Posted on Jul 16, 2013

Jurassic Story Triassic Breeding Result Chart

This is the chart for Triassic Age

Other Ages:
[0] Jurassic
[0] Cretaceous

Bt= Breeding time (in hours if not told)

BT Dinosaurs Pics Type
5 sec Coelophysis  Jurasssic Story Triassic Coelophysis Egg  Jurassic Story Beast Element
1 min Thecodontosaurus  Jurasssic Story Triassic Thecodontosaurus Egg  Jurassic Story Longneck Element
1 Eocursor  Jurasssic Story Triassic Eocursor Egg  Jurassic Story Beast Element
1 Anchisaurus  Jurasssic Story Triassic Plateosaurus Egg  Jurassic Story Longneck Element
2 Mixosaurus  Jurasssic Story Triassic Mixosaurus Egg  Jurassic Story Sea Element
4 Preondactylus  Jurasssic Story Triassic Preondactylus Egg  Jurassic Story Sky Element
6 Utatsusaurus  Jurasssic Story Triassic Utatsusaurus Egg  Jurassic Story Sea Element
7 Peteinosaurus  Jurasssic Story Triassic Peteinosaurus Egg  Jurassic Story Sky Element
8 Plateosaurus  Jurasssic Story Triassic Anchisaurus Egg  Jurassic Story Longneck Element
9 Austriadactylus  Jurasssic Story Triassic Austriadactylus Egg  Jurassic Story Sky Element
10 Shonisaurus

Jurasssic Story Triassic Shonisaurus Egg

 Jurassic Story Sea Element
12 Herrerasaurus

Jurasssic Story Triassic Herrerasaurus Egg

 Jurassic Story Beast Element
12 Eudimorphodon  Jurasssic Story Triassic Eudimorphodon Egg  Jurassic Story Sky Element
15 Melanorosaurus  Jurasssic Story Triassic Melanorosaurus Egg  Jurassic Story Longneck Element
20 Plesiosaurus  Jurasssic Story Triassic Preondactylus Egg  Jurassic Story Sea Element
24 Gojirasaurus  Jurasssic Story Triassic Gojirasaurus Egg  Jurassic Story Beast Element
48 Unicorn  Jurasssic Story Triassic Unicorn Egg  Jurassic Story Epic Element
48 Neo_Eudimorphodon Jurassic Story Neo Eudimorphodon egg Jurassic Story Sky Element
48 Neo_Gojirasaurus Jurasssic Story Triassic Neo Gojirasaurus Egg Jurassic Story Beast Element
48 Neo_Melanorosaurus Jurassic Story Neo Melanosaurus Egg Jurassic Story Longneck Element
48 Neo_Plesiosaurus  Jurasssic Story Triassic Neo Plesiosaurus Egg  Jurassic Story Sea Element
48 Neo_Unicorn Jurassic Story Neo Unicorn Egg Jurassic Story Epic Element

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19 Responses to “Jurassic Story Triassic Breeding Result Chart”

  1. Dejagg says:

    Breeding neo gojirasaurus + neo unicorn got 48 hours breeding time
    *crosses fingers*

  2. Jones says:

    I got no 100 Dino but it can’t be hatch!Is it bug ?

  3. jjam says:

    …114 is probably a neo plus a unexpected dino.

  4. Kathy says:

    In Triassic, do you know what #114 is? There are no hints given. All it says is “God only knows”.

  5. Sidni7 says:

    I just bred Australiadactylus & Peteinosaurus trying for a 12hour Eudimorphodon and got 48 hours. I don’t know what that is!

  6. cheeko111 says:

    The egg pics for Anchisaurus and Plateosaurus should be switched.
    I’ll send you pics from my iPad.

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