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Mimana Iyar Chronicle PSP Guide Seventh gem

In morning there will be an event, you can choose whom you want to meet:

-Sophie In the inn

-Tinnon near fountain

-Melrose in library

-Patty in Horned owl (magic shop) you will be asked to go to Fountain of Glamour to grab item just go up  and you will find the item.


In next morning before go there is a confused merchant talk to him and choose one present.

You can only choose one present for the girls ( I choose the present for Tinnon and got Lipus ribbon.Now go to Tarim woods==>Crup coast then Crup tower.

Crup tower

Just go up straight there is no puzzle or anything {Item in this area: royal Pudding(1f),Apollo D harp(3f)}.

Blume Island

There is only 2 path here one is to Tower of Scylla and other lead to Block Seal S.

Tower Of Scylla

Probably Shortest dungeon in game. You can just Drop In Q hole( look at the map and continue to boss area). There is also event (look at map) not sure if you can skip it or no, but from the path it can be skipped. I suggest you not fall because you must search the alphabet in the map where the hole leads you to.

Boss Battle: Divine Beast Scylla

Just make sure Crais equipped with Stone of flame 4. Use gran Magnus (Mel), Sophie to keep your party healthy, Tinnon to help you attack the beast. He can chant powerful spell Tidal Wave (just keep attacking him and he will only can do it probably once if you defeat him quickly). Just keep attack his Tentacle and he will go down.

After defeat him back to the town and go to inn.
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  1. ehmo007 says:

    there’s a stone of flame IV near the “d” spot in your map

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