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Kung Fu Pets Moon Knight Wolf

Thanks to C-loneranger and Le-Thor for these pictures

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Kung Fu Pets Moon Knight Wolf Status

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The Moon Knight Wolf is known to appear on the nights with a crescent moon to help those in need. I wonder if we’ll be able to meet him if we go outside today, since there’s a crescent moon!

Hatch Quote

The Moon Knights gather together when the crescent moon appears. And when we’re all together, this is what we say. Aah-ooh!

Visit THIS PAGE to know about the food requirement and tips.

Lvl 11 – Lvl 15

You need to fix black tortoise temple to unlock these levels. Read THIS PAGE for more info.

Lvl 16 – Lvl 20

You need to fix teh White Tiger Shrine to unlock these levels. Read THIS PAGE for more info.

Move List

Breeding/Summoning Time: 11 hours

Habitat: Earth and Lightning

Weakness: Forest and Air

Strong against: Fire, Lightning, Water, and Dark

Buy Price:

Stone Gold
20 Bravery 9,000,000
10 Unity 15,000,000
4 Shadow 10,000,000
Total 34,000,000

Sell Price: ??

XP: ??

Can’t be summoned, it can only be obtained by using the soul stones.

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39 Responses to “Kung Fu Pets Moon Knight Wolf”

  1. c-LoneRanger says:

    Hey noobbgod I send you the pictures of the Moon Knight Wolf

  2. Vicky says:

    Row1 layer3 fight3 I don’t know names my use thunder earth…. First one is water pet and second thunder…. Make ur own choose…. Sry forget names

    • Big dog fu says:

      Row 1 Layer 3, igloo penguin, muscle bulldog and thunder toad. Need lightning/ice or lightning fire. Lightning must be primary.

  3. Dawn says:

    Row 1 layer 3.
    Battle 3. 1) alho hippo P/L
    2)Thunderboll Puffer E/I

    Battle 4
    1)clam otter F/I 2) surfing Star Doggy P/L

  4. Dawn says:

    1row 3 battle 3 game 1)also hippo p/l 2) thunderbolt puffer E/I. 4 game. 1)clam otter F/I. 2) surfing Star Doggy P/L. 5 game 1)Igloo Penguin P/L. 2)Muscle Bulldog F/I. 3) ?

  5. modelor dj says:

    Row 1
    Layer 2
    Battle 5 Antenna giraffe worked as well.
    Row 1
    Layer 3
    Battle 1, lighting and/or ice is ideal.

  6. Le-Thor says:

    Prim Triceratops (Fire/Earth)
    Weakness: Water and Earth
    Use pet: Any Water or Earth

    Firework Raccoon (Fire/Air), Aloha Hippo (Water/Fire)
    Weakness: Water and Earth, Forest and Lightning
    Use pet: Water/Lightning-Forest
    Swamp Crocodile, Spark Buffalo

    Laser Chameleon (Forest/Lightning/Fire), Electric Lion (Lightning/Fire), Acrobat Goat (Fire/Lightning)
    Weakness: Fire and Ice, Earth and Ice, Water and Earth
    Use pet: Earth-Fire/Ice
    Iceberg Rhino, Magma Bear, Stubborn Triceratops, Wushu Mandrill


    Wild Wolf (Forest/Fire)
    Weakness: Fire and Ice
    Use Pet: Any Fire or Ice pet

    Muscle Bulldog (Forest/Water), Tulip Boa (Forest/Lightning)
    Weakness: Fire and Ice, Earth and Ice
    Use Pet: Ice or Fire/Earth

    Swamp Crocodile (Water/Forest), Witch Elephant(Forest/Dark)
    Weakness: Forrest and lightning , Fire and Ice
    Use pet: Fire/Ice – Forest/Lightning or Forest/Lightning – Fire/Ice
    Wild Wolf, Rose fox, Maple Salamander, Surfer Penguin, Storm Monkey, Mojito Ferret, Bamboo Panda

    Tundra Reindeer (Ice/Forest), Slayer Lycan (Dark/Fire), Laser Chameleon (Forest/Lightning/Fire)
    Weakness: Dark and Fire, Air and Lightning, Fire and Ice
    Use pet: Fire – Air/Lightning
    Noble Cobra, Maple Salamander, Fireworks Raccoon, Blaze Tamarin

    Swamp Crocodile (Water/Forest), Paladin Equus (Lightning/Ice), Surfing Star Doggy (Water/Earth)
    Weakness: Forest and Lightning, Earth and Ice, Forest and Lightning
    Use pet: Earth/Ice – Lightning/Forest
    Static Sheep, Quake Gorilla, Surfer Penguin, Stardust Moth, Fruit Boar, Rock Boar, Mojito Ferret, Tundra Reindeer,

    Rudolph Reindeer.


    Monk Dugong (Water/Earth)
    Weakness: Forest and Lightnig
    Use pet: Any Forest or Lightning

    Baby Seal (Water/Ligthning), Aloha Hippo (Water/Fire)
    Weakness: Lightning and Forest, Forest and Lightning
    Use pet: Ligthning or Lightning-Fire/Earth
    Lightning Hedgehog, Electric Lion, Drunken Sloth, Antenna Giraffe

    Aloha Hippo (Water/Fire), Thunderball Puffer (Lightning/Water)
    Weakness: Forest and Lightning, Earth and Ice
    Use pet: Earth-Ligthning
    Static Sheep, Quake Gorilla, Pie Turkey

    Clam Otter (Forest/Water), Surfing Star Doggy (Water/Earth)
    Weaknes: Fire and Ice, Forest and Lightning
    Use pet: Ligthning-Fire/Ice
    Electric Lion, Storm Monkey, White Sorceress Fox

    Iglo Penguin (Water/Ice), Muscle Bulldog (Forest/Water), Thunder Toad (Water/Lightning)
    Weakness: Forest and Lightning, Fire and ice, Forest and Lightning
    Use pet: Forest-Fire/Ice or Ice-Forest
    Mojito Ferret, Tundra Reindeer, Bamboo Panda, Flower Frillzard, Wild Wolf

    Boatman Salmon (Fire/Water), Monk Dugong (Water/Earth), Arctic Tern (Air/Ice)
    Weakness: Earth and Water, Plant and Lightning, Dark and Water
    Use pet: Water-Lightning/Plant
    Spark Buffalo, Swamp Crocodile, Assassin Turtle

    Wushu Mandrill (Earth/Ice/Water), Karate Dog (Fire/Lightning/Earth), Rock Boar (Earth/Forest)
    Weakness: Forest and Air, Earth and Water, Air and Forest
    Use pet: Earth/Water-Air or Air-Earth/Water
    Bubble Octopus, Greedy Dragon, Sailor Pelican, Pilot Flying Fish, Wizard Elephant

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thanks :). It’s really helpful

    • JC says:

      I only have sailor pelican but it doesn’t pass the karate dog.
      I tried using the fruit boar but it can’t pass the rock boar.

    • Le-Thor says:

      Help to understand my “Use pet”:

      Earth/Water-Air or Air-Earth/Water

      Earth/Water or Earth/Air or Air/Earth or Air/Water

      • JC says:

        >> Tips for others>>
        I used the Fruit Boar a few times. Finally passed this round.
        The stone boar used another skill instead the leaf against my pet.

        I’ve tried Sailor Pelican and Rookie Seal. It doesn’t work.

        I think Wizard Elephant is the pet to pass this easily. Unfortunately, I don’t have it.

  7. AHMED says:

    Row 1 Layer 3 Battle 7
    Wushu Mandril, Karate Dog, Rock Boar
    I used Greedy Dragon lvl 20 with Max Training to defeat them

  8. Jc says:

    Row 1 Layer 3

    Baby Seal Lv-1
    Aloha Hippo Lv-1
    Thunderball Puffer Lv=

    Igloo Penguin Lv-1
    Muscle Bulldog Lv-1
    Thunder Toas Lv-2

  9. doug says:

    it says he’s strong againt forest, but he’s strong against lightning

  10. artemis says:

    Row 1 – Layer 3 (3rd Battle)

    – Aloha Hippo
    – Thunderball Puffer

    I won with a Level 20 Cupid Cat.

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