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Posted on Jul 6, 2013

Jurassic Story Game Harrysaurus

Jurassic Story Harrysaurus Egg

Jurassic Story Harrysaurus Growth

Harrysaurus Status

Jurassic Story Epic Element













60 95 130 165 200 235 270 305 340 375


10 20 40 80 160 320 640 1280 2560 MAX


0 40 120 280 600 1240 2520 5080 10200 20440

Rarity: 5 stars

Era: Jurassic

Habitat: Epic

Buy Price: not available

Sell Price: 750.000 Coins

Breeding time: 48 hours

EXP point: 150.000 EXP

Ingame Hint:
The Longneck dinosaur which is placed at very right in the shop should be explored

Solution: ??

How to get:
[0] Muraenosaurus + Excalibosaurus
[0] Complete Triassic era (Dinosaur, Expansion, and Obstacle)
[0] Shared how you get it on the comments

Jurassic Story Breeding Guide

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20 Responses to “Jurassic Story Game Harrysaurus”

  1. Atlantis536 says:

    Complete all History goals in Triassic

  2. Death bro says:

    Explore meduesasaur

  3. mike says:

    I got this breeding gigantspinosaurus (43) + tuojiangosaurus (46) both lvl 10

  4. ontar74@yahoo.com says:

    Exploring megalosaurus

  5. Kage says:

    I got my Harrysaurus by completing the objectives in the Triassic history… Don’t kno if it’s the same for everyone tho.

    • Stephen S says:

      Also my reward for completing the missions (all dino’s, expansions and obstacles) from the Triassic era.

  6. Leadgolem says:

    I just got one breeding Stegosaurus and Excalibosaurus.

  7. Banjo says:

    What I did was Explore Madusasaurus and I garente that will give you Harrysaurus!

  8. Irene says:

    Exploring allosaurus!

  9. TwilightRaven says:

    I’ve found one exploring with Megalosaurus.

  10. Karen says:

    I got the Harrysaurus using No.046 Tuojiangosaurus and No.037 Darwinopterus. Best of Luck everybody.

  11. cheeko111 says:

    No.021 + No.026

  12. Annabanana says:

    Got it with muraenosaurus + epidexipteryx

  13. Ellen says:

    47 Stegosaurus + 34 Excalibosaurus = Harrysaurus

    This is my 3rd Harrysaurus….wish I could trade for a dinosaur that isn’t supposed to be so hard to get

  14. Darlene says:

    The hint reveals the correct dinosaur to explore. The egg to right/bottom IS number 27. Got Harry, awesome reward. Got 27 by exploring with 21. Follow the clues and with a little luck…

  15. Ellen says:

    Got another Harrysaurus with this combo – 47 Stegosaurus + 33 Muraenosaurus (lvl7)

  16. Darlene says:

    The one to the right in the shop (eggs Jurrasic) looks a Mamenchisaurus egg, green with bolt across bottom of egg. I got this exploring with the Cryplophosaurus. If you look at the list next to the Mamenchisaurus (directly to its right) is the Muraenosaurus. I have the latter exploring now Don’t have the former yet. Hope I get Harry

  17. Ellen says:

    Muraenosaurus (lvl 4) + Muraenosaurus (lvl 7) = Harrysaurus on iPhone5
    I just decided to try to breed two of the same dinosaur’s and the Muraenosaurus was the only one that I had two that were leveled up enough to breed – what luck!

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