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Posted on Nov 20, 2011

Leo And Gawain Matrix Level E 7th Round Guide Fate Extra

7. Genesis/New Hope

Day 1

Go to the nurse’s office to obtain Sakura’s amazing lunch. There are also new formla wears at item shop (boost your servant status greatly; I recommend you to buy Celestial blade if you use Saber/archer and silver anklet if you use Caster). Try to go to the arena and meet Kotomine. Go to

7th Chimeric Lunar Sea 1F

Many paths are still blocked right now; just keep following the path and you’ll meet with familiar character near the exit.


Begin the battle by boost your servant’s status (you bought the items that I recommend you earlier, didn’t you?). He can’t use his noble phantasm. Stalking tiger does about 1300 damage to my servant (Defense rating C). Stalking tiger usually launched at the 2nd action bars (CMIIW) so I recommend you to choose guard if you can’t see the action of that turn.

Spam your skill once you have boosted your servant status. His HP is only about 10.000 so this battle won’t last long if you spam your skill ( Don’t use Elixir!! it’s a waste).

Get out from the arena

Day 2

PS: Event with Saber if you’re using her. Choose 1st option

Talk to Rani and then try to go to the arena entrance. There’ll be an event (I amusing archer, not sure about other servants). He’ll ask you about something (2 choices; I chose first). Enter the arena and grab all the items that located in this area. You’ll meet a new enemy (trigger an event) called SE.RE.PH (HP 9.999). I’s easy, you can see 3 of its action. Just use skill on the unknown command.

Day 3

If you’re using Archer there will a yellow bubble, you can get Matrix Level E from this event (ask about his name; 2nd choice). Go to 1F and talk to Taiga and then accept her request. Go to 3F and talk to Rani, go to arena entrance and you’ll see an event with Leo. Go to

7th Chimeric Lunar Sea 2F

You can only grab some items at this time (Staff of Rebuke, Teacher’s Emblem, Pure ether, 20.000PPT, and Magic Crystal Sphere). Once you have obtained all the items, try to keep going south and you’ll see an event about Leo entering the arena. Confront him by backtrack to the entrance. Just survive for 3 turns and your matrix will rise to level 2. Get out from this arena since you can’t progress further.

Day 4

Give Teacher’s Emblem to Taiga and accept another request. Talk to Rani (3F) and then check multimedia room, go to 7th Chimeric Lunar Sea 1F and head to the spot where you defeat Julius. You’ll see shiny spot (near the exit portal), check it to obtain Obsidian Feather, get out from the area.

Day 5

Talk to Rani and then head to the arena entrance (you’ll meet with Leo on the corridor). Once inside, just explore and take all items (especially Tiger thermos). Head to 2nd trigger’s location and fight Leo there (just survive for 3 turns). Your matrix level rise to 3, get out if you’re done here.

Day 6

Give the Thermos to Taiga to finish side quest. Go to 2F and see Rani with Leo talking. Head to your private room and talk with your servant. You’re free now :D, just rest or train your servant in the arena.

Day 7

Organize your information about Gawain. Equip Celestial sword and another item (shock seems doesn’t work against Gawain, so don’t equip it). Talk to Kotomine to start the battle.

Boss: Gawain

Gawain’s skill:

[0] Divine Aegis: Raise status (Luck)
[0] Siege Perilious : add effect armor
[0] Blades of Devoted: deals about 1300 damage (not guarded)

Leo’s spell:

[0] Vanish add: dispel positive buffs on your servant
[0] Bomb: Damage your servant

Spam your skills against this one. Divine aegis usually casted on 2nd action bars and his another skill (blades of devoted) usually used on the third action bars, so it’s a good idea to use “guard” command on the third action when you’re in doubt. His noble phantasm always casted on the 6th action bar and probably will one hit kill you if you’re not guarding it (I am pretty lucky because I see the extra coming, so I can use 7 rings of Heaven). Try to heal on every turns (position your healing skill on the 4th/5th when you’re at full Hp on the beginning of the turn).

Tips: according to Gemni, Gawain will says Leo when he’s about to use his NP. So use guard on 6th turn when you hear him say that.

Watch an event and congratulations because you haven’t beaten the game yet. It means that you still have things to do…

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12 Responses to “Leo And Gawain Matrix Level E 7th Round Guide Fate Extra”

  1. JC says:

    I’m new to this one by the way, but can I ask you something?

    If I really bid farewell to the Aozaki sisters on the first day of the 7th week, does that mean that I can’t do alterations anymore after that event?

  2. Shadowplayer says:

    I just fought Gawain using Saber on normal. I’m not sure if he’ll always do this, but when I lowered his health down to about 2500 or so, I think he’ll focus on using that spell that severely cuts your attack strength for that turn (I think it was called “The Numeral of the Saint”)

  3. Sharila says:

    Can I add attack pattern for Claustrophobia??


    Hope this will help 🙂

  4. SolBalmung says:

    I’m using Caster and in Day 2 I can’t manage to trigger the Se.Ra.Ph event battle in the arena. I’ve reading elswhere that caster DO get the event in day 2 and is mandatory to get her Matrix E the enxt day. Guys any help would be aprreciated, thx!

  5. Zero says:

    There is a minor scene with the girls in the church on the first day of this week if you talk to Touko.

  6. Gemni says:

    I dont know if it helps, but when Gawain says in a tired voice “Leo…” and Leo responds is when he will use his NP.
    Also he can start using his NP when he lost half of his HP.
    If you are a caster, it helps to stun him before turn two and five to prevent him from gaining the armor and the luck boosts.
    I almost beat him with caster at level 39 on my first try, but forgot to boost my magic at the last turn and lost when he had 100 hp left ;_;

  7. Shinigamitensei says:

    At day 2 there is also an event that is with Saber.Like Archer you choose choice 1.I’m not sure for Caster but I think there’s one.

  8. red4pain says:

    Its called blade of the devoted

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