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Kung Fu Pets Hammer Moose and Viking Event Guide

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Kung Fu Pets Hammer Moose Status

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Hammer Moose may look fierce but he’s the sweetest Viking you’ll ever meet! Not only is he strong, but he’s also a skilled mechanic who can fix anything! But surprisingly enough, his favorite hobby is arranging flower decorations. He’s already dreaming of Spring so he can make bouquets for all of his friends!

Hatch Quote

I feel like I’m on top of the world! Time to warm up!

Breeding/Summoning Time: 24  hours

Habitat: Earth and Water

Weakness: Forest and Air

Strong against: Fire, Lightning, and Air

Buy Price: can’t be bought on the shop

Sell Price: 10,000 Gold

XP: 10.000

You can’t get this pet via breeding!!

You need to finish a series of quests to get this one. Follow the guide below to know what to do.

Kung Fu Pets Hammer Moose Quest Guide

===Row 1===

[Layer 1] Collect the item given for free.
The item is refreshed every 9 hours.

[Layer 2] Collect food and collect the items. (800 Items)
1 item = about 30 food, so you need to harvest about 24,000 Food.

[Layer 3] Feed Kung Fu Pets and collect items. (200 Items).
1 item = 80 Food. The total is 16000 Food, it’s easy since you have gathered this amount of food on the previous quest.

===Row 2===

[Layer 1] Collect Gold and collect the item. (1800 Items)
On my game, it’s 1 items for every 750 Golds(it depends on your level, so it maybe different), so it’s about 1,350,000 Gold on my game

[Layer 2] Visit a friend’s village and find the item. (50 items).
Very easy to do, you only need to have about 10-15 friends to clear this quest in one go :). Visit THIS PAGE to find friends.

[Layer 3] Win the Social Battle (7 times)

===Row 3===

[Layer 1] Use Gold to get rid of the obstacles.
905,000 Gold (181,000 Gold per payment)

[Layer 2] Hatch Kung Fu Pets and collect the item (250 Items)
1 hour = 12 items

[Layer 3] Win a Kung Fu Master and collect the item. (refreshed every 3 hours)

[0] The level of the enemies are depend on your used pet.


If you use lvl 15 creature on battle 1, then you will fight lvl 14 water Dolphin (15 – 1). “=” indicates same level.

[0] You always hit first on the beginning of the battle, so make sure your creature able to kill 1st enemy in one hit and doesn’t have any weakness for the next battle (especially important on 3 enemies battle).

[0] Make sure your battle level is at 10 or higher. It’s very easy to achieve and will give you major advantage (will guarantee one hit kill critical attack).


On the 4th battle Lightning hedgehog is sufficient, because it will attack Igloo Penguin first before it able to use an ice attack your Lightning Hedgehog.

Battle Enemy Pet Weak Recommended Pet
1 Water Dolphin (Lvl -1) Forest, Ligthning Forest Lizard;
Lightning Hedgehog
2 Spark Buffalo (Lvl =) Forest, Ligthning Forest Lizard;
Lightning Hedgehog
3 Clam Otter (Lvl =) Fire, Ice Ice Wolf;
Wild Wolf
4 Igloo Penguin (Lvl -1) Lightning, Forest Lightning Hedhehog
Dark Sabretooth (Lvl -1) Lightning, Air
5 Swamp Crocodile (Lvl -3) Plant, Electric Rose Fox;
Wild Wolf. The battle level need to be high (above 10) so you can survive one critical attack from ice blade shark!!!
Ice Blade Shark (Lvl =) Fire, Dark

After clearing all those quests, simply tap recruit and you will get it. You can finish new quests to get Knife Hamster now, visit THIS PAGE for more info.

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61 Responses to “Kung Fu Pets Hammer Moose and Viking Event Guide”

  1. Beyboo says:

    What combo makes the moose in the Dr. Pous alter?

  2. Ajroemisch says:

    Ok I’m seriously in need of help. I cannot beat the ice blade shark in order to get the Hammer Moose. My Rose Fox is level 10 with a training level of 15 but only has 2590 health and gets one hit killed by the shark every time. What am I doing wrong here?

  3. funky2008 says:

    Last battle. What to use?? Anyone can help me up

  4. Danny says:

    after the event began, I was lucky enough to summon a Flower Frillizard, feed it to level 10, and train it to level 9. Using its special attacks, I was able to defeat the Moose’s last battle challenge with under 100 hit points after the ice blade shark’s attack. And now just have to wait 24 hours for a limited event pet! Whew! that was a lot of work.

    I almost was able to overcome the ice blade shark with my quake gorilla, trained to 11, he could withstand two ice blade shark attacks… but that shark always had a dozen or so hit points left for a third attack…

  5. Good Luck says:

    Battle 6 with Boatman Salmon 10 training
    Battle 7 with aloha hippo lvl 13 training 15

  6. Ivan says:

    Lvl 15 elf fox tried 5 times…… does not work , will try lvl 12 wild wolf train 9

  7. Snow Princess says:

    My daughter used mini me drsgon, level 15, training 12 and survived shark hit easily and took him out with fire. You need level 15 to get the fire power

  8. Shadow2099 says:

    I just beat battle 5 with dark sabretooth and won I tried two times with lv 10 trained up to 10 and was unable to get pass the critical hit from ice blade shark and using dark sabretooth lv 10 training 7 I hit ice blade twice and won

  9. Excision says:

    Row 3 Layer 3 I won with Rose Fox level 10 training level 9

  10. C says:

    i always lose at the last battle with iceblade shark! used rose fox level 10 (level 11 battle). also tried wild fox level 11 (level 11 battle). lost 3x already.. dont know what to do to move on…

    any suggestions?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm, from my observation you need pets with water as their main element and then lightning, so you can kill 1st and 2nd battle with one hit. Aurora peacock doesn’t have any attack that strong against water too.

      Spark Buffalo (one hit KO for battle 1 and 2), Aloha Hippo (one hit KO for battle 1 and 3).

      Ice blade shark is very bad choice because it weak to fire (1st and 3rd battle) and dark too… (2nd battle). It will become ice balde shark fin soup on that battle :). Both of them are also easy to obtain, they’re the least rare version from those element combination, so I suggest you to try to get them if you don’t have them and then train them religiously on the dojo.

      • C says:


        i dont have spark buffalo unfortunately. If i use aloha hippo but she only has level 7 battle level, do you think she will win in battle 5 against swamp croc and iceblade shark?

        training aloha hippo now but just the log training so i can try to use her after the training.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          no, swamp crocodile doesn’t have any weakness from aloha hippo element. I will cover this later, when I facing the battle myself (still on battle 2).

        • Ludwik says:

          Yes, moose is my. After almost 2 days i do it. My pets: quake gorilla feed level 11, training level 11 + 2 hours training

        • C says:

          finally defeated battle 5 with level 10 witch elephant (level 5 battle).

          was in a rush to grow it to level 10 to battle and forgot to take screenshots of baby and teen forms, and other screenshots. i have egg and adult picture though.

    • Brian Mcklein says:

      Hey guys, i used electric lion level 12 with max power level. I used electric to swamp croc, one shoot kills him. But i survive with critical ice attack from the shark so i hit him with fire. Hope this could help.

      • C says:

        only need to finish battle 5 to get moose. but still lost with electric lion level 10, batlle level 11 🙁

        i have no dark pet to use

  11. Freeda_Wale says:

    do you get to pick the prize (hamster/moose) or you get one or the other ?

  12. Heitor says:

    For Knife Hamster:
    Row 1 : 1st Mission – Collect food and collect the item (0/1200)
    Row 2 : 1st Mission – Feed kung fu pets and collect the item (0/270)
    Row 3 : 1st Mission – Complete Detective Mission and collect the item (0/200)

    • Heitor says:

      For Knife Hamster:
      Row 1 : 1st Mission – Collect food and collect the item (0/1200)
      Row 2 : 1st Mission – Feed kung fu pets and collect the item (0/270)
      2nd Mission – Use Gold to get rid of the obstacles (0/1855000)
      3rd Mission – Win Social Battle and collect the item (0/15)
      Row 3 : 1st Mission – Complete Detective Mission and collect the item (0/200)

  13. Liz says:

    Row 1 layer 3 feed pets and collect the item

  14. Lovelandfrog says:

    Once all of the quests are completed, do you get the pet for free? Or do you still need to pay gems?

  15. Tigger says:

    1 row 3 layer
    Feed a Kung fu pets 250 item if is good remember. 320 food maybe 13 item.
    (sorry for the maybe mistake)

  16. ABitLate says:

    Row 1, layer 3. Feed pets 200 items, 80 food = 1 item.

  17. DeathRose says:

    Row 1 Layer 3 is “Feed Kung Fu Pets and collect the item.” 0/200

  18. Tim says:

    1st row level 3 is feed kung fu pets and collect the item-200

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