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Posted on Apr 6, 2010

Mimana Iyar chronicle PSP Guide First gem

Talk to your guild friend and meet with the client. After that just keep going down until you find a little kid crying then go down again until you arrive at world map and choose Tarim wood.

Tarim wood

Just go down follow the trail on the road. You now on the outside again choose

Crup coast

Go to south east to open the chest (Panacea medicine) and down again to get another chest (stone of fire 2). Now follow the trail from the entrance and go down from the stair. Go to the left to grab HI-heal medicine) then go to the right and grab the treasure (spils tonic), enter the cave.

Crup coast cave

Item: Geos tonic, Stone of water 2, Beret, Herbal medicine.

Your destination is on the northeast just explore the cave and go to northeast until you find red circle, SAVE!!!

Boss battle: Miss coconut crab

Your first boss battle, You can die quickly if you don’t one thing BLOCK!!!! Her dash can damage you up to 400 hp, So the strategy is don’t make her use it. Go forward to this monster then just block when she attack by her pincer you will be knocked back, now cast magnus to damage him. You can also damage her by attacking from behind. She only has HP about 1000 so it won’t take long to kill her.

Now go up and you will enter cut scene after that Get out from this dungeon (You can use red teleport pad), Back to the town Florelmos  and go to the inn.

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