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Jurassic Story Breeding Guide, Hints, and Tips

Jurassic Story FeaturedRelease Date: 29 July 2013 (3.3.1)

Genre: Simulation

Platform: IOS device

Publisher: Liberteenz.LLC.

Developer: Liberteenz.LLC.

iTunes Store link: Jurassic Story Game Apps Liberteenz.LLC.

Jurassic Story Banner Triassic


Make sure you have a space in your Nest or you have enough gems to purchase another space before you play Lucky Slot.
If you win an egg and don’t have either you will lose the egg and the gems you spent to play.

Jurassic Story Banner Jurassic
Please leave comment if you know how to get monsters those are still don’t have pages.
Number = dinosaurus id.
Example: Allosaurus 21 + 41 means Epidexipteryx + Pterodaustro
Enjoy the game.

Exploration tips (Thx to Jackal)

 If you are trying for a new Dino and you don’t like the three choices that are given, don’t use diamonds to switch them. Simply close the app, go back in and try again until you get something worth exploring for. You’ll have to do a hard shut down of the app and not just close and open it again.
  1. Neo_Allosaurus Jurassic Story Beast Element Mini
  2. Neo_Hydrorion Jurassic Story Sea Element Mini
  3. Neo_Stegosaurus Jurassic Story Armor Element Mini
  1. Neo Amphicoelias Jurassic Story Longneck Element Mini
  2. Neo Pterodaustro Jurassic Story Sky Element Mini
  1. Neo Medousaurus Jurassic Story Epic Element Mini
  1. Pampkinsaurus Jurassic Story Epic Element Mini

Jurassic Breeding Result Chart

Jurassic Story Banner Cretaceous
Unlocked at level 20 for 20 millions (Jurassic Period) but you need to COMPLETE ALL JURASSIC DINOSAURS FIRST (You can skip this requirements by using 150 diamonds).  So, better save your diamonds or buy diamonds (only 5,49$ for 130 diamonds :D).
Unlocking time = 72 hours (3 days :D)

Special Thanks to Cheeko111 who always helping me. This guide won’t be completed without your help.

Want to Help??

My email address: noobbgodlike(at)gmail(dot)com.

change at to @ and dot into .


  1. Include the subject (ex: Jurassic story “Dino name” info)
  2. Send me a complete picture package (from baby to teen) because  I can’t do anything with only one picture :D. Please zip the picture if you can and don’t compress the size (send them on png format)
  3. Please write about their data (income, food requirement, breeding/hatching time, buying and selling price, Xp gained, etc)
  4. Thank you very much 😀
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512 Responses to “Jurassic Story Breeding Guide, Hints, and Tips”

  1. Grismi2 says:

    A guide for Dragon Vale World will be nice, for Android players.

  2. Grismi2 says:

    Breed Stegosaurus (47) with Muraenosaurus (33)

  3. Zach says:

    Last obstacle in Cretaceous?

  4. super dude says:

    sry, the number went down as I sold mirigaia

  5. super dude says:

    I finally got miragaia!

  6. super dude says:

    this game has got weird breeding tips don’t you agree guys?! I had a quest that said hatch miragaia twice but I wasn’t too sure about it so if you said this just don’t breed or explore miragaia again, instead, I explored a dinosaur. On Level 19 now.

  7. fadjhard61 says:

    I got neo.Allosaurus in cretaceous period what is glitch???

  8. Ssm says:

    How do u change the Dino name

  9. super dude says:

    the game is working for me, and, I saw some people with errors on jurassic story so if people have errors or glitches on the game, just reinstall the game or if glitch on Facebook, just turn off your iPad/iPhone off and put it on back again. That should work to your glitches but if it doesn’t work go to the Apple Store or virgin store (sorry if everybody has to reinstall the game you have to start again plz do not let that happen again)😀

  10. Renee says:

    I just reached the Crustaceous era but only have about 1 million coins. Is there a way to get up to 20,000,000 million without having to pay or wait along time to collect from the land marks?

  11. Tana says:

    What is the island with a cave on it for in Triassic Period. I am in Cretaceous Period and I cant figure it out.

  12. soniabk says:

    Sorry, if I will ask you something really hard to do, noobbgodlike, this is my first post, I do love this game, so I thought, maybe if you and the other people here ask to the developers of this game,could them decide to update it and not let the game dead? It is a very good source of learning for children about dinosaurs this game can’t die! I play everyday, and love it.Thanks in advance.

  13. WickedWitchy says:

    I unlocked every era, monster, limited, habitat etc etc only to have my game crash. Support NEVER replied back to any requests or emails. Don’t spend money because you are out of luck if something happens. Thank goodness I never spent a dime!

  14. Hyla says:

    I have just reached the Cretaceous Period. I used the summoner while on the Triassic and the Jurassic period. Both times they gave me Dinosaurs for the Cretaceous Period but they are in the periods I used the summoner. When I look at the lists of dragons , their icon is in the correct period but the dragon is in the habitat where the summoner was used. Can I move them to the period they are supposed to be in? I am unable to use these Dragons to breed.

  15. Franc says:

    Is it safe to assume that this game is done and i should delete it?

  16. Hayley says:

    Would that be fun if you have Dragon Friends on this website. You’ll add all the dragons (Colorations and More), animals (Colorations and more), etc.

  17. Emily says:

    Got a neo melanorsaurs with out breeding two neo or doing lucky slot I just breed two melanosuars and ended up with a 48 hour time searched up the egg on here and found out I got a neo melanosaurs thats funny I got a neo unicorn first try on lucky slot I guess I have luck. Can you breed a neo mealanorsaurs and a neo unicorn?:) thanks noob

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