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Posted on May 13, 2012

Lost Winds 2 Winter of the Melodias Guide Prologue to Summerfalls Village

You Play as Riveren at the beginning, just keep walking to the right until you see a seesaw. Tap the music button to sing. Go left and continue until you arrive at giant Riveren Statue, tap and hold music button until the statue’s eyes are open. Continue and you’ll arrive at the area with Giant Riveren statue with waterfall, go to the right and defeat the enemies (tap and hold music button) stand on the middle and the platform will be destroyed. Take the shard and see the event.

Grassland Area

You gain control as Toku, keep moving to the right. Learn the control about this game along the way (swipe the screen create wind current and make Toku jump to higher platform). Continue until you see a pool, go to the other side and then tap the water and drag it to the soil to make a plant grow.

Lost Wind 2 Pinch right stone grasslandUse the plant to go up; you’ll see an event with Magmok. You’ll see a stone on the ground. Lift it up and then pinch (1) it to make it stay on the air. Swipe it to the right (2) to break the wall. COntinue and you’ll see white mushroom, swipe your finger to them to use them as a spring to jump higher.


[0] Page 8
[0] Collectibles: 1/2

See the bar on the upper-middle screen, your health will be decreased if the blue line is gone from the bar. You need to stay near the fire to replenish the bar. Continue and you’ll save your game automatically at the totempole. Continue right passing the icy slope.

You’re at frozen pool now; you can’t do anything to obtain the collectibles on the underwater for now (CMIIW). Go to the upper left and you should see another collectible, take it (1/2). Now go back to previous platform, swipe the fire to the icy wall / create vortex (pinch) and then swipe it to the icy wall to break it. Continue to the next area.

Summerfalls village

[0] Page 1
[0] Collectibles: 1/4

Keep going right until you find a house with the door opened. Go inside and take Collectibles on the rightmost part of this room (1/4). Talk to the blacksmith and then get out from his house. Activate the beacon and use the fire to burn the plant which hinders the path. Continue to higher place until you find another unlit beacon. Lit it and jump to the upper left to obtain “Pages 1”. Continue and blow the fire from the beacon to the torch on the right and then use it to break the icy wall.

The Falls

[0] Page 2
[0] Collectibles: 2/4

Go right and save at melodia statue. Ignore the collectibles [1] for now and continue to higher platform to find a fruit which can restore your HP (it takes time to eat one so be careful when you’re eating it because your freeze bar still drops at this condition). Lit the beacon and continue to the upper right to find another beacon (3rd one). Use the fire from the 3rd beacon to break the ice on the lower right.

Go over there and pass the icy slope by using the wind. Take the collectibles [2] and backtrack to 3rd beacon (you can’t obtain the collectibles on the higher platform [3]; CMIIW). Continue left and then right until you arrive at another melodia statue.

Head left to the next beacon (near the frozen pool). Continue to higher platform until you find 5th beacon (there is a collectible on the other side of the wall). Head to the right and then left. Keep heading left and take “Page 2”.  And then head right to obtain collectibles [4] which you saw earlier.

Tips: there is a path on the left that leads to Echo Cave but you still can’t do anything on that area, so just ignore it.

Backtrack to 5th beacon, and continue right to the next area.

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