Posted on Aug 21, 2015

Kung Fu Pets Dr. Pou’s Altar Guide

Kung Fu Pets Dr. Pou’s Altar Guide

Available at lvl 14

Buy price: 500,000 Gold

Build time: 12 hours

Kung Fu Pets Dr Pou Altar

For other type of altars guide, visit THIS PAGE.

Different from other altars, you can only use it if you have enough dark essences. You can get the essence by summoning pets on the other altars (“Normal”, Magic, and Dragon).

The dark essence obtained are depends on how many hours of the breeding process. I am not sure, but it seems that “normal” summoning altar produce more dark essence compared to other altars (dragon and magic).

Kung Fu Pets Essence Storage Window

It seems that the shadow essence that you get depends on pet’s rarity, you will get a little dark essence even if you summon normal pet with a long time (Example: water which have 12 hours).

Once activated, you have 25 hours to summon pets which only available for the Dr. Pou’s Altar (Black Pearl Cat, Flare Ifrit, and Slayer Lycan).

Kung Fu Pets Legendary Return Dr Pou

There is also a Return Essence, this only available on certain time. You can summon certain limited pets from the past when the event takes place.

For now, I think those are all things you need to know now. I will update the guide about Dr. Pou’s altar if I find more about it. If you have any tips, please share them on the comment below.

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31 Responses to “Kung Fu Pets Dr. Pou’s Altar Guide”

  1. Lonewolf says:

    What’s the third spot for that has the lock? Can it be opened orrr. . Anybody know?

  2. Simon says:

    Can I use only normal pets on this altar when I activate shaddow essence?
    Can I get Dark Sabretooth from this altar using only normal pets with no dark symbols?

  3. buddy says:

    Can you summon any dark pet if you only have regular pets

  4. Josh says:

    What if my time runs out before the pet is fully summoned? Is it aborted or will it just not be a dark pet? Should I finish with gems to be on the safe side do you think?

  5. Anwesha says:

    I have a question..can dark pets, any dark pets no longer be summoned at other altars now? All dark pets in my game are greyed out, irrespective of the other element..

  6. treelia says:

    Hi guuys. I have a question about the dr Pou alter. Is it possible to summon any dark pet. Or is it only possible to summon the dark Saber tooth cat, black pearl cat, slayer lycan and flare ifrit. (Is ifrit over) ?? I don’t know what all can be summoned on this alter should I be trying to get the sorcerer turtle or is that not possible. Also can I be trying to summon regular pets for the events on this alter or will they be only dark pets?. thank you for ur help

  7. Jullz says:

    Dark Sabretootj And Black Pearl Cat = Slayer Lycan

  8. tkja says:

    wait so after we summon one pet, do we have to collect more again or does it stay activated

  9. lels says:

    Can you use normal pets AND dark pets on this altar?

  10. Ambrose says:

    Has anybody gotten the combination for Ifrit n Slycan which you could share?

    Kept getting black pearl cat.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Diakite says:

    When your time is finish with the altar can you still collect The pet

  12. Re says:

    Available at lvl 14 +
    I forget bout the dark essence-summoning time
    But i already have 2 black pearl cat so i cant wait to get this ifrit :3

  13. Vegeta1982 says:

    ■ New Dr. Pou’s Altar & Shadow Essence
    NEW Dr. Pou’s Altar has been added and can be purchased in Shop for 500,000 Gold
    Lv. 14+ minimum requirement
    The new dark pets available from this altar can only be obtained with Dr. Pou’s Altar
    Players must collect and use Shadow Essence to unlock and use the altar
    The Shadow Essence is available with a fixed chance from summoning Kung Fu Pets in the Summoning Altar/Magic Altar/Dragon Altar.
    Dr. Pou’s Altar will be activated when you collect 2000 Shadow Essences and you’ll be able to summon Dark Kung Fu Pets for 25 hours.

    The cost to complete instantly in all Altars will be reduced during this time as well.

  14. phoebe says:

    This altar is buyable once your village reaches lv 14

  15. CStick says:

    Noticed an error. When you mention dark essence on the normal altar. You say 20 dark essence for a 20 hour summon equalling 5 essences/hour… but that is 1 essence/hour. Just wanted to let you know

  16. vegeta1982 says:

    The number of essance depends on rarity also.
    I got 840 for the UD in magic alter. Summoning time is 60 hr.
    So its 14/hour.
    In dragon alter I got 40 for 8 hr. Summoning time. So its 5/ hr.
    In normal alter I got 109 for a 12 hr. Summoning time. So its 9.08 (kinda odd).

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