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Posted on Jun 4, 2010

Megaman Online announced

are you missing Megaman series? If you are a fans of megaman like me you will be sad or happy. Why sad?? because next Megaman games are not like before (battle network, X, and Star force). It is confirmed to be online now. You can be happy because Zero and Megaman also confirmed in this game. Here is a quote from andirasang

According to the announcement, as summed up today at 4gamer, Mega Man Online will be a 3D side scrolling action RPG. It will retain the action feel of the series while adding the RPG elements one expects from an online title, including characters who grow in strength over time.

It will be 3D SIDESCROLLING game!!!! What ?? 3D sidescrolling, I am really curious about its gameplay because like the quote says that Capcom will add RPG element.

What i hope from this game is you can become maverick hunter beside Megaman and zero, like regular maverick hunter then you can get the equipment by defeating maverick and customize your character so it become stronger and cooler. Hunting a boss together (there is so many sigma form so it won’t be hard to create idea for bosses).

Also the Megaman universe is very big, so I don’t understand why capcom make this game become sidescrolling. Because a normal concept MMORPG based on Megaman can hook many fans for sure. I have a big hope for this game. Let us wait for this game release date. Capcom can create game called Monster hunter, so why they don’t do a title called “Maverick Hunter” 🙂

source of the news: Andriasang

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