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Posted on Apr 19, 2010

Mimana Iyar Chronicle PSP Review

Developer: Gung Ho

Publisher: Aksys games

Release date: 30 march 2010

Genre: Rpg

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Mimana Iyar Story’s takes place in world of Iyar. You become Crais, an infamous guild member. His journey began when a little girl named Sophie hire him to begin a journey finding seven gems scattered in world of Iyar. The story in my opinion is quite good, there is detail story for each character they are not just join your party without reason. They have their own motive (even though not all motive explained in this game). You can also build interaction with the girls so it will trigger different event as you progress the game.

If you have played Tales series then you will familiar game’s battle system. You can control your main character freely to move, cast spell, etc but you can’t change your character so for about 20 hours you can only use one character and that is what makes this game a little boring. Your main character’s skill is not very cool. All effect and spell is really lame. Main character only has 3 sword skills and the animation only about slash up, thrust, and jumping slash. The spell effects only consist like fireball, a flying kettle, stalagmite thrust, etc. Even all effects are not cool, the battles are still enjoyable (it takes about 10 second to finish battle). You can also time your attack so your character glowing and makes your attack more powerful than it was. Boss Battle is joke in this game, First boss makes you think this game have decent difficulty but that think will be gone because other boss just a dead meat, they only stay and waiting to get killed.

What insane about this game is Gigantic dungeon, each dungeon can take your time about 1 – 2 hours to finish it, maybe it is good for dungeon explorer lover but supported with average battle system and insane encounter rate will make your frustrated over and over (luckily there is item to reduce number of encounter). Apart from gigantic dungeon you only found 2 city in this game and the world map is not that big either.

The soundtrack for this game is very good. All melody is very memorable to your ear. The only music I found bad is Battle music which is bad because it is the one you will hear often. The dungeons don’t have any music at all only some SE like water dropping, river water, etc. This make the gigantic dungeon more insane, just imagine 1 hour wandering around in dungeon without music but sound of water dropping into the floor. Voice actor for this game are top notch, every character have really unique and good voice.

The town environment shaded in nice 3D but the battle only 2D and your character in battle screen look pixelated. The game use Anime style FMV which is good for this kind of game. Monster appearance is totally weak, in the first you only fight cube shaped enemy, bug, and bat. As you progress the game you will find more attractive monster design but that will be blown again in the near end of the game because the monster sprite only get color changed from original form , so expect to fight red, blue, and yellow colored golem as you progress the game.

I would only recommend this game to really RPG lover because if you don’t love RPG this game might even make you more hate the genre. If you like standard RPG with good storyline I really recommend this to you. The story really progress very good there is no unnecessary plot that interrupt your game so you will enjoy the story progress with comfortable. This game is not finished yet, from the ending you will find that there will be a sequel for this game so let us hope that Aksys Games fix battle system, monster design (hope we won’t meet cockasusgadore
in next game), and cooler MC skill which is the only major lack in this game.

Below show my experience and what i got after playing this game (maybe you need to play the game before know what i mean)

Other screenshot

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