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Posted on Oct 15, 2010

[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Guide: Cat’s Curse to Urbeth

Get out from the town. Head north to the west (follow the beach line along the way) until you see a group of the tree near the mountain.

Animal Burrow

Go inside, this place pretty straight forward. Head northwest until you see black wisp. Talk to the wisp and you will fight ogre bear. After an event you will get 2 new crowns (bard and bandit), head west until you arrive at the outside.

Keep heading west until you arrive at Guera.


As a cat you can go to some place you can’t reach before. So, you can complete Hidden treasure now. Item Location (If you are just use my guide, see Guera chapter to see location of hidden treasure 1-6) :

7. Pass through hole near the weapon shop and check the spot which shown in the screenshot to get animate tonic

8. Pass through the hole near Magic shop (northwest of the town). Check behind of the locked building to get Dirt Dirk

Okay back to the main story, Do you remember when you meet the cat after beating the sand devil? It is night time when that event happens. So, go outside and wait until dark ,and then re-enter the town. You should be able to see MC (1st char) standing in front of the inn. Talk to him and he will join your party.


There is a secret magic shop in Guera. It only opens at night; the location is left of storage shop (Go there by going through the hole nearby). It sells tier 2 magic spells, buy them if you have some extra money (they are quite expensive; about 1000-1500 gil).

Get out from the town and head north to small cave.

Fairy path

Enemy Exp Drop
batter fly 8 alarm clock
jack lantern 8 potion

Another simple dungeon, just follow my map until you reach the exit. Make sure you grab all the items in this area.

Go north to the big tree. You arrive at arbor, move forward to trigger an event.

=======================end of chapter==========================

Talk to the cat until you accept him/her joinyour party (MAKE SURE YOU SEE join your party dialog). Get out from Liberte and head north until you reach


Change your job into Bandit; it probably gives you largest amount of HP at the moment. It also has big strength status (You can easily kill most of enemies by 1 hit attack). Bring some antidote because there is an enemy that can make you poisoned.

Hunting caves

Enemy Exp Drop
metal flan 40
goblin 2 hi-potion
myconid 8 potion
hellhound 8 hi-potion, bomb fragment, lone wolf

This dungeon is very short if you only want to go to the other side, but you need to explore a little bit if you want to get all the items.The only important item in here is Thunder axe.

Get out from this and head north to the new town.


New town, so it is meaning for new hidden treasures. Their location:

  1. Go right from the entrance and downstairs so you can walk in the river. Head north and continue west. Check end of the path to obtain Zeus’s wrath
  2. Go inside the inn and then go upstairs to the left room. Check bathtub on the leftside to obtain Hydraxe.
  3. Go to the item shop which located left of storage shop (northwest). Go upstairs and check the barrel near the scarecrow/training dummy to obtain great tree log
  4. Go north from previous item shop and then go to the bar. Check the barrel on the upper left of this room to get Cross.
  5. Go west from the bar and then check the spot behind the man on the screenshot (You can’t go west if you are on the right spot; press A button when you can’t progress) to obtain Hi-potion
  6. Go to accessory shop and check right shelf to obtain hi-potion
  7. Go south and downstairs by using small stairs on the left. You should be able to see 2 houses over there. Enter the right house and check the cupboard on the back of the room to obtain potion.
  8. Get out from room above and then head south. Follow the wooden platform to the north and check the box in the end of the path (near the house) to obtain alarm clock

Check your treasure hunting progress by talking to the man at the inn.

From the last spot (8 ), go northeast passing small path to the sorcerer’s house (only open at daytime). Agree to pay when she ask you for 10.000 gil.

You can do some side quest to gather the money, but some of the side quest quite hard to do.

1. Sell the ring

(0) Go to Accessory shop and then talk to Rich looking woman on the left (trylion)
(0) Sell the ring she gave to you
You can sell it to:

(*) Man on wooden platform (near hidden treasure 8 )
(*) Woman (nun) in the left house (left of hidden treasure 7 house)
(*) Woman in front of the inn
(0) Go back to Trylion to get the reward (2500 Gil)

2. Kill chimaera

(0) Go to item shop near the storage shop (hidden treasure 3)
(0) Talk to Bylion, say no when he ask you whether you come to shopping
(0) Agree to kill chimaera, go back to hunting caves (point (C) in the map)
(0) Chimaera has little HP but he can attack 2 times/turn. His attack patterns:
– Fire: deals about 13 damage because I equip fire shield
– Earth: deal about 20 damage

(0) Make sure you are at full HP when you fight him. Then attack him using water elemental spell or weapon (I use Ice axe and it deals about 40 damages/hit).
(0) Go back to the town and get another 2500 Gil from Bylion

3. Collect Bomb fragment

(0) Go to armor shop (T emblem)
(0) Talk to Mylion
(0) He will ask you to get Bomb fragment
(0) You can get it from Hellhound which wanders around world map area near this city. I suggest you not to do this quest because it is really cost you a lot of time (depends on your “LUCK”)
(0) You can get it via steal command but remember that hellhound has 3 or more items on him (Hi-potion, bomb fragment, and Lone wolf). So it is  normal if you are not getting bomb fragment from him
(0) The other trouble in this quest is he usually accompanied by Lizard man, and because this game has “SMART” auto targeting system. You can’t kill the lizard man first because every attack probably will target Hell hound first which will result “you must steal while lizard man is still alive and that’s about 24 damage/turn (My HP is about 80 at that point). Those will cause you to rest many at inn, use many hi-potion, or even died in the battle. So, if you want to do this quest I recommend you to get it by killing.

Open a shop

You can open an item shop by talking to Thauzand (weapon shop). He will allow you to sell items in his store. Maybe it is the easiest method to generate money (I sell flame dagger for 1000 Gold, so I get  470 as profit). Feel free to experiment with the price. (You can also add “hot deal” to increase the chance of that item to be bought).

TIPS for doing this mini game (THANKS to Tom sa)

I find the best item is the “Flame Harp” thing (bought at the counter right by the person you speak to in order to start the minigame).If you buy 5 at the cost of just under 5000G, you can use this setup:

[Flame Harp + Flame Harp] – @ 5000, special deal
[Flame Harp + Flame Harp] – @ 5000
[Flame Harp] – @ 5000

Strangely, the single Flame Harp tends to sell with that setup (profit of 4000 for that one harp). The two double slots usually bring in 3000 in profits apiece. In total, you can get 10,000 in net profit.

Note 1: You don’t have to fill all slots… You can begin the game with empty slots.

Note 2: If you don’t see any double item slots, cancel from the setup screen and try again.

Buy 2 darksteel shield and keep 2 light elemental weapons on your inventory (thunder axe and bolt sword)

After you have gathered 10.000 Gil, talk to the sorceress (You can’t do the side quest after talking to her except “Open a shop” because it is not a side quest). Rest at inn and there will be an event.

Get out from the inn, you will see the town been has been attacked by monster. Go northeast to the weapon shop, you should be able to see 3rd character standing near the statue. Talk to her until she joins your party.

Make her become white mage, and don’t forget to equip Darksteel shield and light elemental weapon on your characters.

Your goal is to defeat black wisp in front of the weapon shop, there are also another enemies. It is up to you whether you want to defeat it.

List of the enemies

Location enemy additional info
item shop (bylion) rock golem weak wind
armor shop hellhound weak water
cowpel weak fire
accessory shop chimaera weak water

Save after you have defeated all of them. Go to Weapon shop and talk to the wisp over there.

Boss: Demon

If you equip darksteel shield and light weapons, this battle will become very easy. His attack patterns:

  • Darkra: Dark elemental spell, cause about 13 damages with darksteel equipped
  • Blade blitz: He only can use this attack when he opens his eye. Deals about15 damage to all of your characters. So no need to defend this attack
  • Cura: Heal his own HP for about 90 points
  • Protect: Reduce physical attack by 50%

Talk to Thauzand after you have defeated Demon. Sleep at the inn and get out from this town. Go to the ship near the town and set sail to northeast

=====================end of chapter============================

Main menu


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  1. wkdwiddy says:

    how do U use the sacred tree staff 2 turn U in2 animal form?

  2. a girl who likes this game says:

    can some1 help me? i gave the 10,000 and everything and now i,m
    up to the 3rd chricter [sorry can’t
    spell well] i named her jane but i can’t get jane to join me what do i do now?

  3. Ikuko Ieyasu says:

    I beat the demon without knowing to do a side quest, and I tried the counter, but my 3rd character isnt joining. Something about slowing me down. I’ve done the counter twice, the ring lady won give me a ring, just keeps talking about the racket, and the dude for the chimera keeps talking about how I saved the town. ._. How the fuck do I move on?

  4. TheDudeWhoMessedUp says:

    I can’y save after I defeat the monsters, and I just died from the Demon

  5. Niranjan says:

    the merchants are giving responses to start ant side quest
    what should i do
    will i get a side quest only after finding all hidden objects?

  6. Niranjan says:

    i went to the sorceror but after she told me to go away as i dint have money. as told i went to trylion and talked to her but all she said was “i am trylion,one of the four merchant lords.you will see surely find something to suit you in my accessory shop”

  7. Kidrobot222 says:

    … I just got Autumn(PC 2) to join my party. Talk to thauzaid (or the blacksmith dude, whoever he is,) and go to the inn. I believe you’d had to do the main/side quest to get her though. (Opening the shop.)

  8. Kidrobot222 says:

    Hey. I can’t pick up the 3rd character no matter what I try. So like, am I allowed to continue without her? Because even though it took a try er’ two, I beat the demon without her. I also got the two new crowns without her, merchant and salve-maker.

    By the way, if your’e having trouble with demon, I kept 2nd character as a black mage. 🙂

  9. Isaac says:

    The black wisp (rock golem) will drop mythril ore.

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