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Kung Fu Pets Santa Pup Christmas Event Guide

Limited Christmas Pet

Kung Fu Pets Santa Pup Egg Kung Fu Pets Santa Pup Growth

Kung Fu Pets Santa Pup Status

Did you know Santa Claus was actually a Kung Fu Pet this whole time? Now you do! Santa Pup delivers Christmas presents all over the world with the power of Kung Fu!

Hatch Quote

I can’t deliver all the gifts like this! I need to level up fast!













11 17 23 29 36 42 48 55 61 67


5 10 20 40 80 160 320 640 1280 1664

Total Food

0 20 60 140 300 620 1260 2540 5100 10220

Breeding/Summoning Time: 36 hours

Habitat: Ice and Fire

Weakness: Fire and Dark

Strong against: Plant, Lightning, Plant, and Ice

Buy Price: not available on the shop

Sell Price: 15,000 Gold


Breeding Formula:
You can’t get it via breeding. The pet only available via quest. Follow the guide below to know what to do.

You need to get Thief Green Cat first!!! Visit THIS PAGE for more info about it.

Kung Fu Pets Santa Pup Quest Guide

===ROW 1 Quest===

[Layer 1]  Collect food and collect the item. (1200 Items)
On my game 30 foods = 1 item. The amount may vary (depends on your level)

[Layer 2] Complete Detective Mission and collect the item. (250 items)
On my game, 1 hour = 12 items. It may different on your games.

[Layer 3] Get items form mini game (9 items)
The mini game is exactly same as the one you play at promotion test. Very easy, but the last level could be a nightmare. However, just keep trying, you don’t need to spend gems to clear this one. Sometimes you get lucky on the last level (not many moving plate), that’s when you can clear the level.

===ROW 2 Quest===

[Layer 1] Feed Kung Fu Pets and collect the item. (270 Items)
On my game 80 food = 1 Item

Kung Fu Pets Gift Quest Christmas

[Layer 2]  Send gifts to friends and find the item.
You get 1 item every time you send the gift. You need a lot of friends to finish this one quickly because you can only give gift every 24 hours.

Visit THIS PAGE to find friends.

[Layer 3] Win 15 social battles

===ROW 3 Quest===

[Layer 1] Complete a 20 min + Summoning and collect the items. (350 items)
Even, it says 20 min +, I still get 1 item from 5 minutes summon time.

[Layer 2] Use Gold to clear obstacles. (1,515,000 Gold)
303,000 Gold each payment

[Layer 3] Win Kung Fu Master and get the items (7 items)

The level of the enemies depend on the pet that you use.


For the battle 3, if you use lvl 15 pets then the enemy will lvl 12 leaf deer and lvl 14 Ice mole.
Lvl (=) means the enemy’s level is same like the pet you use.

Recommended Pet = Easiest pet that you can obtain to defeat the level. If you don’t want to use it the recommendation, simply see the “weak” column to plan your attack.

Battle Enemy Pet Weak Recommended Pet
1 Leaf Deer Lvl (-1) Fire, Ice Ice Wolf;
Rose Fox
2 Tundra Reindeer Lvl (=) Fire, Dark Fire Cat
3 Leaf deer Lvl (-3) Fire, Ice Fire Cat
Ice Mine Mole Lvl (-1) Fire, Dark
4 Golden Pig Lvl (-2) Fire, Ice Rose Fox
Fruit Boar Lvl (-1) Plant, Air
5 Electric Lion Lvl (-1) Earth. Ice Iceberg Rhino
Mini Me Dragon Lvl (-1) Fire, Ice
6 Swamp Crocodile Lvl (-3) Plant, Lightning Storm Monkey;
Cranberry Rabbit;
Wild Wolf
Witch Elephant Lvl (-2) Fire, Ice
Assassin Turtle Lvl (-2) Plant, Lightning
7 Fruit Boar Lvl (-3) Plant, Air Arctic Tern;
Odette Swan;
Rose Fox
Flower Frillzard Lvl (-2) Fire, Ice
Laser Chameleon Lvl (-2) Fire, Ice

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  1. John Bradshaw says:

    Dr. Pou’s portal event:
    Snowboard Penguin (12) + Blaze Tamarin (17) (2nd try)

  2. Yuki says:

    Yes!! Just finished the Christmas event thanks to your very helpful page.

  3. Jay says:

    I think this is no about luck or not, this mini game mission is very hard to be complete in last stage 9 mini game. I am 2 days not to be complete. this situation make me angry and stress hehe, but I keep trying and trying. and I am found trick n tips about mini games to be successful this mission. use your both hand. left object for left hand and right object for right hand. and touch quickly. done

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