Lunar Silver Star Harmony PSP Guide White Dragon Cave |
Posted on Apr 28, 2010

Lunar Silver Star Harmony PSP Guide White Dragon Cave


Watch all event until you enter the battle with Eiphel. You really can’t lose in this battle just kill him quickly ( you can use AI if you want). After finish the battle you will enter the battle once again and you are still impossible to lose.


After you gain control your MC go to south and enter Burg. Inside Burg Keep going south and you will hear someone’s voice and go south. You can see Athena’s statue go east from there and you will trigger cut scene. Now go to Alex’s house and talk with his father, you will receive item from him (you can get silver darts if you load demo clear data). You can go to basement to grab some item and explore the town before you go into White dragon cave. After finish grab all item go outside from the town(west from Athena’s statue).

White Dragon Cave

(1) the path is blocked, you must go to white dragon lair first.

(2) lure the enemy so they run toward you and touch the crystal.

first you must go to White dragon lair then continue your way to grab dragon ring. After get the ring return to white dragon lair and finish the quest. Now back to town.

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