Posted on Dec 7, 2014

Kung Fu Pets Swamp Crocodile

Kung Fu Pets Swamp Crocodile Egg

Kung Fu Pets Swamp Crocodile Growth

Kung Fu Pets Swamp Crocodile Status

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The Swamp Crocodile must be the most misunderstood

Hatch Quote

Aaagh! Who’s that in the mirror?! Oh… it’s just me.

Breeding/Summoning Time: 16 hours

Habitat: Water and Plant

Weakness: Plant and Lightning

Strong against: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire

Buy Price: 11,250 Gems

Sell Price: 80,000 Golds

XP: 80,000

Summoning Formula (it’s all about chance, visit THIS PAGE to learn more about summoning factor):
[0] Clam Otter + Forest Lizard
[0] Forest Lizard + Water Dolphin
[0] Water Dolphin + Flower Frillzard
[0] Water Dolphin + Cranberry Rabbit
[0] Water Dolphin + Tundra Reindeer
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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20 Responses to “Kung Fu Pets Swamp Crocodile”

  1. TW says:

    Golden Pig + Igloo Penguin (Dragon Altar) = Swamp Crocodile

  2. Amit says:

    Okay it’s coming at last…. I can say I was a bit unlucky in case of breeding the swamp crocy…. I tried 6 times using Water Dolphin and forest lizard both at level 10 on magic alter…. All I get was Clean otter and Clam otter and Clam otter and guess what again Clam otter….. Then I used Water Dolphin and Clam otter both at level 10….. Failed for 2 times but at last it worked….. I am getting the Swamp Crocy…… And it’s on the Normal Alter -_-

  3. diakite says:

    Leaf deer and aloha hippo 3rd try

  4. aubree says:

    Laser chameleon and pink dolphin first try on magic altar

  5. Demitrion Nox says:

    Clam otter + Water Dolphin, dragon altar, first try

  6. netsu06 says:

    Aloha hippo and leaf deer, first try normal altar

  7. Emerson says:

    Water dolphin + Clam Otter *first try (magic alter)

    • Sylestia says:

      Clam Otter (lv 12) + Water Dolphin (lv 11), first try after getting Dolphin to lv 11 on magic altar.

  8. red says:

    I don’t even know how this is possible but I doubt it with lightning Hedgehog and Firecat on the normal alter

  9. memo says:

    water dolphin + forest lizard normal altar first try

  10. yukinkaaa says:

    Hi. ^^ his quote is: Aaagh! Who’s that in the mirror?! Oh… it’s just me.

  11. mike says:

    Spring butterfly n dolphin

  12. Mara says:

    Got this pet. Igloo penguin and Clam Otter.

  13. Snow Princess says:

    I just got him with Clam Otter and Spark Buffalo on normal altar, about 5 tries. 2 rare pets in one day…never happened before. Happy now.

  14. Hanif says:

    i got him with Lion + Clam Otter 😀

  15. Alanna says:

    got him with igloo penguin and clam otter on the first try! 🙂

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