Posted on Dec 16, 2014

Kung Fu Pets Golden Pig

Thanks to Charlene for the info and pictures

Kung Fu Pets Golden Pigs Egg Kung Fu Pets Golden Pigs Growth

Kung Fu Pets Golden Pig Status

Kung Fu Pets Forest ElementKung Fu Pets Electric Element

The pig recently found golden pebbles and rocks in his field, but he’s at loss about what to do with them. They’re shiny and pretty but they’re not tasty at all!

Hatch Quote

These shiny golden rocks… What do I do with them? Is it even edible?

Evolve at level 4 (teen) and 7 (adult)


Breeding/Summoning Time: 12 hours

Habitat: Forest and Lightning

Weakness: Fire and Ice

Strong against: Water, Earth, and Dark

Buy Price: Not available on the normal shop

Sell Price: 5000 Gold

XP: 1000

Breeding Formula:
[0] can’t be bred. I t can be only bought using money (3 $) on special occasion, don’t worry if you can’t afford it at the beginning, the promo appears from time to time.

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8 Responses to “Kung Fu Pets Golden Pig”

  1. Emery9803 says:

    Got 12hr w lighting hedgehog and tundra reindeer.

  2. arshu says:

    This pet cant be bought using gems. Its for $2.99. Dont want to spend money on this right now. Is this event gonna come afterwards?

  3. riyana says:

    Yes the only lightning forest pet. Summon this pet with another Electric | Fire pet. BOOM. Laser Chameleon!

  4. bobby says:

    Is there anything special about the golden pig, like does it collect a large amount of gold?

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