Last Story Official Release Date at Europe |
Posted on Dec 9, 2011

Last Story Official Release Date at Europe

Next year will become a fantastic year for RPG games. As final fantasy XIII-2 will be released at 31 January 2012, there will be a next great RPG that released on Wii. It’s Last Story, just in case you don’t know this game created by the same creator old Final Fantasy (Hironobu Sakaguchi).

The game will be released at 24 February 2012, so no clash with FF XIII-2 :D. Just make sure you buy FF XIII-2 at the first day, I’m pretty sure you have beaten the game by the time it get released so you can play this amazing game.

The bad news is the released date is for Europe region, so no NA release information at this moment (but I beleive it’ll be released on NA too; remember Xenoblade right??). The good news is if you still want to play this game at its release date, there is a lot of method that allow you to do that :D.

Below is the trailer of the game :

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