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Kung Fu Pets Habitat Guide

Kung Fu Pets Habitat Guide

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Try to fill your lands with the habitat which can keep more golds (such as Earth and Ice).

Always place the hybrids animal on the one that can hold more golds. Example: You have Leaf Deer (earth and forest), place it on the Earth Habitat because the earth habitat can hold more golds than the forest habitat.

Lvl = Level available
Caps = Maximum pets which can live on this habitat
Golds = Maximum Golds which can be hold on this habitat
B.T = Build Time

Picture Type Lvl Cost Caps Golds B.T
Kung Fu Pets Forest Habitat
Small 1 100 2 200 0
Large 6 2000 4 1000 40 M
Kung Fu Pets Earth Habitat
Small 3 100 1 10000 2 M
Large 13 500000 3 75000 ?
FireKung Fu Pets Fire Habitat Small 5 500 2 6000 5 M
Large 10 25000 4 15000 ?
IceKung Fu Pets Ice Habitat Small 7 35000 1 8000 ?
Large 11 100000 3 50000 15 M
DarkKung Fu Pets Dark Habitat normal 7 100000 1 25000 6 H
LightningKung Fu Pets Lightning Habitat Small 10 100000 2 2500 6 H
Large 15 300000 4 7500 9 H
AirKung Fu Pets Air Habitat Small 11 500000 2 5000 ?
Large 14 1000000 4 10000 ?
WaterKung Fu Pets Water Habitat Small 12 250000 2 7500 ?
Large 14 500000 4 30000 10 H
Kung Fu Pets Universe Habitat
normal 3 150000 1 650000 24 H

? = I don’t know the data (missed it or haven’t got it), so please leave a comment if you know about it. Thank you very much

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19 Responses to “Kung Fu Pets Habitat Guide”

  1. Edith Green says:

    Which lands hold extra pets if you up grade the land?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      The south one has one. I am not sure which pet you haven’t got, but you can see clearly which one that you will get simply see a little bit and free the lands which lead to that pet.

  2. nissangeek says:

    This probably doesnt help many people, but why do they charge rare materials (stones) To upgrade habitats to allow greater amounts of useless coins? I have more coins than I’ll ever need. I usually don’t even collect coins from habitats when I log in anymore.
    Advice to new players, don’t waste stones on upgrading habitats. You will eventually reach a point in the game where coins are useless and stones are harder to get.

    • KennyA says:

      The coins won’t matter but sometimes you can get More Space like with the Dark Habitat… I almost have every Pet i can get from the Pond of soul just need some Myst Dust…so i will upgrade the habitats with my leftover stones to get more room for pets

  3. Bailey says:

    How do you move a habitat?!?

  4. Demitrion Nox says:

    hi, noob, please add information about large dark habitat, thx

  5. Kungfupetsx says:

    Anyone know(or noticed because I haven’t ) if small habitats upgraded into large ones take up the same space as the smaller ones?

  6. Evan Giovanni says:

    I saw air habitat price both small one and large one are same at 500k. Is it bug?

  7. Mariianna says:

    The small water takes no time to build, just three friends – kung fu or facebook – to complete or three gems.

  8. Fearfax says:

    Can I ask something? How I can take a air habitat with a friends for free I reed this in friend zone but don’t see how to request my trends?

  9. Gregory says:

    A large Dark habitat would be a nice addition.

  10. Carter says:

    Both large water and large air unlock at Lv. 14.

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