Posted on Dec 19, 2014

Kung Fu Pets Friend Page

You can add up to 150 friends on this game. You can give and receive gifts, however the gift is not spectacular as you think (no gems like other breeding games). You also need to have some friends to be able to construct certain building for free (if not you need to hire “persons” for 1 gem); example: 1st Air Habitat.

Kung Fu Pets FriendKung Fu Pets Friends Features Feature

  • My Friends: This list all of your friends. You can give gift and visit your friends from this page. I am not sure how “send all” button works. To be safe I recommend you to give gift to your friend individually.
  • Invite: This let you to invite your facebook friends (if they haven’t played the game). I suggest you not to invite your friend though, save it for special occasion (at the launch day you need to add fresh friends to get special pets from cafe of secrets. I am afraid they will implement this feature on the future and your fresh friends are already run out..)
  • Add Friend: Simply type the friend_id on the search bar. You need to wait for their confirmation to be able to exchange gift though.
  • Requests: All received gift, invitation, request for helps are listed here.

The most useful feature of friend system is to finish a limited quest. Sometimes you need to visit your friend and tap their building to get an item, or simply to give them a gift from “my friends” menu. This kind of quest will take a long time if you don’t have a lot of friends (it takes 24 hours before you’re able to give gift and collect items). I really suggest you to max your friends count. So, you can solve this kind of quest easily.

Kung F u Pets Gift Variation

I think the gift system is very useless in normal situation …. The “highest” egg you can give to your friend is ice wolf (it takes 4 hours to hatch and 500 golds as a sell price). This way I suggest you to give only food to your friends.

Max golds you can obtain: 500 Golds x 150 = 75,000 Gold
Max Food you can obtain: 30 Food x 150 = 4500 Food (it takes 225,000 Golds and 12 hours to generate this amount of food on the bistro)

My Id: user04cee462 (don’t add me!! I am already at full quota)

Others’s ID

  1. user04a34ce8 (Merel)
  2. user04d9c40b (Rahul)
  3. user04db65e5 (Alf)
  4. user04e20306 (Franc)
  5. Pcharbo

I will only list 20 ID on this page!!!! Simply add what’s written on the post above :), please tell me if the written ID is already full (150 friends). I will replace them with new id.

You can also add friends from Kung Battle, simply tap “add friends” on their photo to add them.

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