Posted on Apr 22, 2015

Kung Fu Pets Sunflower Fox

Thanks to Jennifer for these pictures

Kung Fu Pets Sunflower Fox Egg Kung Fu Pets Sunflower Fox Growth

Kung Fu Pets Sunflower Fox Status

Kung Fu Pets Forest ElementKung Fu Pets Electric Element

The Sunflower Fox is never without her big sunflower hairpin, which she proudly wears to represent her hometown in the Western village, famous for its sunflowers and windmills. Her friends say that a cool summer breeze follows her wherever she goes.

Hatch Quote

Wanna touch my tail? I bet you it’s much softer than the Rose Fox’s tail!

Visit THIS PAGE to know about the food requirement and tips.

Lvl 11 – Lvl 15

You need to fix black tortoise temple to unlock these levels. Read THIS PAGE for more info.

Lvl 16 – Lvl 20

You need to fix teh White Tiger Shrine to unlock these levels. Read THIS PAGE for more info.

Move List

Breeding/Summoning Time: 16 hours

Habitat: Plant and Lightning

Weakness: Fire and Ice

Strong against: Water, Earth, and Dark

Buy Price: Can’t be bought

Sell Price: 5000 Gold

XP: 1000 XP

Can’t be summoned. It’s a rewards from cafe of secrets (need to invite 5 new players). The players need to install the game on their device through the link you send to them.

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5 Responses to “Kung Fu Pets Sunflower Fox”

  1. spinkitty says:

    Sunflower Fox is available through Dr. Pou’s altar. I got her using Laser Chameleon + Librarian Maltese after many tries.

  2. Martijn says:

    Hm. It’s in the Return Essence now. Impossible…

  3. cherri1972 says:

    Do I still need to get friends for this pet and the others from the cafe of secrets?

    I’ve only been able to find one person to sign up but I was able to breed and got the cola bear. With all the updates and people complaining about not being able to find friends I’m hoping they’ve done away with the cafe.

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