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Kung Fu Pets Gem Farming Guide

Kung Fu Pets Gem IconKung Fu Pets Gem IconKung Fu Pets Gem IconKung Fu Pets Gem IconKung Fu Pets Gem IconKung Fu Pets Gem IconKung Fu Pets Gem IconKung Fu Pets Gem IconKung Fu Pets Gem Icon

Gems, the most important currency on this game :). Many players are using them like there are no tomorrow… Some players blaming that the gem is very hard to obtain, but that’s not true in my opinion. You can easily obtain gems on this game.

Kung Fu Pets Gem IconConstant Gem SourceKung Fu Pets Gem Icon

You can get gem constantly by doing things below every day, there is no end to this thing.

From Kung Fu Arena

Kung Fu Pets Arena Walkthrough Icon

At first you only get 15 gems every time you win the tournament, but later the gem rewards increased. It’s refreshed every 12 hours so make sure you enter whenever it’s ready

From Social Battle

I believe you can clear one league per day (3 battle every 5,5 hours). Remember that the biggest factor is to use strong element on the battle, you can still win even if you have 4-5 level difference (you need to compensate it by your battle level though).

From Friend’s island

Kung Fu Pets Gift Box Friend Island

Sometime you will get gem from tapping the gift box on the friend’s island (only 15 gift box per day). I believe you can only get 15-30 gems per day from this method.

Beat the challenger or invader

Kung Fu Pets Pet Want to battleKung Fu Pets Battling Minion

There’s a chance to get the gem from those field battle. From my experience the higher the invader star, the higher chance of the gem to drop. The invader only drop 2-5 gems, but sometimes they also drop the shadow dust, make sure you banish it every time you see one.

Detective Agency

This is also very good source for gems, however you need some of the rarest pet on the game to be able to get the gem. The pets which have gem quests are Laser Chameleon, Aurora Peacock, Firefrost Unicorn, and Universe Dragon.

Note: The gems listed on the quest reward is the MAXIMUM gem possible obtained, so you may obtain less than that amount.

Promotion Test

You almost likely to get gem from the lvl 11 and 16 promotion test.

Tips: You can create gem production by simply doing things below every day

[1] Have only 1 log training (max upgrade)
[2] The rest of your training facility should be Skyhigh gym with max upgrade
[3] Don’t sell your duplicated pet, feed them to teen level!!!
[4] Train them on log gym first, this should take them to level 6 after 1 training.
[5] at level 6 move them to Skyhigh gym until lvl 11. Promotion test, after finishing it (and obtain the gem),keep them and sacrifice them on the pond of souls.

Note: if you’re lazy to “refresh” your log gym every hour, you can build more log gym so you can train more  “battle level 1 pets” at the same time , however try to have more sky high gym than log gym (my setup, 3 log gyms and the rest are Skyhigh gyms).

Daily Reward

Make sure you login everyday to get the rewards.

Kung Fu Pets Gem IconFixed Gem SourceKung Fu Pets Gem Icon

They’re not renewable, finish once and they will disappear forever. However they’re still worth doing. I rarely take them as soon as I finish the objectives, I encourage you to do the same so you will find significant increase once you take them.

Badges reward

Visit this page, the reward seems small (1 or 2 gems), however you will gather a lot of gems before you realize. They’re really easy to do too.

Stamp Collection

Some pets give you more than 1 gem, so make sure you check this after you have hatched few new pets. Rarer pet usually give you more gems :).

Hall of Fame

You will unlock this building on the process of expanding your island (3rd expansion IIRC). You need to gather a series of pet to get the rewards. Make sure you claim the reward once you have unlocked the building.


It’s like badges, but you don’t need any special building to claim the rewards. Make sure you see it and finish it.

Kung Fu Pets Gem IconGem Usage TipsKung Fu Pets Gem Icon

Don’t spend your gem carelessly even if you can get them easily from the game. Here are my suggestions for you

  • Don’t use gems to speed up summoning process!! You have 2 (or 3)  altar, use them all, no need to spend gems to speed up the process unless it’s limited pet and the time is near. Patience is all you need, speeding won’t guarantee you to get the pet that you want.
  • Upgrade your nest slot, try to have the same amount as your altar, if you have 3 altar then try to have 3 slots.
  • I suggest you not to buy the Mei’s dojo, because it doesn’t give anything special. The maximum battle level is 16 and it’s very easy to reach using Skyhigh gym.
  • Save your gems to buy premium pets (Assassin Turtle, etc), no need to be panic if you can’t afford it at the first time because it will appear again later.

Those are all my tips, if you have more tips feel free to leave it on the comment. It will help all players.

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15 Responses to “Kung Fu Pets Gem Farming Guide”

  1. Saumik says:

    U forgot daily login the 2nd, 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th day gives Gems. the 2nd day is fixed and others vary with your lvl.

  2. Redz says:

    Can u make gold farming tips pls cuz i the keep lacking of it n right now im still struggling to get lighting hedgehog. Please consider it Thanks

  3. nguyen thien says:

    U can have free gem by click +gem , and then click free gem, download games made bt com2us. U can have many gems if u do that.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It seems only work on android, since it’s not appear on IOS.

      • nguyen thien says:

        Sad to hear that from u O_o i had maybe 70 gems by downloaded games from free gems (games made by com2us) 😀

        • Vegeta1982 says:

          I got more than 1K gems from installing games. There r 7 games which give 45 gems each & there r 5 games which give 130 gems. The top one on the list gave me 300+ gems. I used them to buy the starter pack without spending a penny.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Sadly it was not available on the IOS (only on android), will add later though :).

  4. Cccar says:

    If you can get on every hour on the hour to restart your log gym you can get more out of the log gym per 10 hours then you can on one maxed out sky high gym, it does seem like it takes longer but it really is faster if you use maxed out log gyms as long as you restart every hour

  5. Obraxxus says:

    Problem with the constant source of arena…i am at the point it says “you muzf wait for more powerful adversaries” or something like that…there goes one of my sources…
    Anyone else getting this message…or,know when new adersaries will become available?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Sorry, I thought arena is limitless. Not sure when the new level is gonna come, probably when the new update come (not sure when, but I am pretty sure they will remove the level 20 limit).

  6. my-Al- says:

    Fixed Gem Source –

    From the in game quests on the upper left. Some quests give you one up to three gems.

  7. Lovelandfrog says:

    Thanks for making this gem guide. Another “Constant Gem Source” is from the Detective Agency. There is usually at last one case available that can earn you gems. Usually it requires a very rare pet and takes over a day to complete. The only pet I have to do these cases for gems is the Firefrost Unicorn, but I have also seen the Laser Chameleon, Aurora Peacock, or Universe Dragon. You can earn up to 5-6 gems per case

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