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Posted on Sep 3, 2013

Jurassic Story Event Guide to Get No. 113 Neo Medousaurus

Thanks to Cheeko111 for these info and pictures

Jurassic Story Neo Medousaurus Egg

Jurassic Story Neo Medousaurus Growth

Neo Medousaurus

Jurassic Story Epic Element













80 100 120 220 240 260 360 380 400 420


10 20 40 80 160 320 640 1280 2560 MAX


0 40 120 280 600 1240 2520 5080 10200 20440

Rarity: 7 stars

Era: Jurassic

Habitat: Epic

Buy Price: Not available

Sell Price: 80.000 Coins

Breeding time: 60 hours

EXP point: 500.000

Ingame Hint:
Complete All Event Goals  in Jurassic
“Wait for Next Event”


Finish objectives those tell you to hatch specific dinosaurs first, this way your breeding will be counted to “Hatch 30 Eggs” quest.

Objectives Tips
Buy 3 Guard Units Available on Decorations for 5000 Coins
Hatch 30 Eggs of any kinds using Breeding Lab Use Ceratosaurus + Ceratosaurus, or try to breed Dilophosaurus since It’s only takes 1 hour
explore 10 dinosaurs easy, need at least 10 days
Collect Full Coins from Habitat 200 times Simple, no need to build many small beast habitat. Daily check will easily complete this objectives
Fill Large Sky Habitat with All Same Sky Dinosaurs Fill it with Anchiornis
Hatch No. 35 Liopleurodon Visit Liopleurodon page
Hatch No. 32 Geosaurus 2 Consecutive times Visit Geosaurus page
Feed 10 Dinosaurs to level 10 You need to have 204.400 food to level up 10 dinosaurs from level 1-10

Jurassic Story Breeding Guide

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5 Responses to “Jurassic Story Event Guide to Get No. 113 Neo Medousaurus”

  1. Karen says:

    That is the tryanasaurus egg. I’ve got a neo Medusa egg (similar to regular Medusasaurus but different coloring). How do I send you a picture?

  2. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    finally got one. not gona bother with the Cretaceous quests since you can buy it anyway.

  3. franc (tiny id: franc13) says:

    almost. getting that Leipleuroudon was the hardest part. kept getting 2 day wait times but now i just need to hatch 2 geosauruses which are in the nest and get some archionises.

  4. MimiMonster says:

    Finally got the neo medusaurus! 60 hours to go before she’s hatched. I’ll try and send a pic if no one else has when she’s done. Now to try for that fortunesaurus!

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