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Kung Fu Pets Black Pearl Cat

Thanks to Hazi and AMIT for these pictures

Kung Fu Pets Black Pearl Cat Egg Kung Fu Pets Black Pearl Cat Growth

Kung Fu Pets Black Pearl Cat Status

Kung Fu Pets Fire ElementKung Fu Pets Dark Element

If you’re going to have a band of villains, you need a well-rounded group that consists of characters like the charismatic leader, the strategic brains, and of course, the brawns. The Black Pearl Cat is the bombshell of this operation unit, disarming the enemies with her gorgeous looks!

Hatch Quote

Grooming is of utmost importance for an enchanting villain! Now, if you’ll excuse me…

Visit THIS PAGE to know about the food requirement and tips.

Lvl 11 – Lvl 15

You need to fix black tortoise temple to unlock these levels. Read THIS PAGE for more info.

Lvl 16 – Lvl 20

You need to fix teh White Tiger Shrine to unlock these levels. Read THIS PAGE for more info.

Move List

Lvl Move List
6 Spin Slash (Normal)
6 Magma Shower (Fire)
9 Swift Strike (Dark)
13 Nuclear (Fire)

Breeding/Summoning Time: 14 hours

Habitat: Fire and Dark

Weakness: Water and Earth

Strong against: Forest, Ice, and Air

Buy Price: Can’t be bought

Sell Price: 1000 Gold

XP: 1000

You can only summon it by using Dr. Pou’s Altar. Visit THIS PAGE for more info about it.

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34 Responses to “Kung Fu Pets Black Pearl Cat”

  1. NGU_Melonz says:

    Try Dark Sanertooth lvl 12 and fire cat lvl 15

  2. Unknown says:

    First try got it with the fire cat lvl 9 with a dark sabertooth

  3. Moonlite says:

    Yes!!!! I got it! I used dark sabertooth (lv 10) with rose fox (lv 12) on Dr, Pou’s altar 1st try!
    I’m so happy!

  4. Ateres says:

    Black Pearl Cat and Fury T-Rex, first try on Pou’s Altar. Was not expecting that… You can also get Fire Cat, so be patient… 😉

  5. person says:

    First try with firework raccoon and fury t-rex

  6. anwesha rath says:

    pou’s altar; knife hamster and firecat..took a couple tries..

  7. Mara Smith says:

    I got her with dark sabertooth and fury tyrannosaur first try.

  8. Stephanie white says:

    I never got a promo code. Haven’t been able to summon anything dark. 🙁

    • Kung fu john says:

      If you have the shadow essence even forest lizard and leaf deer you can get dark kung fu pet

  9. Bee says:

    Hey i got this guy with fury tyrannosaurus (15)+knife hamster(10) 1th try on dr pou’s altar yeah

  10. Kayla says:

    Why can’t I use the black pearl cat to summon others?

  11. Lawren says:

    Black cat is now permanent and her timer has changed to 14 hours. It is now available to breed only from the dark altar and can’t be bought from the store for gems.

  12. cherri1972 says:

    I just got the black pearl cat (which I really really wanted) by giving 30 gems in the quest. Of course it took several tries but I got her along with several others. Fingers crossed for witch elephant

  13. drifted conquest says:

    I preregistered for the event on June 7th when it came out but I never received the email with the coupon code. I’ve checked my inbox, spam, and junk box and nothing. Any advice on how to get the code?

  14. c-LoneRanger says:

    I have an extra promo code because I have two e-mail accounts but I can’t use them both it says

  15. 3ke says:

    For those looking for your Black Pearl Cat:
    Check the email you registered with. It could be in your junk or spam folders.
    The code is in the email.
    Open game, go to events which is beneath quests. Look at bottom of events to enter promo code. It is case sensitive, so make sure you mistakes O’s for zeros (0).
    Black pearl cat will then show up in your inbox.

    Hope this helps but if you still don’t have the black pearl cat, contact com2us.
    Happy summoning.

  16. hifromsue says:

    This may be a dumb question but how do you get promo codes? I also could not see how to preregister.

  17. Shireen blaisdell says:

    I registered and didn’t get it

  18. amber says:

    I registered before the update and never even got my reward. Very disappointed

  19. Cody says:

    I cannot find the coupon exchange banner on the events page. I’m using a galaxy s4 if that makes a difference. I preregistered and have the code. It does not work on the promo code and I’ve clicked on every banner and not one says coupon exchange. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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