Posted on Apr 10, 2012

Mass Effect Infiltrator 3 Stars Guide Chapter 1 Ice Giant

Chapter 1 Ice Giant


Total Enemies: 5


Tips: I forgot whether you can change your weapon at the very first but it seems impossible to obtain 3 stars on style without changing any weapon.

To get 3 stars on this part is very easy. Kill the first enemy with your assault rifle. Switch into shotgun to kill another one on the right. Last 2 enemies can be finished by assault rifle chain attack.


Total Enemies:
Style Score:

Tutorial about biotic, use it and kill one enemy. Take cover and kill 2 enemies that appear. Move forward and then kill 2 more enemies. From this point onward you only need to keep switching weapon to maintain your style.


Total Enemies: 18
My style score: 12

Move forward and you’ll get a notification about cloak. Head to the right (not to the front!!). And punch geth trooper that hides behind the rock. Use your assault rifle now, you should be able to kill 3 enemies. Now it’s only one enemy left, kill it with shotgun. There will be geth juggernaut appear, you need to kill this one with shotgun, but because you have used it before, your style point will be reduced by one after you have killed him.

There will be 3 enemies appear, you can kill all 3 using assault rifle. From now on continue through the gate and kill another enemies (3). Move forward and there will be 4 enemies available. Try to use shotgun when killing last enemy.

There will be 2 geth trooper running to your way, kill both of them using assault rifle, and then kill last juggernaut with shotgun.


Total Enemies: 9
my style: 12

TIPS: Don’t fight enemies on the outside of cover protection, one shot from sniper can kill you (or reduce your health drastically which hinders you to get 3 star). If you’re getting hard time with using only 2 weapons on this stage, then buy some weapons on store menu (especially sniper so you can that damn sniper from far away; I get 22 style points after having the sniper rifle).

Move forward and take cover on nearby rock. Use shotgun to kill juggernaut that coming toward you. Head straight to the next cover rock and kill geth trooper IMMEDIATELLY. Switch into shotgun again and kill another juggernaut that coming toward you.

Continue and kill 2 Geth Trooper nearby, There will be one geth trooper spawn on the next cover after you have killed previous two, kill it with your assault (yeah, it’s okay to lower your style point). Proceed from cover to cover and you’ll see juggernaut spawn on the path that leads you to the sniper (see screenshot).

Kill it using shotgun and then use cloak. Sprint until you can kill the sniper (use assault rifle). There is only one enemy left. You can kil Turian with shotgun or assault rifle, but if you’re using shotgun then you must get close to him; use assault rifle if your style point is still on high numbers; assuming you kill sniper by using assault rifle before). You can also use biotic to pull him and kill it using assault rifle to avoid point reduction.

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