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Kung Fu Pets Snow Queen Deer

Thanks to Le-Thor and Pim for these pictures

Kung Fu Pets Snow Queen Deer Egg Kung Fu Pets Snow Queen Deer Growth

Kung Fu Pets Snow Queen Deer Status

Kung Fu Pets Ice ElementKung Fu Pets Electric Element

As beautiful as she seems, it’s not easy to befriend her after all the years she spent in the Ice Castle. No one can remember the last time she set foot in Xiaolin. Maybe we’ll just have to wait until her heart warms up.

Hatch Quote

No season can beat the snowy winter

Visit THIS PAGE to know about the food requirement and tips.

Lvl 11 – Lvl 15

You need to fix black tortoise temple to unlock these levels. Read THIS PAGE for more info.

Lvl 16 – Lvl 20

You need to fix teh White Tiger Shrine to unlock these levels. Read THIS PAGE for more info.

Move List

Breeding/Summoning Time: 20 hours

Habitat: Ice and Lightning

Weakness: Fire and Dark

Strong against: Forest, Lightning, Water, and Dark

Buy Price:

Stone Gold
30 knowledge 22,500,000
20 unity 30,000,000
4 mystic 20,000,000
Total 72,500,000

Sell Price: ??

XP: ??

Can’t be summoned, it can only be obtained by using the soul stones.

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14 Responses to “Kung Fu Pets Snow Queen Deer”

  1. Amanda says:

    Row 3 layer 3
    Complete 20 min summoning 1200

  2. Minmin says:

    Thanks guys 🙂

  3. maciek1694 says:

    Row 3
    Layer 2
    Train KungFu Pets
    2500 items

  4. brandon says:

    Row 3 layer 2 is not gift boxes its train your pets and collect the item total to collect is 2500

  5. Christine says:

    Layer 2 Row 1
    Wizard Elephant and Tyrant dragon.

  6. Lawren says:

    Layer 2 on Row 3 says to train the pets and collect 2,500 items, not collect a gift box.

  7. Maow says:

    Row 3 Layer 2 is actually Train Kung Fu Pets and collect the item 2500

  8. treelia says:

    First row fight 3 of
    Hampster and black swan
    Use swamp crocodile attack with forest for hamster and then water against black swan.

  9. Le-Thor says:

    2.1.1-1 –
    Giant Axe Bear (Dark/Ice)
    Use Lightning or Air

    2.1.1-2 –
    Slayer Lycan (Dark/Fire)
    Astrologer Octopus (Water/Dark)
    Use Lightning

    2.1.1-3 –
    Knife Hamster (Earth/Dark)
    Odile Black Swan (Air/Dark)
    Use Plant/Water or Water/Plant or Plant/Dark

    2.1.1-4 –
    Giant Axe Bear (Dark/Ice)
    Millionair Penguin (Water/Dark)
    Astrologer Octopus (Water/Dark)
    Use Lightning

    2.1.2-1 –
    Spring Butterfly (Air/Forest)
    Use Water or Dark

    2.1.2-2 –
    Tyrant Dragon (Dark/Air/Earth)
    Snowstorm Yet (Air/Ice)
    Use Water/Lightning or Water/Air

    2.1.2-3 –
    Wizard Elephant (Air/Earth)
    Tyrant Dragon (Dark/Air/Earth)
    Use Water/Lightning or Water/Air

    2.1.2-4 –
    Odette Swan (Air/Dark)
    Sailor Pelican (Water/Air)
    Sushi Salmon (Fire/Water)
    Use Water/Forest or Water/Lightning

    2.1.2-5 –
    Sailor Pelican (Water/Air)
    Pilot Flying Fish (Air/Water)
    Whirlwind Hawk (Air/Lightning)
    Use Forest/Water or Forest/Dark or Lightning/Water or Lightning/Dark

    2.1.2-6 –
    Odette Swan (Air/Ice)
    Blaze Tamarin (Fire/Air)
    Bubble Octopus (Air/Water)
    Use Water

    2.1.3-1 –
    Sunflower Fox (Forest/Lightning)
    Use Fire or Ice

    2.1.3-2 –
    Rudolph Reindeer (Ice/Forest)
    Fruit Boar (Earth/Forest)
    Use Forest/Fire or Dark/Forest

    2.1.3-3 –
    Rudolph Reindeer (Ice/Forest)
    Assassin Turtle (Water/Forest)
    Use Forest/Fire or Forest/Dark or Lighning/Fire or Lightning/Dark

    2.1.3-4 –
    Orchid Mantis (Forest/Air)
    Assassin Turtle (Water/Forest)
    Use Forest/Fire or Forest/Ice or Lightning/Fire or Lightning/Ice

    2.1.3-5 –
    Poinessettia Deer (Forest/Earth)
    Tulip Boa (Forest/Lightning)
    Mohito Ferret (Ice/Forest)
    Use Ice/Fire or Fire/Earth

    2.1.3-6 –
    Thief Green Cat (Forest/Fire)
    Rudolph Reindeer (Ice/Forest)
    Spring BUtterlfy (Air/Forest)
    Use Fire/Water or Fire/Dark or Ice/Dark

    2.1.3-7 –
    Fruit Boar (Earth/Forest)
    Clover Sable (Forest/Ice)
    Golden Pig (Forest/Lightning)
    Use Fire/Forest or Fire/Air or Ice/Forest or Ice/Air

    2.1.3-8 –
    Swamp Crocodile (Water/Forest)
    Roaring Lion (Forest/Lightning)
    Bamboo Panda (Forest/Ice)
    Use Fire/Forest or Fire/Lightning or Ice/Forest or Ice/Lightning

    2.2.1 – Collect food – 1500
    2.2.2 – Collect food – 2000
    2.2.3 – Collect food – 2500

    2.3.1 – Complete Detective Missions – 450
    2.3.2 – Train Kung Fu Pets – 2500
    2.3.3 –

  10. Tungson Truong says:

    Snow Queen Deer
    Row 1 I (4 games)
    1) Giant Axe Bear (Dark+Ice), Used any Electric
    2)Slayer Lycan (Dark+Fire), Astrologer Octopus (Water+Dark). Used any Electric pet
    3)Knite Hamster (Earth+Dark), Odile Black Swan (Air+Dark). Used Water/Air pet.
    4)Giant Axe Bear (Dark+Ice), Millionaire Penguin (Water+Dark), Astrologer Octopus (Water+Dark). Used Electric or Forest/Electric pets.

    Row 1 II (6 games)

    1)Spring Butterfly (Air+Forest). Used Water pet
    2) Tyrant Dragon (Dark+Air+Earth), Snowstorm Yeti (Air+Ice). Used Water/Electric pet
    3) Wizard Elephant (air+Earth), Tyrant Dragon (Dark+Air+Earth). Used W/E pet as Spark Buffalo.
    4) Odette Swan (Air+Ice), Sailor Pelican (Water+Air), Sushi Salmon (Fire+Water). Used Water/Forest or Water/Electric pets.
    5) Sailor Pelican (Water+Air), Pilot Flying Fish (Air+Water), Whirlwind Hawk (Air+Electric). Used Forest/Water or Electric/Water pets.
    6) Odette Swan (Air+Ice), Blaze Tamarin (Fire+Air), Bubble Octopus (Air+Water). Used Water main element pets.

    I will update page #3 when I have done it.

  11. User05bd1b74 says:

    Row 3 layer 2 is training

  12. Row 1 (1st page)
    Firework Raccon (lv 15)
    Dandelion Meerkat (lv 14)
    Clam otter (lv 13)
    Dandelion meerkat (lv 14)

    Row 1 ( 2nd page)

    Sailor pelican (lv 12)
    Torch chicken

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