Posted on Nov 26, 2014

Kung Fu Pets Aloha Hippo

Kung Fu Pets Aloha Hippo Egg Kung Fu Pets Aloha Hippo Growth

Kung Fu Pets Aloha Hippo Status

Be careful not to play any music when you’re around the Aloha Hippo. Her hips will start shaking to the beat uncontrollably, and before you know it, everyone in Xiaolin is freaking out about an earthquake.

Hatch Quote

Aloha~ ALoha~ I should have tried out for Xiaolin idol when I had the chance!













6 9 13 16 20 24 27 31 34 ?


5 10 20 40 80 160 320 640 1280 1664

Total Food

0 20 60 140 300 620 1260 2540 5100 10220

Breeding Time: 14 hours

Habitat: Water and Fire

Weakness: Plant and Lightning

Strong against: Air, Fire, Forest, and Ice

Buy Price: 13,500 Gems

Sell Price: 80,000 Golds

XP: 80,000

Summoning Formula (it’s all about chance, visit THIS PAGE to learn more about summoning factor):
[0] Water Dolphin + Maple Salamander
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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26 Responses to “Kung Fu Pets Aloha Hippo”

  1. wilson says:

    Water dolphin and fire cat

  2. Benthe says:

    I got her!!!! WATER DOLPHIN + MAGMA BEARR!! On pou’s altar fist try OMGGGG IAM SO HAPPYYY

  3. Katelyn says:

    I got the Aloha Hippo by summoning Water Dolphin (level 9) + Fire Cat (level 9). Awesome combo. Thanks

  4. Madjangler says:

    Fire Cat + Pirate Crew Pelican
    Magic Altar

  5. Mpampis says:

    GOT ALOHA OMG FROM Fire Cat and Dolphin try it out!!! PLS tell me a true breed for Bamboo panta i cant get it PLSSSS!!!!

  6. Sol says:

    i got hippo from water dolphin and fire cat :))

  7. Ip Man says:

    I got Aloha Hippo!

    > Water Dolphin + Cranberry Rabbit

  8. Lily Hawser says:

    Successfully summoned 3x with Spark Buffalo and Wild Wolf at the normal altar. Think that tells you something!

  9. red says:

    Water dolphin & magma bear normal alter

  10. Emerson says:

    Dolphin + Magma Bear at regular alter.

  11. HATAKESHADOW says:

    Water Dolphin & Electric Lion .. got the hippo

  12. Georgeses says:

    Do you know which is the move she learns in level 12

  13. Brooke says:

    Water dolphin+Fire Cat (MAGIC ALTER)

  14. Cj says:

    Got mine first try with fire cat and water dokphin on regular altar.

  15. sweetfire says:

    water dolphin+ fire cat= aloha hippo

  16. ashanthi says:

    Fire Cat + Spark Buffalo

  17. Stacie Kelley says:

    I used the (“Fire Cat”)-Which is only (“Fire”) and the (“Water Dolphin”)-Which is only (“Water”) to Summon the (“Aloha Hippo”)-Which is (“Water&Fire”). I am hoping to get the (“Icicle Snowpard”) soon. In order for me to get the (“Icicle Snowpard”) is to find out which (“Snow&Earth”) Kung Fu Pets I use to Summon the (“Icicle Snowpard”).

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I hope you can get it soon :). However remember that Icicle snowpard is rare creature, so please be patient while trying to get it.

    • Georgeses says:

      I have icicle snowpard and i believe it is not a good monster. I really hope to summon the elephant but i always take icicle snowpard in regular altar with snowflake myna and candle weasel

  18. Alisa says:

    Weather Dolphin + Fire Cat

  19. Alex says:

    Water dolpin+ Fire cat Normal Alter
    *First time I got Boatman Salmon which is 2nd rarest water under Flamingo 😛

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