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Kung Fu Pets Battle and Training Guide (Pet’s Weakness Chart)

===Leveling Your Pets===

Kung Fu Pets Black Tiger Shrine requirement

All pets take the same amount of  food to level up. From level 1 to level 10 you need a total of 10,220 Food. It’s maxed at 10 for a certain time. To level up further you need to expand your land (Expansion Lvl 4; Cost 2,000,000 Golds), and then fix the Black Tortoise Temple (1,000,000 Golds and 1 hour).

After fixing the temple you can level up your pets to level 15, but I suggest you to level up them when you find a certain enemy that you can’t defeat (on the Kung Fu Arena or League), because it takes a lot of food beyond level 10.

For Lvl 16 to Lvl 20, you need White Tiger Shrine (lvl 6 Expansion; 15.000.000 Gold) and then pay 2,000,000 Gold and wait for 15 hours to fix it.

There are 2 kind of levels. Normal Level, which leveled up by food. Battle Level which leveled up through battle and training. To train your pets you need a Gym. The amount of gyms which you can build depends on your level (at level 17 I can build 6 Gyms).

===Gym Upgrade===

The price of Stg. 2 and 3 are upgrade cost (you can’t buy the 2nd stage or 3rd stage directly)

Sandbag Gym (available at level 8)

Your first gym, use it at the beginning and sell it after you get better gym, the exp ratio is the best, but unless you want to check your game every 5 minutes stay away from this one.

Kung Fu Pets Sandbag Gym

Stg Cost XP
1 5,000 10
2 10,000 30
3 20,000 50

Log Gym (available at level 11)

Kung Fu Pets Log Gym

Stg Cost XP
1 50,000 80
2 100,000 250
3 150,000 420

You can train your pet from Lvl 1 to 5 (promote to Lvl 6) simply by using 1-hour training facility (Full upgrade).

Skyhigh Gym (available at level 17)

Kung Fu Pets Skyhigh Gym

Stg Cost XP
1 800,000 586
2 1,600,000 1714
3 3,200,000 2929

10 hours wait time

This is the best gym you can buy with golds. Keep at least one log gym because this gym generates too much exp for lvl 1 pet (the exp lost at lvl 5 promotion test).

===Training Tips===

Train your creature using the log gym (max upgrade), this will level up your creature to level 5 (promotion level). After finishing the test, train your creatures at Skyhigh gym, this will level up the pet to level 10. After this stage simply train your pets on skyhigh gym (count the training time, so it won’t stop training at the midnight when you already sleep).

===Promotion Test===

Kung Fu Pets Promotion Test

When your pet reach certain battle level (5, 10, 15) you will need to do a promotion test. It’s very easy, just tap at the object at the right time. At Lvl 10 promotion test you have a chance to obtain a gem (even 2 gems). I believe you also get it at Lvl 16 promotion test.

===Battle Tips===

First of all, the most important thing on the battle is element weakness. The pet’s weaknesses depend on the major element (the element that located on the leftside).

Example: Leaf deer, she has forest and earth element. Her left element is forest which means her weaknesses are fire and Ice.

Major Element Weakness
Forest Fire and Ice
Earth Plant and Air
Fire Earth and Water
Ice Fire and Dark
Lightning Earth and Ice
Water Plant and Lightning
Air Water and Dark
Dark Air and Lightning
Universe Universe

You can still defeat pets that has higher level than your pets if your battle level is quite high. I find that with 10 battle level you can defeat 2 or 3 higher level pets if your pet have the elemental advantages. This is why I suggest you to distribute your food evenly to all your pets, because lvl 13 pets (with high battle level) still can defeat those lvl 15 mini-me dragon on the Kung Fu League.

There is also an immunity element for each element, a pet that immune to the element only take 0 (no damage) or 1 damage.

Thanks to Treelia for the info

Element Immune to
Fire Forest
Air Earth
Water fire
Dark Ice
Earth Lightning
Forest Water
Ice Air
Lightning Dark

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47 Responses to “Kung Fu Pets Battle and Training Guide (Pet’s Weakness Chart)”

  1. Lg says:

    Hi, I’ve been playing kfp for months now & have got my pets to the training level 30 promotion test but im finding it impossible to pass. Despite how quick I am, after 2 rounds of the obstacles it goes from perfect to good making it impossible to get enough obstacles to hit in the 30 seconds. Anyone know how to pass it? I’ve loved this game but am now going off it bease of this. I’m on level 30 overall if that makes a difference. Help!

  2. Smile says:

    Maaaan, como que deixo ele lvl mais alto? Tipo, 10-15-20… N no treinamento. No lvl de xps Msm.. Help-mii

  3. Dan Tholke says:

    How do you battle invader

  4. Marge says:

    Hi, I’m now at level 24 and it says the maximum number of gyms I can have is 8. Do you know if I will be allowed to have more when I level up? or is this the maximum you can have? I’m decorating my island and I would like to know in case I have to make room for more 🙂

  5. treelia says:

    Hey noob. I just found out you can upgrade dark habitats for $1,000,000. From 1 capacity to 2. 🙂 that is so great thought ide share that with you

  6. cherri1972 says:

    During the kungfu battles, is there a way to tell who’s going to go first? Sometimes they’ll go first and if they have universe then they kill my universe off. If I knew who attacks first then I could put up another pet to save my Universe. Anyhow, is there a way to tell who attacks first or is it random? Thank you

  7. Flurrett says:

    Just a hint, Lightning is pretty effective against Air, if you don’t have a strong Water or Dark pet.

  8. You says:

    I am new to this game, I give my dinosaur eat to lv 10 and k be fed again, how it can lvl 15

  9. Faith18 says:

    I’m having a tough time with the 2nd promotion. I can’t seem to hit those flying discs. Any tips on how to beat this??

  10. treelia says:

    Would it be possible to also list what element the element that is listed is immune to. Listed above You have the element and then their weaknesses listed but could we put another column that list what they are immune to. I am fairly new to the game and I use your list all the time for battling. Ocassionally I’ll have to substitute a pet and I am so unlucky I always pick the one that they are immune to 🙁 and it’s hard to remember which one is immune to what. (At least for me it is). I have learned that lightening has no effect on earth but earth is critical on lightening. So for example earth is immune to lightening.

    I thank you for reading this and hope you take it into consideration. 🙂

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Unfortunately I don;t have that data, but you don’t need immune creature from my experience. Simply train your pet diligently :).

      • Kyle says:

        But you do need to know immunities because if you don’t have a critical hit and you use the wrong one and do 1 damage you’ll probably lose. Would be nice for people to know what not to use.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Ok, then please help me :), as I don’t have the data :). As for the wrong move, why you can do a wrong move?? I have listed all weakness on pets’ page if you don’t have the element simply use the normal element attack, because it’s simply same.

      • KailaJune says:

        I’ve noticed the immunity is important as well. For example, the Dark Sabretooth is “weak” against lightening and air, however she is “strong” against air also, so it’s far better to use lightening. I have a lot of this data collected and will put together a spreadsheet to send to Noobbgodlike when I can 🙂

        -Kaila June

    • treelia says:

      I’m not sure where to put this so feel free to delete this if you move it or decide not to post it. What I have is:
      Fire immune to forest. Which mean forest has no effect on fire.
      Air immune to earth/earth no effect on air
      Water immune to fire/fire no effect on water
      Dark immune to ice/ice no effect on dark
      Earth immune to lightening/lightening no effect on earth
      Forest immune to water/water no effect on forest
      Ice immune to air/air no effect on ice
      Lightening immune to dark/dark no effect on lightening
      Universe Normal attack to all but critical to universe.

      I’m not sure where u want to post or how you want to word it. I’m just trying to help 🙂 thanks again for all you do you rock!!

      • noobbgodlike says:

        Thank you very much :). I have put it on the post above.

        • treelia says:

          I just want to say it’s a really good thing you know how to spell lightning. 😉 other wise people would think I was talking about lightening the color of my hair or something 🙂 got to love auto correct! Thanks again for the post above. Now all the needed info is in one place. We love and appreciate you!

  11. MOHAMMED AASIF K A says:

    When we use a wind attack on ice elemented pet, it show “no effect”.

  12. kittysaywuuut says:

    Hi thanks for the help! x

  13. sagen says:

    How do you battle friends on your friends list?

  14. Reksay says:

    Hello everyone and thanks for the huge job you’ve done 🙂 I’ve noticed that some pets didn’t have the same life pool at the same level (i.e 2000 HP at lvl 10 for a forest pet and 2600 for another). Is there any way to know those stats?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s because of battle level.

      • Reksay says:

        There are lot of things I’ve noticed, My buffalo got about 2900hp at lvl 11 battle and my electric lion got 2400hp at the same level, their critical hit have a huge difference (more than 3k for lion and only 2k+ for buffalo) and finally my candle weasel always attack first (lvl 8), even against lvl 12 ice rhino… if only we could know the stats of each pet it’d be better for strategic team composition

  15. Missy says:

    Can you level your pet past 16 on battle level?

  16. irfan says:

    ver 1.1.1, skyhigh gym xp has change.
    586 for I,1714 for II & 2929 for III
    it disappointed me

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yeah, it really bad upgrade…. they really didn’t think about it, just imagine 1 hr training gives you 420 exp, and this one only 586 (at the first stage…..). I believe they want more people buy Mei’s Dojo….

      WHoops sorry , nothing to worry about, the wait time is also reduced :), so it’s not a significant downgrade.
      On the past: 4200/14 hours = 300 exp per hour
      now: 2929/10 = 292.2 exp per hour

      I have no idea why they just don’t make it 3000 per hours though…

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