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Posted on Nov 20, 2010

[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Guide: Bonus Towers

You can go into these towers after you have got Master Key from Rolan. I recommend you to enter this tower after you have finished the game at least once.


  • Upgrade your armor to maximum level (+9;  you can upgrade it further after getting orihalcon)
  • Try to minimize a battle with the enemies to keep your level low. So, I recommend you to conquer bonus tower 1 first in order to get the ninja crown (fewer encounter) and have 2 level 1 wayfarer so you can “escape” from the battle constantly.
  • If your level is too high you will face some trouble later (Remember that your armor is only +9 now, so the damage from high level enemy is very ouch!!). I was at level 51 when I enter the tower; normal enemy only did about 30 damage to my party. But as I progress further (level 68 now) normal enemy can deal about 60-70 damage to my party L (imagine that on boss battle which will deal about 100-200 damage per hit and I only have 1 orihalcon when  I write this post L).
  • Just be prepared in floor 80-100f. The dungeon will become insanely big……. My favorite object in the world now is stairs (trust me see the stairs will make you happy).
  • Tips for Orihalcon or another important floor (Thanks to Ben for telling me this info)for Orihalcon levels, after you beat the boss and get it, use dragon wing. You would be outside go back in and your progress should be saved at from ex.floor 71 again… go back to floor 80 and you can fight the same boss again for another chance to get orihalcon. You can also use this trick in order to get treasure chest (they contain powerful weapon in this game; In 70 and 90 f).

You can get out from this tower every time you have reached 10 floors. You can go back to the town and then save your game. You can also use dragon wing to get out but your progress won’t be saved.

=====Bonus tower level 1 (moonsand ruins)=====

Location: North of Horne

  • 10 f: Behugemoth (easy, one desolator should kill it)
  • 20 f: empty
  • 30 f: Demon Lord (same as behugemoth, equip darksteel shield if you want to be safer)
  • 40 f:Moonsand Ruins shop

[0] Gungnir: 100.000 gil (atck +21)
[0] Unyielding shield: 100.000 gil (Defense +5)
[0] Antimage: 100.000 gil (magic defense +5)
[0] hide shield: 100.000 gil (evade/magic evade +15)

  • 50 f: Sand devil (Use water magic to deal extra damage; you can also equip rock shield for protection; drop 3 diamonds)
  • 60 f: empty
  • 70 f: Treasure chest; I get Musician robes (def+9, mag def+ 8, spirit +10%, evade/magic evade +5%). Other Items (please post what you got in this floor,etc):
    [0] Scribe Grown (Def +7 , Mag Def +6, Strength/Intellect/Spirit +5%)Thanks to Lord Koopah 😀
  • 80 f: Bahamut (equip fire shield to reduce his fire breath damage). He will drop orihalcon.
  • 90 f: Treasure chest ; I get Afreet axe; Attack +23.Other Items (please post what you got in this floor,etc):
    [0] Apollo’s Harp (Attack +17, Mag Attack +17). Thanks to Lord Koopah 😀
    [0] Excalibur (attack +20). Thanks to Angga
  • 100 f:
    Krinjh. Equip ice shield or rock shield in this battle (he cast quakra and waterga). I am using Paladin, so he always attack my MC (bait ability). His physical attack is very deadly to the other characters (about 180 damage to my party; my party equip +9 paladin armor. MC takes little damage because the shield of the light has been upgraded). Equip your White mage with Ribbon so he/she invulnerable against silence.

=======Bonus tower level 2 (Holy tree)=======

Location: Small Island; north of Arbor (you need to use Cestus to go into this place)

  • 10 f: Seadevil (equip ice shield)
  • 20 f: empty
  • 30 f: nue + wraith (be careful it is a bit hard; especially nue because he can attack 3times/turn)
  • 40 f: Holy tree shop

[0] Moonring blade: 22.000 gil (attack +10, magic attack +10, inflicts sudden death)
[0] Koga shuriken: 28.000 gil (attack +15, inflicts confusion, blindness)
[0] Guan Yu’s Pike: 55.000 gil (attack +18)

  • 50 f: Goblin lord (he like to use leafra and drop 3 diamonds)
  • 60 f: empty
  • 70 f: Treasure chest (I get Seamstress Clothes;def+7, Mag def +7, def/mag def/ evade/ magic evade +5%))
  • 80 f:Red dragon (equip fire shield to reduce fire breath damage)
  • 90 f: Treasure chest ( I get Zodiac spear; attack +22)
  • 100 f:
    Torte (attack patterns: leafra, shell, leafga, magick, cura). He is very hard, especially when he cast 3 leafga in a row (it is rarely happen but it wiped 3 characters from my party). He also get a big magic defense (he cast shell). Just keep using your strongest spell in this battle and have shell magic equipped on every character will help you a lot (don’t forget to cast lux).

=====Bonus tower level 3(mysterious lighthouse)=====This section created by Lord Koopah. Big Thanks to him :D.

Location: Liberte lighthouse ( Inside Cestus)

  • 10 f:10F: Minotaur (easy)
    Equip rock shields and use Mysterio so he’ll deal 1 damage per attack
  • 20 f: empty
  • 30 f: Mythril Golem (quite easy but his attacks deals quite a lot if you’re not prepared)
    Equip holy shields and use Mysterio so he’ll deal 1 damage per attack (I managed to kill him without the right shield)
  • 40 f: Mysterious Lighthouse shop
    [0] X-Potion 400 gils
    [0] Phoenix Down 100 gils
    [0] Hi-Ether 10.000 gils
    [0] Muramasa (sword) (Attack +14, Reduces foe’s status level) 9.000 gils
    [0] Fuma Shuriken (shuriken) (Attack +15, Inflicts poison, paralysis) 28.000 gils
    [0] Shiranui (shuriken) (Attack+20, Evade +20%) 50.000 gils
  • 50 f: Geri (weak against water) and Freki (weak against fire)
    Equip ice or fire shields, you can also equip stream cape and fire cape (they don’t inflict any ailment)
    They also raise from death 3 turn after you kill them if you don’t manage to kill both of them at the same time
  • 60 f: empty
  • 70 f:Treasure chest (I get Musician Robe: def +9, mag def +8, spirit +10%, evade/magic evade +5%)
  • 80 f:Dragon (quite easy) !!!Drop Orihalcon!!!
    Equip Fire shield to reduce fire damage.
  • 90 f: Treasure chest (I get Zodiac Spear: attack +22)
  • 100 f:
    100F: Rolan and Rekoteh (drop 4 diamonds)
    Equip holy shields (and not ice shield), give a ribbon to your white mage (Rekoteh inflicts silence)
    Be careful, Rolan’s attacks are really deadful. At the end of the battle they will heal themselves really often.Rolan:
  • Attack (light) (about 200 and about 70 with holy shield)
  • Thundaga (light) (about 40 to everyone with holy shield)
  • Thundara (light) (about ?? with holy shield)
  • Darkaga (dark) (about 30-40 to everyone with Mysterio)
  • Cura (heals about 130)Rekoteh:
  • Attack (about 140 and about 40 with Mysterio)
  • Shell (increase mag def)
  • Protect (increase def)
  • Silence
  • Supress
  • Thundaga (light) (about 50 to everyone with holy shield)
  • Thundara (light) (about ?? with holy shield)
  • Blizzara (ice) (about 70 with Mysterio)
  • Blizzaga (ice) (about 40-50 to everyone with Mysterio)
  • Cura (heals about 180)

Bonus Tower level 4 (

Location: Northwest of Spellvia

  • 10 f:Demon Prince (easy)
    Equip darksteel shield. His attack patterns:
    -World of Dark
  • 20 f: empty
  • 30 f: Buffholem + Ghoul (medium)
  • 40 f: Trial Tower Shop
    [0] X-Potion: 400 gils
    [0] Phoenix Down: 100 gils
    [0] Hi-Ether: 10,000 gils
    [0] Kunai (shuriken) (attack +10): 20,000 gils
    [0] Oboro (shuriken) (attack +20, evade +20%): 50,000 gils
    [0] Giant Needle (needle?) (attack +17): 25,000 gils
  • 50 f: Greaps (drop 3 diamonds)
  • 60 f: empty
  • 70 f: treasure chest
    I get Seamstress Clothes (def +7, mag def +7, def/mag def/evade/mag evade +5%)
  • 80 f: Black Dragon (drop Orihalcon)
    Equip darksteel shields
  • 90 f:Treasure chest
    I get Artemis Bow (attack +19)
  • 100 f: Adventurer and Fox (drop 4 diamonds)
    The Adventurer’s attacks are really deadly so be careful.
    The Fox casts a lot of ailments, equip ribbon on the more members you can.
    They don’t inflict many spells so you don’t need to have any particular shield (they only used fira on my team).

    • Attack
    • Berserk


    • Fira
    • Cura
    • Protect
    • Shell
    • Magick
    • Berserk
    • Silence
    • Confuse
    • Break
    • Poison
    • Suppress

Main Menu

Demon Prince (easy)

Equip darksteel shield

-World of Dark

20F: empty

30F: Buffholem + Ghoul (medium)

Equip ribbon on your white mage

-Attack (about 100)

-Attack (about 130)

40F: Trial Tower Shop

-X-Potion: 400 gils
-Phoenix Down: 100 gils
-Hi-Ether: 10,000 gils
-Kunai (shuriken) (attack +10): 20,000 gils
-Oboro (shuriken) (attack +20, evade +20%): 50,000 gils
Giant Needle (needle?) (attack +17): 25,000 gils

50F: Greaps (drop 3 diamonds)

No specific strategy against him


60F: empty

70F: Treasure chest

I get Seamstress Clothes (def +7, mag def +7, def/mag def/evade/mag evade +5%)

80F: Black Dragon (drop Orihalcon)

Sorry for the really short decription, I killed him in 2 turns with my scribe...
Equip with darksteel shields


90F: Treasure chest

I get Artemis Bow (attack +19)

100F: Adventurer and Fox (drop 4 diamonds)

The Adventurer's attacks are really deadly so be careful.
The Fox casts a lot of ailments, equip ribbon on the more members you can.
They don't inflict many spells so you don't need to have any particular shield (they only used fira on my team).


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84 Responses to “[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Guide: Bonus Towers”

  1. MissMaggie says:

    It is 2016 and I am so grateful to you for this guide. Thank you so much. I have used it for help multiple times.

  2. aotsuki says:

    you can also get the artemis bow from the chest on floor 90 in the moonsand ruins

  3. ikki says:

    i don’t known fungtion Orihalcon

  4. ikki says:

    I obtain ninja uniform

  5. Felix Felixis says:

    Here is a list of possible armor and weapons at 70F and 90F on all 4 towers(all the towers have same possibility of items), so you don’t have to ask many people again :
    70F Armors
    Seamstress Clothes, Defense+7 Magic Defense+7 Def./M.Def./Acc./M.Acc+5%
    Musician Robes, Defense+9 Magic Defense+8 Spirit+10%
    Beastmaster Coat, Defense+8 Magic Defense+7 Strength+10%
    Ninja Uniform, Defense+8 Magic Defense+7 Evd.+10 M.Evd.+10 Evasion+20%(seems to be both)
    Sage Robe, Defense+8 Magic Defense+9 M.Acc+20%
    Storyteller Robe, Defense+5 Magic Defense+4 All stat+5% (Well, that explains the low stat 🙁
    Scribe Gown, Defense+7 Magic Defense+6, Strength/Intellect/Spirit+5%

    And Here are the 90F Weapons
    Excalibur(Sword) Attack+20
    Afreet Axe(Axe) Attack+23
    Necronomicon(Book) Attack+7 Magic Attack+18
    Great Wizard Stave(Stave) Attack+7 Magic Attack+16
    Zodiac Spear(Spear) Attack+22
    Giant’s Toothpick(Needle) Attack+18 (eeeewwww…)
    Artemis Bow(Bow) Attack+19
    Appolo’s Harp(Harp) Attack+17 Magic Attack+17

    Special thanks to roadtosalvation for telling the items name in his Item Maximization/Checklist FAQ at GameFaqs and The Final Fantasy wiki(finalfantasy.wikia.com) for the weapons stat

    Wait a minute, why does shuriken and knive don’t exist on the 90F Chest?

    • Felix Felixis says:

      Sorry if i came to late in 2013 where this game now already dispopular(ahhahahahahaha)

    • Kuroro says:

      “Giant’s Toothpick(Needle) Attack+18 (eeeewwww…)”

      Don’t remember where I saw this(edit: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/961297-final-fantasy-the-4-heroes-of-light/56689654), but it seemed like a credible source, but Seamstress TRIPLES the damage of needles, whereas the rest of the classes only 1.5x the damage of their respective weapons.
      That makes needles a very good melee weapon, as long as you don’t care about having skills.

      18×3 = 54 atk for Giant’s Toothpick on Seamstress
      20×1.5 = 30 atk for Excalibur on a Dark Fencer

      For raw damage, go for the Seamstress… but the Dark Fencer’s abilities are certainly more helpful.

      • Kuroro says:

        I don’t know why I didn’t think of it, but it now occurs to me that you would boost up your weapons too…
        So if we consider that the weapons are +9, we get the following in stead:

        36×3 = 108 atk for Giant’s Toothpick on Seamstress
        38×1.5 = 57 atk for Excalibur on a Dark Fencer

        And if we consider that the weapons are +19, we get the following:

        56×3 = 168 atk for Giant’s Toothpick on Seamstress
        58×1.5 = 87 atk for Excalibur on a Dark Fencer

        The differential goes from 24 at +0 to 51 at +9 to a whopping 81 at +19
        You may still want to use a dark fencer for the skills, but I very much doubt your damage would be much greater than a seamstress with needles.

  6. AttendantofEris says:

    So, like, I am WAAAAAAAY past the point of no return. I have 2 level 93s and 2 level 91s. I’m having SERIOUS issues getting past even Moonsand Ruins. Any tips?

  7. Sexylessgirl says:

    Who do u think is the sexy girl Yunita or Aire

  8. Hero Of Light says:

    for tower 3 i got beastmaster robe on floor 70 and giants toothpick on 90.

  9. Archer says:

    I found a place around the edge of the map that looks like the taj mahal.. Or something. . What is it??

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm I have already forgotten about that, hope someone can reply your question. Thanks for using my guide

    • wharcraff says:

      not sure if this is the same place but there is an NPC called Namingway that renames spells in the game for you. Could be his home you’re talking about.

    • Victor says:

      That’s where the recurring character Namingway lies. He can change the names of your spells! Ie: Lux – Eternity, Desolator – Meteor, etc. etc.

  10. soccerbal says:

    moonsand ruins 70 floor….. i got a beastmaster coat, +8 defense, +7 magic defense, +10% defense/magic defense/strength….. for anyone who cares

  11. Codey says:

    For the Second Tower (First Tower, I<3Sage!), I used the Following:

    Jasqua (Codey) – Elementalist (**)

    Items/Equipment: Heal Tome, Revive Tome, Absorb Tome, King's Shortsword+9, Shield of Light+9 Armor of Light+9, Soul of Thasama

    Abilities: Augment, Revive, Heal, Absorb, Amplify, Mysterio

    Brandt (Codey2 [Origanally Codey, but it'll get confusing so I added the 2]) – Spell Fencer (***)

    Items/Equipment: Heal Tome, Heaven Tome, Sword of Light+9, Darksteel Shield, Paladin's Armor+9 (I choae this armor due to the +20% HP, and I am not switching!), Bloody Ring

    Abilities: Magic Sword, Heal, Magic Thwart, Heaven, Mystic Sword, Magic Infuse

    Yunita (Anita) – White Mage (**) (What can we do without 'em?)

    Items/Equipment: Cure=All Tome, Revive Tome, Ultima Tome, Darkness Staff, Darksteel Shield, Trylion's Coat+9, Cape of Light

    Abilities: Hide, Revive, Cure=All, Ultima, Healthgiver, Lifegiver

    Aire (Lizabeth) – Black Mage (***)

    Items/Equipment: Heal Tome, Revive Tome, Meteo Tome, Sword of Light+9, Darksteel Shield, Afreet Robe+9, Soul of Thasama

    Abilities: Heal, Revive, Meteo, -, Mirror, –

    Boss Strategy: Codey will cast Mysterio on the first turn, as well as Codey2 Casting Magic Infuse, Anita casting Ultima, and Lizabeth casting Meteo. On the second turn, Codey will block, Codey2 casts Magic Infuse, Lizabeth blocks and so does Anita. Third turn: Block, Absorb, Curaga Meteo. Codey2 will continuosly casts Magic infuse, Codey will cast Mysterio, block, and casts 2 absorbs, block and repeat. Anita will heal when the party is weak, and when they aren't, she is blocking. Lizabeth is on NON-STOP Meteo casting.

    Hope I helped someone out! 😀
    P.S.: I was about level 47-49ish when I entered, beated the 2nd boss, level 50.
    P.S.: I got the gems by using a Hermes Sandels on a Merchant, and 2 Wayfayers (*). I just kept using finder and escape, and weighed down on the Touch Screen in The Tower to the Sky 1F. Got 99 Rubies, Emeralds, Lapis and Aquas……

  12. fflover says:

    moonsand ruins 70f storyteller robe def+5 mdef+4 all stat 5%

    if you still read this…:p

  13. fake_profile says:

    I also found the zodiac spear in difficulty level 1 tower

  14. Edix says:

    The Orilhacon trick didn’t work

  15. stragetygod says:

    I found a system that works for me, it may take awhile but it works to get through the upper lvl’s of tower lvl 1…

    all of my characters are lvl 99within 48 hours of starting the game…

    Aire: White Mage max *’s

    Items and Equipment: Cure Tome, Cura Tome, Raise Tome, Aura Tome, Magick Tome, Great Wizard Stave, Shield of light +1, Armor of light +4, and a Ribbon

    Abilities: Healthgiver, Lifegiver, Cure, Cura, Raise, Miracle

    Brandt: Paladin (needs to know bait)

    Items and Equipment: Lux Tome, Gungnir, Great Tree Shield, Paladin Armor +1, and Power Ring

    Abilities: Cover, Bait, Lux

    Jusqua: Dark Fencer 1*

    Items and Equipment: Desolator Tome, Gungnir, Great Tree Shield, Dark Fencer Armor +2, and Power Ring

    Abilities: Darkside, Darker Side, Desolator

    Yunita: Spell Fencer max *’s

    Items and Equipment: Fira Tome, Watera Tome, Aerora Tome, Darkra Tome, Thundara Tome, Blizzara Tome, Sword of Light +9, Great Tree Shield, Rolan’s Clothes +4, and Cape of light

    Abilities: Magic Sword, Magic Infuse, Fira, Blizzara, Aerora, Darkra

    I hope this’ll work for some other people too :/

    • stragetygod says:

      and as you can tell, I didn’t upgrade much, that’s because I sold the gems for money to get weapon’s an I strongly urge you NOT TO SELL GEMS it will ruin you because you will have to take even more time in the future to replace all of the gems you may have sold and it does take up time especially with the crowns you need to lvl up :/

  16. Kane says:

    I’m not sure if you read this guide anymore (probably not); regardless, I would like to thank you for writing it. It has been most helpful on several difficult fights and I really appreciate your effort.^^

    • noobbgodlike says:

      you’re welcome, I still read any comments that left but I may not be able to answer the question because I have forgotten a lot of things about this game :D. Thanks for using my walkthrough

  17. Liam says:

    From the lighthouse i got Beastmaster Coat Defense+8 MDefense+7 Def/MDef/Str+10%

  18. ................................. says:

    CMIIW but it says for Rolan in the Liberte Lighthouse, Shell (increase def) Protect (increase mag def). Just to point this out.

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