t know how to; but I’m certainly using it without fail in the Cretaceous Era – you don’t get any big points otherwise. So now I know what you mean by “explore”. But it takes an awful long period of time and it kicks out an “egg”, so far, one that I already had and took me great pains to breed, mind you! But I’m in Explore Camp for the big jump it gives you in points. So worth the wait!

    • Valerie says:

      Franc, how did you “explore” with excalibosaurus? I don’t understand the use of the word “explore” in this instance, throughout Jurassic Story.

  143. Izzy 4713 says:

    Do u know if this game is coming out for kindle yet/ever?

  144. Zappons says:

    P.S. Clock machine option opened up but costs 99 gems to play?!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yeah, slot machine is expensive to play, so don’t play it daily unless you’re really rich, save up your diamond to buy jewel mine, on the jurassic era you will also get explore camp which will generate additional diamonds for you.

      • Zappons says:

        Is there a beginner’s guide to this game?

      • Zappons says:

        Would you please be so kind as explain the different eras in the game? I have the Libertysaurus to claim, but it asked me if I was sure I wanted it in the current era. I have no clue? Thanx!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Okay, I will explain it more throughly later on certain post. For now I will explain it shortly:

          You hatch it using summoner portal, right? You can only summon one liberty statue this way (you need to choose between jurassic and triassic) so the game asked whether you’re sure to put the dinosaurs on the age :D. Other than that other creatures are can’t placed on the other ages (only dinosaurs that appear on summoner portal that can)

        • Zappons says:

          Okay, I am currently in the Triassic Era only, so should I get it now, or wait until I get to the next era? Thx, Noobs!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I suggest you to wait until Jurassic since you need 20 millions to open cretaceous era. Libertie have quite high income (all epic monsters do :D). SO it will help you later :D.

  145. Ellen says:

    Want to confirm that I got the Ninjasaurus. 48 Medousaurus (lvl 6) + 49 Harrysaurus (lvl7) = 50 Ninjasaurus on iPhone5

    I was too excited to see what I had so I spent the jewels to see what I got and it was indeed the Ninjasaurus.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thanks, You should save those diamonds if you want to unlock new cretaceous age soon (without completing all Jurassic dinosaurs). Guess I will write it on the post above.

  146. Ellen says:

    46 Tuojiangosaurus (lvl 7) + 19 Dilophosaurus(lvl 10) = 48 Medousaurus on iPhone5

    Hope this helps!

  147. Awesome dude says:

    How many creatures can you store in a home???

  148. Awesome dude says:

    Just got the game! It is cool as! I want to get water creature but it unlock at level 4 but I’m on level three already!!

  149. Ellen says:

    Need some help. I am trying to get the Libertiestatue from the summoner. The only problem, I can no longer invite anyone because I continually get an error. I can select my friends, but then when it goes to FB, it says “An error occurred, please try again later.” Now, I was able to send invites previously and I had one person join and start playing yet the summoner still shows 0/3. The summoner also says “processing” for the Libertiestatue. I was able to complete the other two.

    I know the Libertiestatue is possible to get because I see the egg incubating when I visited a “friends” game. Also, I know that I will probably only be able to get exactly 3 friends to play and if the one person that accepted is not showing up, I think I will not be able to complete the summon.

    Any ideas and help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry, I guess I am a very patriotic person and this is one “Dino” I would love to have.

    • Ellen says:

      OMG… I guess I was reading too much into the summoning! I see now that all you have to do is send 3 invites and the people don’t actually have to play. Also, I was sending more than 3 invites and that was the reason for the error.

      Oh, maybe I’m just too old to play

  150. Mudx01 says:

    hey Noob, is this game coming out on Android as well?

  151. Valerie says:

    Joe, need help with these:

    23 Allosaurus
    27 Mamenchisaurus
    35 Liopleurodon
    39 Dimorphodon
    40 Ctenochasma – it is NOT 18 + 28!
    41 Pterodaustro

    Pretty PLEASE?! Thanks!

  152. coolguyrocker4137 says:

    Can anybody helped me with the game because I cannot download it as I mentioned in my previous comment.

  153. MimiMonster says:

    Any plan for an egg breeding chart? My son loves the ones you have for tiny castle and tiny monsters. He loves to see which ones we are missing and which one to try for next!

  154. castlemage says:

    finally a good reason to get an iPad 😀

  155. Valerie says:

    Noob, I’m confused! In my Jurassic Era, I have the habitats of the Triassic Era with invisible dinosaurs in them. When I try to move a dinosaur into one of those habitats because I think it’s empty, it says there’s no more room in the habitat. It took me a while to figure out they were habitats from my Triassic Era. Why is that? Anyone? They’re taking up much needed room in my initial Jurassic island! How do I get rid of them? btw, the only thing the two Era’s share are the gems? Not coins or food? I’ve just received my expansion, but I still want to remove those habitats, if possible! Thanks!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Huh, I don’t know how that could happen. Yeah, only diamonds that carried over to the next era. Try to restart your device. Uninstalling device shouldn’t delete your data since it’s bound to your game center account, but better not to do that (not sure 100% ).

      If you think the habitat is from Triassic, then try to move all dinosaurs from that habitat (on triassic area) and then sell the habitat on triassic age. It should clear the habitat from Jurassic era too if your theory is correct. 😀

      • Valerie says:

        The dinosaurs are already in the Triassic Era in their own habitat. In fact, I bred a sea dinosaur and had to build a sea habitat for it only to find that it belonged to the Triassic Era bc the habitat was empty in my Jurassic Era and the sea dinosaur was in the sea habitat in the Triassic Era. Why does that happen? I have this giant empty beast habitat that supposedly is full of dinosaurs (but I can’t sell them) taking up space that I desperately need and can’t do anything about it? Suggestions? Can’t take it from Jurassic to Triassic Era. It doesn’t move through the arches!

  156. Sleepyboa says:

    If anyone would like to add me, my Game Center ID is sleepyboa.

  157. jenmfaile says:

    Is that the actual name of the game “Jurassic Story?” Because I’m not finding it. The closest thing to it is “Tiny Jurassic Dragon Story.” Is it on IOS or Android?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s only available on IOS right now. Just use the link I gave on the post above (assuming you have IOS device). If you’re using IOS device and can’t find it, then the game probably isn’t out on your country.

    • Valerie says:

      It’s under “Jurassic Story Game Apps”. Search for this and you should find it. Do you have a Game Center ID?

  158. Ellen says:

    Thank you sooooo much for letting us know about this game! I’ve been playing all of 3 days but I love it! I really don’t need to be playing another game, but this one is making it easy to give up one of the others. Thanks again, and thank you for your great website!

  159. Valerie says:

    Oooh! I won a legend egg in the slot machine! What habitat does it go in – Epic?!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, I don’t know but I think it went to normal habitat (Beast, longneck/sea). IF you don’t mind please send me the picture from the status screen (lvll 1-10). Btw, have you build jewel mine? you should build it first if you haven’t. I meant after you have played slot one times, since You get 100 diamonds reward for playing slot on the 1st time right :D.

      • Valerie says:

        Yes, I built my jewel mine AFTER I played slots for the first time (quite by accident – the timing, I mean). The egg is half egg/half jewel. I have my screen shot. How do I attach it? At any rate, I already figured I need an Epic habitat bc it doesn’t fit in any of the other categories in either the first and Jurassic sections of the Park.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          You can send them to my email XD. I have written my email on the post above :D. Thank you.

        • Stefie says:

          If you look in your book and go to no. 102. That will tell you the habitat. It has a 40 hour hatching time and it goes in the sea habitat. And also the only way you can get this one that it says is to play lucky slot.

    • Joe says:

      The neo-gojirasaurus and neo-plessiosaurus go in their former dinosaurs respective habbitat. The neo-unicorn goes in the epic habitat.

  160. Valerie says:

    Aloha, franc. I added you to my list also!

  161. Valerie says:

    Noob, I hate you! The dinosaurs in Jurassic are the cutest! Can’t stop playing it since I started! You’re right – we’re at a stopping point in Tiny Monsters and I’m at a stopping point in DragonVale; why not another game to obsess on. My Game Center ID is: HawaiiArchAngel. I already took note of yours and Erica’s. Aloha, Erica! Everyone should give their GC ID (is that what we need to trade?) We all may as well trade diamonds with each other, I’m assuming it’s for Jurassic, Noob, bc we can’t trade in TM or DV? One happy family!

  162. Joe says:

    If anyone would like to add me, my game center is roastytoasty, and my jurassic story name is roasty

  163. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    francisco_3 is my id add me

  164. Erica says:

    Are you on Game Center?

  165. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    wow new game. got tired of dragon story so i will give it a shot

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yup, it’s very good :D. Try it XD.

      • franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

        y u do this to me noob now i have another awesome breeding game to obsess over….

        • noobbgodlike says:

          LOL, I am playing this game while waiting for more monsters to come in tiny monsters and castles. On tiny monsters I need tempest monsters (legendary and elder) so basically the routine only:
          check globe every 9 hours fro diamonds.
          Breed air + windstone, 26 hours …..

          Breeding games won’t take much your times anyway XD. Just play it.

        • franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

          same with me and the flitter. since gizmonauts is basically dead a new game cant hurt and this one looks really well made

        • noobbgodlike says:

          yup, no bot updates TAT. I believe backflip too busy with dragon vale.

  166. Joe says:

    If anyone has gotten the liopleurodon, please post how. It is the only dinosaur in the jurassic period that i cannot get besides the neos.

  167. Joe says:

    Here are a few that you dont have.

    22- you need to explore, although i forgot which dinosaur i used. Theres a possibility that it was a bird dinosaur
    23- breed epidexipteryx with pterodaustro
    29- breed brachiosaurus and stegosaurus
    35- i havent gotten liopleurodon yet, i think the hint is wrong.
    39- explore with excalibursaurus
    40- breed brachiosaurus and ceratosaurus
    41- breed megalosaurus with ctenochasma
    46- breed miragaia and gigantspinosaurus
    47- breed tuojiangosurus with something, i forgot.
    48- breed allosaurus and exalibursaurus, or brachiosaurus and liopleurodon, or explore with harrysaurus
    50- breed medusasaurus and harrysaurus
    101-103- lucky slot in the triassic period.
    104- lucky slot in jurassic period
    105- have all sea dinosaurs in the jurassic period lvl 10, or play lucky slot
    106- have all armor dinosaurs in the jurassic period lvl 10, or play lucky slot.

  168. Rob says:

    How do u breed the brachiosaurus

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I just got it using Memenchisaurus and Diplodocus. The page should be up soon :D. Please share if you have a formula for the dinosaurs that still don’t have pages, since I haven’t got them :D.

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