Posted on Apr 9, 2010

Mimana Iyar Chronicle PSP guide Sixth gem

After wake up from inn, it is up to you go to library first or immediately go to Forest of Doubt. Enter Tarim wood and go to forked road where you go to Tarim cave but now go to other way.

Just keep walking until you see log in your way and there will be cut scene. After cut scene go up and you will arrive at Forest of doubt.

Forest of Doubt

1. Go up until you see save point and stone.

2. Now explore all area (pointed in my map) after that back to entrance to trigger event.

3. Now you can move the stone to change forest area.Move the stone once then explore the forest to grab all item in this area.

4. Find second Blue mark. Go up to find switch (lead to item) and Go down for another switch ( to continue your journey).  Don’t forget to pick all items.

BOSS Battle: Trentos

Just attack he will go down real quick. Careful from his poison attack.

After beat the boss back to town then you will halted by another

IM-boss-IBLE BATTLE: Dark knight

He will slaughter your party with 12000 damage attack per slash. SO yeah you will lose in this battle. After event you automatically back to town.

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7 Responses to “Mimana Iyar Chronicle PSP guide Sixth gem”

  1. silentone66 says:

    Q.Q i can’t figure it out >o<

  2. Crazy4Crais says:

    I am addicted to this game and have had very little trouble up to this point but now I am stuck… so thamks or the map!

  3. fatty says:

    i saw a missing item in your map, so i editted your image a tad, hope you dont mind.

  4. fatty says:

    and yes, i can confirm what donno has written as well.

    It’s a stone of iron IV.

  5. fatty says:

    and also, it’s a block seal v 🙂
    You have forgotten to add the roman numeral 🙂

    Block Seal V -> nullify binding, seal and petrification.

  6. donno says:

    you are right. it’s stone of iron 4 (strong earth magic)

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