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Kung Fu Pets Summoning Guide and Tips

Kung Fu Pets Summoning Guide and Tips

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The most important thing that I can tell you is

Summoning is all about chance!!

This mean even if you’re using the right formula, you may not get the result that you want.

Pets Rarity

The pet on this game has “hidden” value of rarity. This mean you will get some creatures more frequently compared the others.

Example (It can be applied on the other pets too):

There are 3 pets which have Fire-Forest Element, they’re Flower Frillzard, Wild wolf and Rose Fox. If you summon Fire Cat + Forest lizard, the result may become like this

7 = Rose Fox
2 =  Wild Wolf
1 or even 0 = flower frillzard

Why this could happen? This happens because Flower Frillzard is super rare pet. There is nothing wrong with your summoning formula.

Tips: it’s kinda playing roulette, you can’t force certain numbers to come out, right ? That’s why I suggest you not to spend gems on the summoning process. Save them for another use (such as buy premium pet).

 To boost the chance of your summoning  you can do 2 things

The first thing you can do is to use hybrid pets (or rarer) creatures. This mean you use Rose Fox + Fire Cat/Forest Lizard, in order to get Wild wolf. From my experience, it generates rarer pets than the normal formula (“basic” element creature +  “basic” element creature; on this example, the basic element pets are fire cat and forest lizard, they only have one element).

The second thing you can do is to use higher level pets. According to kung fu pets facebook post(I forgot the exact link), you should try to use lvl 16 creature and above to have a better chance of obtaining rarer pets.

The last thing you can do is to use “higher” level summoning altar.

Your first altar is called summoning altar. This altar is not very good because from my experience it’s really hard to get rare creatures from the altar (it’s possible though).

Kung Fu Pets Dragon Altar Promotion

Your second altar is Dragon altar !!! It’s only offered on the first 3 days when you start playing the game. I suggest you to purchase this one (1650 gems, you also get mini-me dragon and other minor stuff as a bonus). From my experience, I start to get rarer creatures when using this altar.

ATTENTION: On the new version (version 1.2.1 on IOS), you can buy the Dragon Altar on the shop like magic altar, for 6500 gems)

Your third altar is Magic Altar. It can be purchased on the shop for 2250 gems. From my experience, it’s same like the dragon altar. So make sure you buy this one (especially if you have missed the dragon altar before).

Tips: After buying those altars, don’t expect you will get universe dragon on the 1st try … Remember that SUMMONING IS ALL ABOUT CHANCE. The altar only BOOST the chance NOT GUARANTEE the result.

The 4th altar is Dr. Pou’s Altar. It’s a little bit different from other altars, visit THIS PAGE for more info about it.

That’s all, if you have any more questions please ask, I will happily answer that questions :).

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41 Responses to “Kung Fu Pets Summoning Guide and Tips”

  1. HypnoCat says:

    (Sorry if this question was already answered) With the original altar, if I were to attempt to breed say the artist kitsune, if I used the combo earth buffalo and firework raccoon, would the outcome at all be effected by the domanant element? Basically if I bred earth and fire-air would it be like earth and fire’s combo, or would it not effect very much of the outcome?

  2. mardeepmode says:

    Yeah… I can get the Dragon Altar!! 6500 gems?!?!
    I will be broke.. and still missing 200 to get it!!! T.T

  3. XDD says:

    You can now buy the dragon alter with gems after the update now

  4. Joshua Buckley says:

    Im stouk on kung fu pets my enmey and my inernet is ceping on telling me to reset the game on my samsung tadlet 4

  5. Zentteng says:

    starter pack promotions ended?

    • Zentteng says:

      i c i just got the promotion pack begin at lv3..
      but i didnt receive the bonus 500k gold n 20gems for new player.. anything wrong with it ?

  6. Dhanush Dan says:

    How to get gems for dragon altar without spending money
    Please help me
    Can u send me a redeem

  7. Pipxxx says:

    YES. Finally have enough gems for a magic altar! After I already bought a pet for 50. Unfortunatly though, I had not much luck with it yet. While I tried a greedy dragon on the magic altar (got a antenna giraffe) I tried a aurora peacock on the normal altar. Got a firefrost unicorn. I was very happy tho but it sucks that my magic altar have not been useful yet.

  8. arshu says:

    How can i get dragon alter now. I have missed it for purchasing on first week. Is there any method to get it now…?

  9. Bibiche says:

    J’aimerais savoir si il est possible de continuer à agrandir son terrain une fois que l’on a fait les 6 expansions ou si cela est en réflexion? Car sans expansion supplémentaire, le jeu a tendance a devenir rengaine car manque de place pour de nouveaux habitats. Autre défaut du jeu, on ne peut transformer ses pièces en gemmes ce qui pose un soucis quand on a besoin de gemmes et que les pièces s’accumulent sans trop d’utilisation.
    Merci de votre future réponse.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      English please, or please enlighten me (someone who understand what he said :)).

      • alex says:

        He\she wonders if it is possible to expand again after you do it six times, because there’s no room for other habitats and stuff like that.
        He also complains about the fact that you can’t turn gold into gems, and that’s a problem cause you end up having too many gold and not enough gems.
        I hope you understand what I said xD

        • noobbgodlike says:

          GEms already easy enough to obtain :), see gems farming guide for the info. For expansion nothing we can do. But I never lack of space.

  10. Reeve says:

    Can I still get a Stardust Moth even though the event is finished?

  11. arshu says:

    Can anybody tell me how feed pets above level 10-( it says shrimp needed). What to do?

  12. hollywoodpy says:

    Is there any way to get the dragon altar after the initial 3 days? I didn’t buy it, and I’m way past 3 days. I’ve been playing it for months now And would really like it!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Until now, no… Maybe they will re-release it again on the future. Try to post on their facebook, maybe if there are many people asking about it on their facebook, they will consider about it.

  13. EmmanuellF says:

    Hi, I saw my friends got Universal Dragon summoning MagmaBear + Stormmonkey. I did the same and always got a stupid Giraffe or a Hedgehog. Why ??? I don’t understand the formula :S Another question is: For summoning, both pets have to be of same level ?? Thanksfull for your help.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, level doesn’t matter, it’s all about chance. Just keep trying, it’s kinda like tossing the coin (but the chance is lower than 50/50). You;’re welcome and I hope we can get it soon :).

    • mike says:

      I used peacock n quake gorilla on magic first time n got it 2 days 12 hrs total of 5 days summoning

  14. Ariana says:

    Here’s my question. Can I summon a Lazer chameleon (forest, fire, electric) without all 3 of those elements being g present in the formula? Example: golden pig (forest, and electric) and an earth buffalo (earth) even though this combination is missing fire?

  15. guille says:


    how could avilitar free gems to get 85 gems reach ???


    como podria avilitar free gems para conseguir llegar a 85 gemas???

  16. Zirak says:

    Is different chance if i get pets 2x Lv.5 or 2x Lv. 15 ?

  17. djeanvic says:

    Hi every kung fu pets player,

    Am a newbie on this game , can someone tell me how to activate the sanctuary plz.
    Thanks .

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