Posted on Apr 28, 2010

Lunar Silver Star Harmony PSP Guide Ghoto Woods


Go to item shop and talk with the owner. Go out and go to Alex’s house and there will be event then choose whatever you like. Go to Ghoto woods now ( in world map). In Ghoto woods there will be another cut scene. After get back to the town go to Alex’s house and talk with his father. Enter Luna’s room talk with her then go to your father once more time. Go to bed and next morning go to Ghoto woods again.

(You can talk with man beside item shop and pay him 30 S, not sure if this have effect in future).

Ghoto Woods

your goal is to get out from forest in upper left of the map

(1) There will be an event where you will fight a horde of monster. You can accept the mysterious man help to end this battle quickly.(I tried to beat this battle without his help and you will fighting the monster again, bot sure if you must accept his help to continue the game).

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