Posted on Apr 7, 2010

Mimana Iyar Chronicle PSP Guide fourth gem

Go out from Florelmos and enter tarim woods.

Tarim woods

Go to north west until you see board sign and go toward Ishtall  then go to gangway to enter Ishtall ruin (wider one leads to Mount Ishtall)

Ishtall ruins

Don’t forget to get Hi-Curative Med before enter the ruin. Enter inside ruin.

Inside there is only big maze look for trigger number and where the door locked. Make sure you get Ring Mail for Crais( it si very good armor).

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Remember to save when you see red mark.

Boss Battle: Sai Master

The boss is pretty easy just don’t let him come near to Sophie 2 combo from him enough to sent Sophie meet her maker. Since you can do blocking there is no big threat here. Use Geos if you want (The boss seems weak to light attribute so you can change your equipment to stone of light).

After defeat the boss watch some event. When you gain control just go back to town via Tarim wood but not that fast because on the way to Florelmos you will battle with.

IM-boss-IBLE Battle: Feide

Like the name said if you can beat this boss either way you are use a cheat or dreaming. Just let her end the battle to go to Cutscene.

Back To Town, in the night it is up to you want talk with either Sophie or Melrose.

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  1. Sorao says:

    i don’t get the map at all

  2. fatty says:

    you also might want to mentioned that it’s not just a block seal, it’s a block seal 3 🙂

  3. fatty says:

    at the end of the t3 trigger, at that end of those room, there’s a chest with a Bi-Magnus Tonic.

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