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Kung Fu Pets Odette Swan

Thanks to Andrew for these pictures and info

Kung Fu Pets Odette Swan Egg

Kung Fu Pets Odette Swan Growth

Kung Fu Pets Odette Swan Status

Kung Fu Pets Air ElementKung Fu Pets Ice Element

The ballerina Swan moved to XIaolin after her boyfriend dumped her for the evil black swan. Now she aspires to combine her ballerina skills with Kung Fu to take revenge.

Hatch Quote

Where am I? I threw myself into the lake after my jerk boyfriend dumped me…













9 14 5 24 ? ? 39 ? ? ?


5 10 20 40 80 160 320 640 1280 1664

Total Food

0 20 60 140 300 620 1260 2540 5100 10220

Lvl 11 – Lvl 15

You need to fix black tortoise temple to unlock these levels. Read THIS PAGE for more info.








60 65 ? ? ?


2163 2812 3656 4753 ?

Total Food

6656 15308 26556 41180 60192

Breeding/Summoning Time: 24 hours

Habitat: Air, Ice

Weakness: Dark and Water

Strong against: Plant, Lightning, Dark, and Earth

Buy Price: 18,000 Gems

Sell Price: 92,000 Golds

XP: 92,000

Summoning Formula (it’s all about chance, visit THIS PAGE to learn more about summoning factor):
[0] Snowflake Myna + Air Eagle
[0] Iceberg Rhino + Air Eagle
[0] Spring Butterfly + Storm Monkey
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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48 Responses to “Kung Fu Pets Odette Swan”

  1. Dias says:

    I got her by using a air eagle lvl 9 and snow flake myna lvl 9 on doctor pou’s altar

  2. Ivy says:

    I breed it with whirlwind halk level 10 and snowflake myna level 10 breed in the normal altar so lucky😉😉😉😉😉😉

  3. Yoshi says:

    Artic tern and the firefrost unicorn on magic alter first try. I think this is what I received.

  4. Lily-jaimes Cousins says:

    I got this glorious white beauty with level 13 Fire frost Unicorn an level 15 Bubble Octopus.

    Note- I get all of my rare kung fu pets from the Dr.Pou altar and Yin Yang

  5. Chris says:

    Simply an air eagle and ice wolf. Only did the summoning to finish a quest didn’t even know I could summon her yet. Wasn’t on my radar.

  6. Rayqckwon says:

    Snowflake Myna 10 and Arctic Tern 10. Got her on the Normal Alter on the first try, in that order.

  7. Sabrina says:

    None of the other combos worked for me. Got Odette Swan with:
    Aurora Peacock (lv.15) + Wizard Elephant (lv.12) on magic altar.

  8. peaches says:

    I got oddeta swan!!!!!!!
    1st try
    Iceblade shark level 10 +Greedydragon level 13 = odetta swan

  9. Kungfu says:

    Used Air Eagle and Surfer Penguin on normal altar.

  10. The Jigglypuff says:

    Alright.. So i used Air eagle and firefrost unicorn on normal alter.. And the time on it is 24 hours.. So i think its the swan XD
    But was hoping to get the auraoa peacock but o well.. Ill try again once again after the days over.. D;

  11. jaker says:

    Snowflake myna and torch chicken

  12. Kung fu pets master says:

    I used the Clam otter lvl 9, and the Arctic Tern lvl 10 on the normal alter. Got it first try 🙂

  13. kungfupetsx says:

    I got mine first try with air eagle and bamboo panda. I was just experimenting… Now she’s a beautiful level twelve.keep trying!!!!!!

  14. kungfupetsss says:

    artic tern and orchid mantis aaaand i got also with eagle and artic tern (but with this one you will probably get 15 air eagles before u get odette)

  15. jkl says:

    Iceberg rhino +air eagle

  16. Furry4ever52339 says:

    Hey it’s kungfupetsx I changed my name. I did air eagle and bamboo panda normal altar, first try! Though it showed 25 hours instead of 24, but it was ok. …..XD it took two days breeding

  17. Melanie says:

    greedy dragon + firefrost unicorn on magic altar

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