Posted on Jul 9, 2013

Jurassic Story Ipad Mamenchisaurus

Jurassic Story Memenchisaurus Egg

Jurassic Story Memenchisaurus Growth

Mamenchisaurus Status

Jurassic Story Longneck Element













9 18 27 36 45 54 63 72  81  90


10 20 40 80 160 320 640 1280  2560  MAX


0 40 120 280 600 1240 2520 5080 10200 20440

Rarity: 4 stars

Era: Jurassic

Habitat: Longneck

Buy Price: 200 Diamonds

Sell Price: 50.000 Coins

Breeding time: 7 hours

EXP point: 30.000 EXP

Ingame Hint:
Hard to find him. Possibility is low but have a chance when explored with Dinosaur showing his love.

Explore using Epidexipteryx (read epidexipteryx info)

How to get
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Jurassic Story Breeding Guide

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14 Responses to “Jurassic Story Ipad Mamenchisaurus”

  1. Atlantis536 says:

    I use epidexipteryx for three times already and yet I still can’t get Mamenchisaurus?!?!? I just got a Gigantspinosaurus but I can’t seem to get Mamenchisaurus?

  2. Bracket says:

    I have tried repeatedly for days and still can’t get it plus to compete a goal I need a friend could some one please add me xx

  3. Ghost says:

    What I do: if I explore and it shows I have all the possible outcomes, I just back out and restart the app then retry. I do this until its a new possible outcome. This can be tedious but atleast you don’t have to wait 24 hours to start again or waste any gems.

    FYI by restart I don’t mean just back out and go back in. Literally stop the app.

  4. MimiMonster says:

    It is with epidextrex….right away when I explored with it the cave shows that option two chance of winning is a mamenchisaurus.

  5. Baljinder says:

    Please help on how to get mamemchisaurs I’m stuck and I also explored with the expidextrex dino so many time, but I kept getting same dino all the time?

    Need help

    Tell me how I can get it?

  6. Baljinder says:

    How to get the the dinosaurs mamenchisaurs, I tried exploring eith the expidextrex but seem to not get the egg, it’s my 5 the time I got the different egg but not the mamenchisaurs egg.


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