Posted on Dec 5, 2014

Kung Fu Pets Ice Mine Mole

Kung Fu Pets Ice Mine Mole Egg

Kung Fu Pets Ice Mine Mole Growth

Kung Fu Pets Ice Mine Mole Status

Kung Fu Pets Ice ElementKung Fu Pets Earth Element

Ice is very rare in Xiaolin because of the warm climate. The Ice Mine Mole makes the most of this situation bu selling ice, so he can buy the latest sunglasses in order for him to be outside in the sun!

Hatch Quote

Darn, my glasses are too big! I need New ones!













4 7 9 12 14 17 20 ? ? ?


5 10 20 40 80 160 320 640 1280 1664

Total Food

0 20 60 140 300 620 1260 2540 5100 10220

Breeding/Summoning Time: 8 hours

Habitat: Ice and Earth

Weakness: Fire and Dark

Strong against: Plant, Electric, and fire

Buy Price: 3,750 Gems

Sell Price: 15,000 Gold

XP: 15,000

Summoning Formula (it’s all about chance, visit THIS PAGE to learn more about summoning factor):
[0] Iceberg Rhino + Earth Bufallo
[0] Snowflake Myna + Candle Weasel
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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25 Responses to “Kung Fu Pets Ice Mine Mole”

  1. sophia says:

    Well I was trying to breed a dark sabortooth with a candle weesle and a tundra raindeer and got that one so thats my sucessful way.

  2. Xiolin Forest says:

    Got this while trying for FireFrost unicorn. I still don’t get why we can’t breed the ice wolf with fire cat

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