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Mimana Iyar Chronicle PSP guide Temple of Water

Now after some event you can choose with whom you want to go( This game I choose Tinnon)

-Tinnon in fountain

– Melrose in library

-Sophie and Patty go to Aundbey

Each of character will give you a powerful stone. The quest need you to go the dungeon (forest of doubt for Tinnon).

If you choose Tinnon you can find cockatrice in boos area forest of doubt. Not sure about the others (maybe you need to go to boss area in your partner area request)

In next morning go to Arche ruin via south gate in Florelmos.

Arche ruin

Just watch another cut scene and after the temple open enter it.

Temple of water part 1

1.Your goal is go to the elevator area. Inside check the panel and it will trigger another event.

2. You go with one of the girl ( I don’t know if this is fixed or depends on your relationship with them but i go with Tinnon).

3. Turn on the switch on upper floor now go back to elevator room. (After the event the door will be unlocked and you can grab Stone of sound 5).Upper and lower door don’t have anything they just interconnected (TOW 2 with TOW 4).

Temple of water part 2

1. It is the same like forest of doubt area (when you press the switch to change the area) just follow the ,map to reach the end.

Boss Battle: Heidar

Easy…………. he can summon minion to fight you but he is just easy to defeat before he can do anything else.

FINAL battle: Dragon God Mimana

His punch attack can make about 1600 damage to Crais, 2 attack from him you meet your maker. He can also do some laser mad skill that probably kill 2-3 of your character( only patty survive, Light resistance anyone?), his other skill Thunder bolt do same damage as his laser skill. Revive your dead character quickly then make their HP at their fullest. Luckyly he is slow so he will stand like idiot when you attack him but always ready your guard button (it can reduce his punch attack into just about 160 damage).

When his HP reach 20% he will try to heal himself (pretty smart huh) His heal will recover most of his HP. So if you want to kill him you must do it quick when chant the healing spell.

My tactic:

Always cast manually Gran Magnus (Melrose, she is just to dumb to immediately cast another spell after finish the other spell)

Use Patty as healler (his mana heal sphere is very good healing spell, when your party at full Hp cast aqua bomb manually or use attack item)

Tinnon (let her do what she want, I set her attack to 5 , magic 4. have her cast Shutorm vintos when mimana god chant healing spell)

For Crais give him item boosting attack to increase his damage ( i.e Flamey apple)

Now you are in town just do what the game told you. In the end you will go to MD station.

Congratulation you just beat Mimana Iyar Chronicle.

You can start new game plus with water spirit stone in your inventory and if you talk in bakery store he will give you level cap evo (break lvl 50 limit) and pochette (increase item limit). You also unlock album and sound.

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14 Responses to “Mimana Iyar Chronicle PSP guide Temple of Water”

  1. Adam says:

    MAn!!!! victory is mine!!! I killed em in 2 rounds pant pant!!!! I use dispel to stop his healing… then he uses laser so nothing he could regen…

  2. danie says:

    i need help for the last gem. apparently the boss isn’t there! is there something i missed in the game that im supposed to do or get for that boss to show??

  3. tearzz says:

    thanks for your help~~your maps are very simple and useful~thanks a lot~

  4. 123 says:

    tnx it helps a lot 🙂

  5. senz says:

    Treasure box
    1? =Arcanium of shine
    2? = Arcanium of glow

    You have that part wrong there is only 3 treasure boxes, after getting Arcanium of glow the stairs leads to a dead end..

  6. Am I ok if I direct to your website, from my web page? I’m in need of help to gather as many pieces of useful information as I am able.

  7. Emirey says:

    Thanks a lot noobbgodlike, your guide helped me really out here, i hated the labyrith like maps i could´nt figure out where to go xDD
    The last boss was hard to break down, always healing himself up *g*

    Thanks again!!

  8. Visidly says:

    In the Temple of water part 1.
    I go with Feide. but I didn’t do any event with her. All I do is Sophie’s event. Maybe Sophie can’t go with Crias or something?
    Anyway, I think it depend on relationship with the girls.

  9. baka says:

    hey got afew more codes for you

    black knight: MIMANIAC
    Crais: KNSEWELL

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