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Kung Fu Pets Pie Turkey Thanksgiving Quest Guide


Kung Fu Pets Pie Turkey Egg

Kung Fu Pets Pie Turkey Growth

Kung Fu Pets Pie Turkey Status

Kung Fu Pets Electric ElementKung Fu Pets Earth Element

Pie Turkey has come a long way to share his delicious pies with everyone! I wonder if the Kung Fu Pets in Xiaolin have ever tried pumpkin pie?

Hatch Quote

Get a taste of my special pies! You won’t regret it!













7 12 16 21 25 30 34 39 43 48


5 10 20 40 80 160 320 640 1280 1664

Total Food

0 20 60 140 300 620 1260 2540 5100 10220

Breeding Time: 36 hours

Habitat: Lightning and Earth

Weakness: Ice and Earth

Strong against: Dark, Water, Fire, and Lightning

Buy Price: Can’t be bought via shop

Sell Price: 15,000 Golds

XP: 15,000

Can’t be summoned, you can only get it via quests.

Kung Fu Pets Pie Turkey return 1

===ROW 1 Quest===

[Layer 1] Win Kung Fu Master and get the items (3 items)
Refresh time = 1 hour.

The level of the enemies depend on the pet that you use.


Lvl (-1), if you use lvl 15 pets then the enemy will lvl 14 .
Lvl (=) means the enemy’s level is same like the pet you use.

Recommended Pet = Easiest pet that you can obtain to defeat the level. If you don’t want to use it the recommendation, simply see the “weak” column to plan your attack.. Please leave comment if you have other recommendation (also write the level of your pets because it really affect the battle outcome).

Battle Enemy Pet Weak Recommended Pet
1 Bouquet Giraffe Earth, Ice Earth Buffalo
2 Spark Buffalo (Lvl -1) Lightning, Forest Forest-earth hybrid, example: leaf deer
Tulip Boa (Lvl =) Earth, Ice
3 Thunderball Puffer (lvl -1) Earth, Ice Ice Wolf
Antenna Giraffe (Lvl -1) Earth, Ice
Warrior Horse (Lvl -1) Fire, Ice

[Layer 2] Win Kung Fu Master and get the items (5 items)
Refresh time = 1 hour.

Battle Enemy Pet Weak Recommended Pet
1 Sunflower Fox (Lvl -1) Fire, Ice Fire Cat
2 Cranberry Rabbit (Lvl -1) Water, Earth Fire-earth hybrid, fire as a major element. Example:
Clover Sable (Lvl =) Fire, Ice
3 Bamboo Panda (lvl =) Fire, Ice Fire Cat
Golden Pig (Lvl =) Fire, Ice
4 Drunken Master Sloth Fire, Ice Air-Fire/Ice, Air must be a major element. Example: Torch Chicken
Fruit Boar Forest, Air
Magma Bear Forest, Air
5 Muscle Bulldog Fire, Ice Ice-Forest pet such as Tundra reindeer
Leprechaun Penguin Fire, Ice
Monk Dugong Lightning, Forest

[Layer 3] Win Kung Fu Master and get the items (7 items)
Refresh time = 1 hour.

Battle Enemy Pet Weak Recommended Pet
1 Pebble Golem Forest, Air Forest Lizard
2 Rookie Seal Forest, Air Use Forest-Earth hybrid, earth as a major element: Fruit Boar
Gladiator Horse Water, Earth
3 Surfing Star Doggy Lightning, Forest Forest-Earth such as leaf deer. Ice-Lightning pet, such as Surfer Penguin
Drunken Sloth Earth, Ice
4 Mud Iguana Forest, Air Forest Lizard
Static Sheep Forest, Air
5 Stubborn Triceratops Forest, Air Forest-Water Pet, such as clam otter, swamp crocodile
Wizard Elephant Water, Dark
Peblle Golem Forest, Air
6 Monk Dugong Lightning, Forest Forest/Ice-Fire pets, Forest/Ice must be a major element. Example: Wild Wolf, Firefrost Unicorn
Warrior Horse Fire, Ice
Rock Boar Forest, Air
7 Magma Bear Forest, Air Earth/water-Forest/Air hybrid, Earth/water must be a major element. Example: Fruit Boar, Swamp Crocodile, etc
Slugger Gorilla Earth, Water
Knife Hamster Forest, Air

===ROW 2 Quest===

[Layer 1] Collect Gold and collect the items (2000 items)
1 item = 1000 gold. The amount may differ depends on your level.

[Layer 2] Collect Gold and collect the items (2500 items)
1 item = 1000 gold. The amount may differ depends on your level.

[Layer 3]  Collect Gold and collect the items (3000 items)
1 item = 1000 gold. The amount may differ depends on your level.

===ROW 3 Quest===

[Layer 1] Feed Kung Fu pets and get the items (400 items)
I complete this by leveling up the lvl 5 pet to lvl 13.

[Layer 2] Beat the invader on the field and get the item (5 items)

[Layer 3] Complete 7 mini games

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21 Responses to “Kung Fu Pets Pie Turkey Thanksgiving Quest Guide”

  1. CK says:

    Row 1, Layer 2, Battle 3
    Drunken Master Sloth lvl-1
    fruit boar lvl-1
    magma bear lvl-2

    Row 3, Layer 3
    Complete the Mini Game and collect the items. (7 items)

  2. BigRedd says:

    3-3 beat the mini game 7x

  3. Agiel says:

    Tier 3 – level 4/7
    Stubborn Triceraptops
    Wizard Elephant
    Pebble Golem

    best to beat Swamp Croco

  4. Janasia says:

    This is the last one for row 1 layer3
    -magma bear, slugger gorilla, knife hamster

  5. Rafal says:

    Row 3
    Layer 3
    Mini game must win 7 time

  6. Janasia says:

    Row 2 layer 3
    -collect gold 3000

  7. Janasia says:

    Row 1 layer 3
    -pebble golem
    -rookie seal, gladiator horse
    -surfing star doggy, drunken sloth
    -mud iguana, static sheep
    -stubborn triceratops, wizard elephant, pebble golem
    -monk dugong, warrior horse, rock boar

  8. Janasia says:

    Row 1 layer 2
    -sunflower fox
    -cranberry rabbit ,clover sable
    -bamboo panda, golden pig
    -drunken master sloth, fruit boar, magma bear
    -muscle bulldog, leprechaun penguin, monk dugong

  9. saul chretien says:

    roll #2 layer #3 collect gold and collect the item (3000) gold

  10. Maow says:

    Row 1
    Layer 3, battle 1 – Pebble Golem

    Sorry I don’t remember Layer 2, but I know last pet (battle 5) I used in combat was Bamboo Panda

  11. Le-Thor says:

    1.1.1 –
    Bouquet Giraffer (Lightning/fire)
    Use earth

    1.1.2 –
    Spark Buffalo (water/lightning)
    Tulip Boa (lightning/forest)
    Use lightning/earth

    1.1.3 –
    Thunderball Puffer (lightning/water)
    Antenna giraffe (lightning/earth)
    Warrior Horse (forest/earth)
    Use earth/fire

    1.2.1 –
    Sunflower fox (Forest/lightning)
    Use fire or ice

    1.2.2 –
    Cranberry Rabbit (Fire/forest)
    Clover Stable (Forest/Ice)
    Use ice/earth og Ice/water

    1.2.3 –
    Bamboo Panda (Forest/ice)
    Golden Pig (Forest/lightning)
    Use fire pet

    1.2.4 –
    Drunken Master Sloth (Forest/earth)
    Fruit Boar (earth/forest)
    Magma bear (earth/fire)
    Use air/fire or air/ice

    1.2.5 –
    Muscle Bulldog (forest/water)
    Leprechaun penguin (forest/lightning)
    Monk dugong (water/earth)
    Use ice/forest

    1.3.1 –
    Pebble golem (earth/dark)
    Use Forest or Air

    1.3.2 –
    Rookie seal (earth/water)
    Gladiator Horse (fire/earth)
    Use water/Forest or water/Air or air/Walter or air/earth or eart/forest

    1.3.3 –
    Surfing star doggy (water/earth)
    Drunken Sloth (lightning/earth)
    Use forest/earth

    1.3.4 –
    Mud Iguana (earth/water)
    Static Sheep (earth/lightning)
    Use forest

    1.3.5 –
    Stubborn triceratops (earth/ice)
    Wizard elephant (air/eaeth)
    Pebble golem (earth/dark)
    Use forest/water or water/forest

    1.3.6 –
    Munk dugong (water/earth)
    Warrior Horse (Forest/earth)
    Rock Boar (earth/forest)
    Use ice/forest

    1.3.7 –
    Magma Bear (earth/fire)
    Slugger Gorilla (Fire/earth)
    Knife hamster (earth/dark)
    Use Air/earth or earth/Air or Air/water or water/air

    2.1 – Collect 2000 gold
    2.2 – Collect 2500 gold
    2.3 – Collect 3000 gold

    3.1 – Feed Kung Fu Pets 400
    3.2 – Beat 5 invader on the field
    3.3 – Complete 7 mini games

  12. Gemma says:

    Layer 2.2cranberry rabbit element to beat earth water
    Clover sable to beat fire ice
    Layer 2.3 bamboo panda to beat fire ice
    Golden pig beat by fire ice
    2.4 drunken master sloth to beat fire ice
    Fruit boar to beat forest air
    Magma bear to beat forest air
    2.5 muscle bulldog fire ice
    Lepecaun penguin to beat fire ice
    Monk dugong leaf lightning

    3.1 penble golum leaf air
    3.2 ???? To beat forest air
    Gladiator horse earth water

    Layer 3 row 3 is beat mini game x 7

  13. treelia says:

    Row 2 fight 2
    Cranberry rabit fire and forest
    Clover Sable winter and forest

  14. Scribbles says:

    Middle layer 3
    Collect gold 3000 units

  15. 3rd layer 1st battle is PEBBLE GOLEM. 🙂

  16. Jeanette van Meurs says:

    Row 1 layer2 battle 2:cranberry rabbit and clover sable

  17. Thay says:

    ROW 2 Collect Gold and collect the items (3000 items)

  18. Francis Ross says:

    got my turkey just now…5mins remaining!

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