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Kung Fu Pets Rookie Seal

Thanks to C-loneranger for these pictures

Kung Fu Pets Rookie Seal Egg Kung Fu Pets Rookie Seal Growth

Kung Fu Pets Rookie Seal Status

Kung Fu Pets Earth ElementKung Fu Pets Water Element

The Rookie Seal tries his best every day believing in his potential to be the best Kung Fu master in the world. He never stops clapping training his tail for the bright future to come!

Hatch Quote

I never stop clapping! You’ll be surprised how much it helps to strengthen my arms and abs!

Visit THIS PAGE to know about the food requirement and tips.













7 11 16 20 24 29 33 37 41 46

Lvl 11 – Lvl 15

You need to fix black tortoise temple to unlock these levels. Read THIS PAGE for more info.








50 54 58 63 67

Lvl 16 – Lvl 20

You need to fix teh White Tiger Shrine to unlock these levels. Read THIS PAGE for more info.

Move List

Lvl Move List
7 Tail Power (Normal)
7 Rockslide (Earth)
10 Whirlpool (Water)
15 Sandstorm (Earth)

Breeding/Summoning Time: 13 hours

Habitat: Earth and Water

Weakness: Forest, Air

Strong against: Fire, Lightning, and Air

Buy Price: 9000 gems

Sell Price: 50,000 Gold

XP: 50,000

Summoning Formula (it’s all about chance, visit THIS PAGE to learn more about summoning factor):
[0] Earth Buffalo + Water Dolphin
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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12 Responses to “Kung Fu Pets Rookie Seal”

  1. John says:

    I got rookie seal at dr. Pou’s Altar with boatman salmon lvl 8 & Magma bear lvl 9

  2. Rubytime says:

    I got it with Earth buffalo (level 6) and igloo penguin (level 9)

  3. MonkSealzRule says:

    Water Dolphin (Lvl 9) Earth Buffalo (Lvl 4) Normal Alter 2nd try. Don’t waste time leveling up.

  4. Emery9803 says:

    Water dolphin and earth buffalo on dr Pou altar.

  5. Alexis says:

    Boatman Salmon + Earth Buffalo both level 12 😀

  6. Zyxna says:

    Got him every time water dolphin + earth buffalo reg alter both lvl 8
    got him 10 times

  7. EbonyCat says:

    Water dolphin lvl 15 + hammer moose lvl 15 first try on magic alter got surfer dog

  8. Claire Penny says:

    I used dolphin n earth buffalo normal.alter got seal first time n every time…ive tried getting surfing doggy using rookie seal n dolphin but nothing just the seal again.any help welcome

  9. Mohammed Aasif K A says:

    Hammer moose + knife hamster at normal altar and mud iguana + mong dugong at magic altar. Got rookie seal for every try.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yes, I believe we can easily get the surfing doggy after the event XD. It’s understandable they reduce the chance for surfing star doggy on this event XD.

  10. Aedan says:

    Earth Buffalo level 15 and Water Dolphin level 15 2nd try
    I got Surfer Dog with Monk Dugong Level 15 and Hammer Moose Level 15
    2nd try on Magic Alter

  11. Aedan says:

    Water Dolphin level 15 and Mud Iguana Level 15
    Monk Dugong level 15 and Hammer Moose level 15

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