Posted on Apr 10, 2010

Mimana Iyar chronicle PSP Guide Forest of soul

Next day go to Tarim wood after buy new equipment. Look for the sign and go to Aundbey.

After you arrive at Aundbey just go to the deep of the town until you found this house

After some event go back to Tarim wood and go to North (where you go to fountain of glamour) but now go to tree of elves.

Forest of Soul

Change your weapon stone into earth attribute ( stone of iron 4) because almost all the enemies have wind attributes (eventhough there are earth crystal element enemy). Your goal here is to turn on 4 seal so you can open the path into boss area. The number in the map doesn’t mean you must turn on the seal sequentially. Choose the best for your own or follow my direction. Make sure you get all the arcanum item here they are really useful.

After unlock all seal go to boss area and don’t forget to save.

BOSS Battle: Leigh crystall

This thing is joke.  it just standing helplessly like Trentos guy you will easily beat him.

After defeat him go back to the town via Tarim wood. And there will be a battle.

Boss Battle: Feide

Now she can be punched to the death and she will become insanely easy.

After that you automatically back to town.

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7 Responses to “Mimana Iyar chronicle PSP Guide Forest of soul”

  1. Crazy4Crais says:

    thanx thats lots of help!!

  2. JJ says:

    I just want to tell that there’s a “Stone of Ocean IV” behind the pillar in the “BOSS”. Thanks!

  3. Gabby says:

    after the boss battle .. go up and theres a treasure.. it has stone of ocean IV… thx for the guide map

  4. Nemesti says:

    Hi, thanks for the guide, is very useful. When kill the boss, behind of the column can to find a chest with “stone ocean IV”

  5. askar says:

    -Big thx for your guides,i’m truly lost for this game map(forest of soul)

  6. Cruelties says:

    Thanks for posting this! This was an irritating place to venture through.

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