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Lunar Silver Star Harmony PSP Guide Old Hag’s Place


Go to south and enter east house then talk with receptionist ( sorry i don’t know what he is caleed 🙂 ). Talk with captain and you will learn that the captain doesn’t have sea chart and now it belongs to man named Clyde. There is  another locked chest in 2nd floor.

Now go to the Bar (near town entrance) and talk with Clyde. And Accept his challenge (you need 200S). You will be lose no matter what talk to him again to get the money back. Leave and go to

Old Hag’s Place

Just follow the path to Old Hag’s house. (careful some of the treasure contain enemy when you open them).

When you enter Old Hag’s house you will get a new party member check her house (there is locked chest in basement)

Talk with Old hag and accept to give her the staff and you will get sea chart. Now go back to Saith.


If you talk to people near entrance you will learn that something has happened in Saith. Go to Captain’s building and talk with him until you can choose to help him. Now you enter back yard and prepare to fight your first boss battle.

Boss Battle: Saline Slimer

The mosnter can cast mucus to your character but Luna’s song can cure it so no big problem here. Just let Nash use Riot and Alex do sword dance. It will go down about 5-6 turns.

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  1. Dimitri says:

    Please help me out,

    I did all asked in Saith, talked to anyone around, but Clyde does not offer to gamble at all !!! He says he will with all people but NOT let me make the choice all are talking about here !!! And yes I have monet to offer, plenty ! More than 2K (to be precise 2937 $ !!!)
    on cash and no one to gamble …


    GRZ Dimitri

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