Posted on Apr 6, 2010

Mimana Iyar Chronicle Guide second gem


Go to the armor store and buy a better armor then go outside to Tarim Wood.

Tarim wood

Go up until you see forked road then go to right then just follow the path read another sign and follow Fountain of Glamour.

Just follow my map and grab all treasures if you want there is no puzzle in this area. Go down from waterfall near chain mail after you grab all treasures because you can’t just go up again after fall from waterfall.

Boss: Counter Hammer

It is easy Just attack him with magnus and don’t attack while he is using blocking stance.

Back to the town and go to inn.

Back to main menu

next: third gem

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2 Responses to “Mimana Iyar Chronicle Guide second gem”

  1. 007ace says:

    The black Seal is actually Block Seal. Just so you know.

  2. fatty says:

    now excuse me while i hit myself on the head constantly for not looking ahead in this guild, just wasted 2.4k on a stone of sound 2 😐

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