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Mino Monster Basic FAQ Guide


On Mino Monster there are 4 elements, they’re fire, water, ground, and Air. Each element have weakness against another element. You can know element of your opponent by looking it at symbol near their health bar.

Pic Element Powerful Weak Resist
  Ground Electric Fire, water Air
Air water Ground Fire
  Fire Ground Air  ?
  Water  Fire Air  ?
  Electric  Air fire, Ground  Fire

[0] Powerful means you deal 2-3 times damage
[0] Weak means you deal half damage
[0] Resist means you deal normal damage to that type but takes a little damage from its attack.

How to catch

You can only capture specific monster (not grubling), you can know whether the monster can be captured or not just by looking it on its status on the world map (rare, super rare, etc). Normal enemy doeesn’t have this status.

Another way to know, is to lower its Hp on the battle and you should see “catch” option on the upper left. Monster with lower HP is easier to catch, so try to lower its HP as low as possible, then use candy. You may need to use multiple candies to capture monsters (especially mega rare type).


You can use this to heal your Monster on the battle and capture wild mino monster. You can obtain them from:

  1. Defeat candy monster, if you’re lucky you may see monster (above) on the world map. However you can only obtain up to 5 candies. If you have 0/5 candy then you will get 5 candies, but if you have 4/5 candies then you’ll only get 1 candy.
  2. You can also buy candy by using mino currency, you can have more than 5 if you’re using this options :D. the candy status will become like 10/5. You won’t get any candy from candy monster on this situation, so just let it stay on the world map.

Mino Currency

This is the money on this game, you can get them by:

  1. From IAP purchase
  2. Sometimes, it’s a random treasure on the map
  3. Defeat boss (you can defeat the boss multiple times but it’s not 100% guaranteed that you’ll get Minos currency every time you have defeated them).

Note: you need to have inet connection to open mino currency

Status on your Mino

[0] Health (HP): Hit Point, it reaches 0 you die, it’s pretty simple right? 😀
[0] Attack: Affect physical damage (neutral damage)
[0] Defense: Affect damage taken from enemy
[0] Elemental: Affect your elemental damage

Elemental attack is different from “neutral” attack, you need minimum 2 thunder  to execute elemental attack. Low elemental status mean low “powerful attack”, try to balance between elemental attack and attack status. My suggestion is to focus on the status that have highest point when you first capture the monster.

Example: if your monster has 100 attacks and 200 elemental attacks, then assign your lvl up point to elemental attack.

All Mino Monsters have same skill pattern, 2 elemental attacks that cost 2 and 6 thunders (affected by elemental status). Neutral attack that cost 4 thunders (affected by attack status).


You can heal all your mino on your home. YOU ONLY HEAL MINO WHICH ARE ACTIVE (ON YOUR PARTY). You must wait 15 minutes before you can heal them again (unless you want to spend candies which is not suggested). Just go somewhere, read a book, etc when waits for 15 minutes. You can also change all your mino on your active party and then use monster on your reserve party if you want to level up them.

Mino Monster Main Page Guide (Coming soon)

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