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Kung Fu Pets Soul Stone Farming Guide

Kung Fu Pets Soul Stone Guide

Soul Stones are needed to obtain pets and upgrade your habitats. However they are not easy to obtain. You need to farm the dust first to get them. You can get the stone immediately on 4th phase of the pond of souls as a completion reward. Here is the converting cost from dust to the stone.

Stone Dust Gold Needed
Bravery 500 450,000
Knowledge 750 750,000
Unity 1000 1,500,000
Shadow 1000 2,500,000
Mystic 1000 5,000,000

Gathering Bravery, knowledge, and Unity dust is very easy. You can get them simply by sacrificing any 2 elements pet. Unity dust is more rare than knowledge dust, so you need to sacrifice “rare” 2 elements pet (such as Icicle snowpard, Fruit Boar, etc).

Kung Fu Pets Shadow Dust from Invader

You can get shadow dust by banishing the invader.

For Shadow and Mystic, you need to sacrifice 3 elements pet…. because 3 elements pets are so rare, I suggest you to max them out before trying to sacrifice them (I suggest you to sacrifice them only when you have the duplicate). Luckily for shadow dust you can get them by banishing the invader (dark pet that attack your village). The amount is small (20-30 dust) but it’s still worth it since sometimes you get gems and other items.

Another great source for mystic dust is your friends. Try to help your friends when they ask a specific monster, the bonus rewards for helping them is a mystic dust. You can also get it by checking the gift box on your friends’s village (15 box per day), you may get it (only 10 dust) or other rewards (such as gems, food, and golds).

You can also get the dust from the detective mission, but I never saw any reward other than unity dust.

Tips on Gathering Soul Stones on the Pond of Souls

Pond of souls have 4 stages. the first three will rewards you with random type of dust (500), I never get any mystic dust from the rewards, so I believe the chance is very small (not evenly distributed; 20% chance each).

Kung Fu Pets Requested soul

The first three stages only ask you for a certain element

The first three have 14 hours refresh time, and 23 hours to complete the task. They don’t ask you to sacrifice any specific monsters (only a certain element). My tips is to pass these stages ASAP (read my tips on the Pond of souls Page; You can train the pet on the refresh time), use any pets which are easy to obtain, these are my recommendation

Element Pet
Forest Forest Lizard
Fire Fire Cat
Earth Earth Buffalo
Ice Tundra Reindeer
Lightning Antenna Giraffe
Air Torch Chicken
Water Igloo Penguin/Spark Buffalo

For Ice, Lightning, Air, and Water, I don’t recommend you to use the basic pets, because their hatching time are not differ much from the hybrid pets, and their prices are quite expensive (especially air which can only be purchased by gems). If you have kept duplicated 3 elements pet then sacrifice them on this phase (The game never ask you to use any 3 elements pet on the 4th stage)

Kung Fu Pets Special Spot for Duplicated Pets

This is where I put all my duplicated pets.

Keep your duplicate of the uncommon pets (such as fruit boar, etc) on “special spot area, I suggest you to “quarantine” them, so you’re not accidentally sacrifice your only one pet. I have put all of my duplicated pets on the area near the pond of souls, so I can train and view them easily.

You can also give your pets a certain name (duplicate, clone, trade, etc).

For the last stage (4th) you have 24 hours refresh time and 3 days to complete it. If you have followed my advice then I believe you have already kept many duplicated pets on “special” area. This is the time to use them to complete the quest, if you don’t have the required pet then try to breed it, since the time is really long (3-4 days) I believe you will be able to breed them anyway. The reward for the last stage is a well refined stone :), you will get more than one for less rare stone (such as bravery, I get 3 of them when I complete the 4th stage and only 1 shadow stone on the next cycle).

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28 Responses to “Kung Fu Pets Soul Stone Farming Guide”

  1. 3ke says:

    A few tips I picked up:
    1, you can get shadow dust when sacrificing dark element pets in the pond of souls.
    2, I name my extra pets with emojis. I am using an iPhone so I don’t know if you can do that with other devices. I like to use sparkles✨ or gems?.

  2. Anwesha says:

    Thanx so much for all the helpful info..mystic dust sure is tough to get by..i can hardly ever complete the last stage coz it invariably asks for rare pets i dnt have duplicates of..and donating pets to friends gives a very tiny amt of mystic dust..i guess patience is the only trait needed in the game..

  3. vle045 says:

    I am very upset about this whole thing. When it told me my pets would disappear when used, I didn’t realize that they ment FOREVER! I have lost so many rare pets. I don’t even think I want to play this game anymore. Lost both my red and green bulldogs and who know what else. I just realized this last night when I was looking for a certiain pet that I needed for battle and he was no where to be found. I KNOW I had him, so I must have used him in thise stupid lotus flower/pond of souls crap. All it has done is suck away my pets and give me useless dust and stones. And I now realize that I am missing so many pets. When it said that my pet would disappear when used, I wish it would have made it more clear that they meant forever!!! So so so upset

    • noobbgodlike says:

      ummm, why you sacrifice the one only pet.. simply skip it…. Really they invent this so we can do something useful with duplicated animal instead of selling them, and you use it wrong….

  4. Xanthylovegood says:

    Nooo, sacrifice a universal dragon, are they crazy!?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      What?? I never see the universal dragon as a sacrifice material … However, if that really happens, better ignore it, it’s a different case if they guarantee you to get 3 mystic stone XD. The stone is random so simply ignore it (even you have 2 univ dragon), your mind will be blown when you get 3 bravery stone from that last stage….

      • Xanthylovegood says:

        Yeah, both me and my friend got it at the same time. It’s the only one you have to sacrifice and you get a shit ton of soul dust, but I would never sacrifice my dragon there.

  5. treelia says:

    Omg noob! I could cry. I just helped one of my friends they needed an ice blade shark. I had 4 of them 1 was max training level and level 14 another one was training level 1 and level 14 and then I had 2 babies. I used one of my level 14s not realizing that the pond has the max levels as level 1s. So I used my maxed iceblade shark.
    Why would they have it layed out like this! I’m so upset…. it takes alot of time to max level a pet. I’m going to submit a ticket cause I’m super bummed. So beware when that ur not using ur max trained pets guys#!.. I just saw a post where he said he renamed his. I’m going to have to do this now.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Heh?? I don’t quite understand, from my experience the higher battle level and level will give you more rewards, I agree that the max level is very hard to get, but we only need lvl 10 or 11 battle level with right attack. So, if I am in your position I will sacrifice my maxed animal (for a lot mystic dust) and re train other ice blade shark :).

    • Lovelandfrog says:

      I have been confused by this before when I have multiple pets that can be sacrificed. You have to click on each pet and it will show the correct training level. They should definitely fix this

  6. robin says:

    Just wanted to share my organizational tip for pond of souls. All of my duplicate pets I rename “bye” so I know which ones im ok sacrificing. It really really helps!!

  7. Noel says:

    You can get shadow dust my using a pet with a dark element.

  8. Flurrett says:

    How do I use the stones once I obtain them?

  9. Kuffy says:

    I’m not falling for the freemium trap.
    They got my $10 and that’s all this game is worth, I only play it with my 12 year old in the morning.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      ?? who says you need to spend money to play this game? You can’t even get the mystic stone if you have gems since you can’t purchase mystic stone. What you need is patience.

  10. yuukii93 says:

    Mystic Stone need 5,000,000 gold for trade.

  11. KieraDevi says:

    It’s been my experience that Mystic Dust is linked to friends. When a friend sent out a Pond of Souls request, I donated my lvl 12 Arctic Tern and was rewarded with Mystic Dust. Also when collecting gift boxes on friend’s villages I was very rarely rewarded with 10 Mystic Dust. It’s not much dust but it’s free!

  12. Gaiking01 says:

    On a rare ocasion. If you use pets above lvl16+ and past lvl 10 of training there is the rare chance to get a Mystic stone. I know because I won one 2 weeks ago and you also get the rare achievement of the rare stone soul of pond.

  13. Crr says:

    Thanks. This page was very helpful.

    Instead of quarantining my pets, I change their name to “Trade” so when I’m in the pond of souls I don’t accidentally trade one of the pets I need to keep. When it comes to choosing a pet, I then only use one with the name “Trade” and I can store it in any habitat with room. Hope this helps someone.

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