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Posted on Apr 8, 2010

Mimana Iyar Chronicle PSP guide fifth gem

In next morning there will be event. you are free to choose want to go to library before or immediately go to Mount Ishtall (This guide base on go to library first before go to Mount Ishtall, by choosing go to library you will get info about monster and boss in Mount Ishtall area).Now buy equipment and go to Tarim wood.

In tarim wood Go to direction of Ishtall ruin and choose left when you see forked road.

Ishtall Ruin

Change stone in Crais’s sword (Stone of water because almost all enemies and boss stages vulnerable to water).

There is Bui Max at Stone of Light IV location ( I believe you must go to library to trigger this event but I’m not sure Please some one confirm this=> just leave it on the comments).

Block Seal IV can’t be obtained from below you must go up first and go left to take it (look at map).

Boss Battle: Cluster Bomb

It is easy if you know what to do first just attack him and lure him to move away from your party. Every time you attack him he will grow bigger after you decrease his hp enough he will stop moving and starting to self destruct.

Now open up your inventory and cast all spell you have (ITEM) also use power up item.

If you lose you won’t enter game over screen but you won’t gain experience fro this battle (about 10000 in my level). Get the gem and back to town go to inn then sleep.

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4 Responses to “Mimana Iyar Chronicle PSP guide fifth gem”

  1. DeathGamer says:

    I have confirm that you nid to go to the library to trigger bui max at the stone of light IV

  2. Garmr says:

    I didn’t go to library and there was no event or bui max or anything else at the stone of light IV location.

  3. fatty says:

    same goes for stone of dark 🙂 they are both stone of ____ IV 🙂

  4. fatty says:

    u forgotten to include the prefix IV for the stone of earth 🙂

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