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[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Guide: Crown Ability

Will add a tips how to use the crown later. If you have any tips about how we should use the crowns (you can also give your opinion about the crown) please leave it on comment. Thank you :D.

Use CTRL+F and then type the name of the crown you want to see.

no crown job description when you get it ability ap description
1 wayfarer recovery items work better (story) Defeat greaps run away 1 flee from the battle
escape 2 100 % flee
recovery 3 recover some HP each turn
friend in need 4 summon your travel companion to attack the foe
2 White mage AP cost for white magic reduced by one (story) Defeat sand devil healthgiver 1 make your next healing spell work on all your allies
life giver 2 make your next healing spell more powerful and work on all your allies
hide 2 hides from foe so they not attack you
miracle 4 give your allies a big HP boost and cure all their ailments
3 Black mage Ap cost for black magic reduced by one (story) Defeat sand devil magic mojo 1 make your next attack spell inflict more damage than usual
spell focus 2 make your next attack spell inflict a lot more damage than usual
mirror 3 enable your entire party to deflect spells back at the enemy
magic might 4 cast a mighty attack spell against all your foes
4 bandit Monster drop better items (story) Ogre bear event steal 1 try to steal items from one of the foes
plunder 2 try to steal items from all the foes
deadly blow 3 possibly inflict sudden death on a foe when you attack
pillage 4 steal an item from a foe-guaranteed
5 Bard get the most out of equipped instruments (story) Ogre bear event ditty 2 sing a song to raise your party’s attack power. Last 3 turns
Motet 2 sing a song to raise your party’s defense. Last 3 turns
Aria 2 sing a song to raise your party’s status attributes. Lasts 3 turns
fugue 4 sing a sad song that stops your foes in their tracks. Last only one turn
6 merchant find more gems (story) beat demon in urbeth finder 1 find gems in the midst of battle
keeper 2 find gems in the midst of battle more effectively than with Finder
ransom 3 each time you are struck by an attack,pay a ransom instead of taking damage
Money talk 4 inflict damage in proportion to the amount of the money you own
7 Salve maker use item s without consuming AP (story) beat demon in urbeth dispensary 1 do not consume recovery items when you use them. Lasts 4 turns
Healthcare 2 make recovery items work on everyone in the party
poison pill 3 change recovery items into poison and use them to inflict damage
level serum 4 raise the party’s level by one for the duration of the battle
8 elementalist elemental damage is reduced by half (story) Defeat Arbaroc augment 1 enhance the effects of allies’ element attacks. Lasts 4 turns.
amplify 2 greatly enhance the effects of allies’ element attacks. Last 4 turns
mysterio 3 Enhance your party’s resistance to element attacks
elemental 4 unleash a storm of element attacks against the foe
9 ranger Deliver extra damage with bows and arrows! (story)Defeat Arbaroc target 1 ensures that every attack strikes its target
snipe 2 ensures that every attack strikes its target- with extra damage
covering fire 3 inflict heavy damage on all foes at the beginning of the next turn
smashing blow 4 deliver a single, mighty blow against the enemy
10 fighter deliver extra bare-handed damage (story) Defeat ice dragon combat 1 increase the odds of landing a critical hot.Lasts 4 turns
jugular 2 strike a foe with a critical hit
chakra 3 double your own HP for the duration of the battle
frenzy-fu 4 hit the foe with repeated attacks. The stronger you are, the longer the chain
11 scholar make the most of equipped books! (story) Defeat ice dragon quell 2 Reduce the attack power of all foes by half. Lasts 3 turns
subdue 2 reduce the defenses of all foes by half. Lasts 3 turns
restrain 2 slow the movement of all foes. Lasts 3 turns
Tame 4 reduce the attack and defense of all foes to 1.Applies only for that turn
12 party host deal more damage with joint attacks (story)Defeat Rolan charm 1 psych up a single ally
Rouse 2 Rouse psych up everyone in the party
pot luck 3 something will happen, that’s for sure
go team go 3 Psych up everyone in the party – a lot
13 Hero get psyched up more often (story) Defeat Rolan reckless 2 throw everything you have into an attack, but weaken your defense
bladeblitz 2 strike at the entire enemy party
wrath 3 deliver massive magic damage to a single foe
finale 4 combine with your allies to deliver a combination attack
14 paladin defend yourself even better when equipped with a shield (story) Beat Lucifer (sword of light chapter) cover 1 shelter a friend from attack and take the damage yourself
Bait 2 draw the foe’s attention so you become the target of their attacks
avenge 3 increase the damage you inflict the more you are targeted for attack
last stand 4 Hang on to life for several turns at HP 1
15 alchemist boost the damage inflicted by attack items (story)defeat beelzebub experiment 1 transforms an item in your possession into another kind of item
forge 2 create random attack item and add it to your belongings
smelt 3 combine items for variety of different effects
cast 4 throw all the attack items you carry at the foe
16 spell fencer follow up a spell with an attack for extra damage (story) defeat asmodeus magic sword 1 change weapon element and strike with an attack spell
mystic sword 2 change weapon element. A more powerful version of magic sword
magic thwart 3 nullify the effects of attack spells cast against you. Last 4 turns
magic infuse 3 cast an attack spell and strike with your weapon at the same time
17 monk grow stronger with every resurrection (story) defeat Balphegor tool 1 give a dead ally the ability to attack the foe
implement 2 give a dead ally the ability to use magic
kamikaze 1 attack foes as you die. The more times you have died, the greater the damage
ghost army 3 summon an army of ghost that attacks all foes and deals devastating damage
18 dancer deal extra damage when using shortsword! (story)defeat leviathan dance 1 recover AP more quickly than usual.last 3 turns
perform 3 make your allies recover their AP more quickly than usual.Last 3 turns
applaud 1 increase one ally’s AP by 3 points
ovation 2 restore all of one ally’s AP
19 Shaman Ap cost for dark magic reduced by one (story) defeat mammon ritual 1 make your next dark magic spell affect all your foes
hex 2 Make your next dark magic spell more powerful and affect all your foes
spellbound 3 prevent both friend and foe alike from taking any actions.Last several turns
forbidden art 4 reduce the HP of friend and foe alike to 1
20 dark fencer Deal extra damage when using a sword (story) defeat satan dark side 1 sacrifice some of your HP to deal heavy damage to a foe
darker side 2 sacrifice some of your HP to deal heavy damage to all foes
eye for an eye 3 make your attacks stronger as your HP falls
Amok 5 unleash darkside repeatedly until all your HP is consumed
21 musician enjoy enhanced status when in the presence of a bard buy music score at liberte wi-fi shop (2500 pts) serenade 2 grant regen for all your party members.last 3 turns
nocturne 2 raise your party’s magic attack power for 3 turns
march 3 increase your party’s movement speed for 3 turns
oratorio 5 grant your party,regen,boost attack, magic attack, and speed for 5 turns
22 beastmaster make your allies stronger when in animal form score above 255 pts in math minigame (invidia) sic 1 make a captured monster attack the enemy
capture 1 capture a monster. Weakened monsters are easier to catch
gentle 2 attack the foe without killing it
command 2 make all party members in animal form attack the enemy
turncoat 4 make a captured monster attack its own allies
23 Seamstress attack with greater power when equipped with a needle! get 20.000 gil from selling minigame (once, not total !!!)


patched up 2 patch all your non-upgraded armor together for better protection
stitched up 2 patch all your non-upgraded weapons together for a stronger attack
refurbish 2 bring one ally back to life
sew together 4 sew yourself and an ally together to combine your status level
24 ninja encounter fewer monsters! conquer moonsand ruins (level 1 bonus towers) moving target 1 boost your own ability to evade attacks
target dummy 2 creates a copy of yourself so you can evade physical attacks.Makes 2 copies
counter 3 unleash a counter-attack whenever you evade a blow.Lasts 4 turns
lightning fists 4 unleash repeated attacks. The better your evasion, the longer the chain
25 sage boost the effects of magic both black and white conquer holy tree tower (level 2 bonus towers) spell again 1 keep casting spells until your AP is consumed. Applies next turn only.
diligence 2 during the battle,reduce black magic AP consumption by 1
betterment 2 during the battle, reduce white magic AP consumption by 1
good and evil 4 summon a holy light to damage all foes and heal all allies
26 scribe grow more powerful the more time you spend playing the game conquer trial tower (level 4 bonus towers) time 2 unleash a powerful attack. Works better the longer you have played the game
wireless 2 unleash a magic attack. Works better the longer you play multiplayer
crown 2 heal one ally’s HP. Amount recovered depends on everyone’s crown levels.
completion 4 boost your status levels.Works better as you complete more of the game
27 storyteller make the most of your abilities! conquer mysterious lighthouse (level 3 bonus towers) basic 0 grant all the access to basic ability (you must have the crown)
lvl1 0 grant all the access to lvl 1 ability (you must have the crown ability)
lvl2 0 grant all the access to lvl 2 ability (you must have the crown ability)
lvl3 0 grant all the access to lvl 3 ability (you must have the crown ability)

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29 Responses to “[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Guide: Crown Ability”

  1. gabriel says:


  2. gabriel says:

    if you kill ogre bear you get 4 diamonds {you can use finder/keeper 1 time each person to also get more diamonds if you like.}And if you steel from him you get a RIBBON! If you use tame then:desolator then: magic might then: finale {witch makes ALL of the good team attack}you will kill him and get the following: 4 diamonds 2/3 ribbons and 2/4 {half} of a level of xp.

  3. amelia says:

    umm excuse me, you have the abilities listed and it’s reallly helpful, but i don’t know how to get them..? like i have the wayfarer crown and i have the ability runaway but how do i get the other abilities? do i have to find them in a chest?? D:

  4. EPICpaladinDUDE says:

    Some advice on getting the Beastmaster crown in Invidia:

    Just keep passing your turn until you find a problem that has a 9, 1, and two of the same numbers. Example: 7 7 1 9. First, add the 9 and the 1,multiply it by one of the numbers (7), and then divide it by the last number (7). All in all you should end up with a very high score (my best was around 400).

  5. wharcraff says:

    The Seamstress crown is a misunderstood job. It’s not meant to be a solo act. You can have a team of 3 in/with some Paladin armors in their inventory to increase their hp and use Patched Up followed by Sew Together to raise the stats of the 4th member of the team like a ‘Wayfarer’. Work wonders against Leviathan.

  6. HeR0core says:

    I just want you to add precision about the duration of some spell like mysterio or bait (I don’t have time to see the screen below the battle screen). Can you ?

  7. eewq says:

    Thank you for the list of jobs and where to get them at. I appreciate it. Thank you so much, love your guide and couldn’t have beat the game w/o you. 😀

  8. Gabriel says:

    Are dancers strong? Since it says they are stonger when using shortsword.

  9. umm hi says:

    i cant seem to find arbaroc can u help me?

  10. Suikami says:

    Hey, what abilities did your Spell Fencer have? I tried making Yunita a Spell Fencer when I got the crown and couldn’t really feel the love.

    My party is currently:

    MC (Me): White Mage
    Aire: Black Mage
    Jasqua: Elementalist
    Yunita: Bard

    I want to try out the Spell Fencer a little more, though.

  11. Cestus says:

    Hey, during your chaos video, what is everyone wearing and what weapons are they using. Your guide helped me a lot, thank you.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      MC= all of the light equipments.
      black mage= darkness staff and scholar gown +4 (you can buy all of these equipments), soul of thamasa
      white mage= white book, paladin armor, ribbon
      elementalist= book of sylph, paladin armor, sould of thamasa

      thank you for using my guide 😀
      I am really glad it helps you

  12. Xman says:

    hey something is wrong about the paladin

    Last stand = Hang on to life for several turns at HP!

    thats is what whats written in my DS game

    • Xman says:

      Correction it should be 1 not !
      On the last stand part

      Avenge = increase the damage you inflict the more you are targeted for attack

      thats in paladin part 🙂

  13. Xman says:

    ! think its a typo in the Musician part

    grant regen fro all your party members.last 3 turn

    the Fro word it should be for i think 🙂

  14. .................. says:

    What is better, Dark Fencer or Hero crown? I love Hero because of Finale and Wrath but I wanna try Dark Fencer because of its last ability. If I keep healing Dark Fencer with my White Mage while it uses last ability, which let’s it use Dark Side repeatedly, will it use Dark Side forever and ever? Is that even possible? Sorry for posting this same comment again. I felt that this comment belonged here better than the Secret Tower page.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Dark fencer’s last ability let you use darkside until your HP reach 1. It’s only about 4-5 hits (without lux; Hp about 450). I don’t know if the HP cost scale with the amount of HP (which is bad because it means you can only deal about 4-5 hit). I really don’t know the comparison between hero and dark fencer. Because Finale ability cost too much AP and depends on your other members attack status ( I have 2 black mage mage and white mage), so the damage isn’t that great. Dark Fencer is too risky in my opinion. SO I prefer Hero, but I recommend you to use Spell fencer or Paladin. Paladin really helps you protect your party and Spell fencer’s magic infuse deal high damage (about 1500 and it’s only 3AP). Hope this helps you and thank you for using my guide. 😀

      • .................. says:

        I don’t get Spell Fencer’s last ability. Does it require you to have a spell with you? I love Hero because of Bladeblitz. So if you combine Ninja and Hero it will help you avoid battles because Ninja will reduce the chance of meeting enemies. But if you do meet a monster, you can just use Bladeblitz. BTW, during your Chaos battle video, what weapon is you Black Mage using and what armor is it wearing? My Black Mage dies a lot 🙂 The weapon looks beast. Thx for all your help!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I use darkness staff (I think you can buy it from weapon shop; it is not rare equipment; CMIIW though I already forget lol).For the armor I use Scholar gown (you can buy this from shop too :D). Last fencer last ability is very good, it doesn’t require you to have any magic. It only cost 3 ap so I can cast it immediately on the next turn. I agree about blade blitz, so it is okay for you to have a hero in your party , but I still prefer using spell fencer because it has more strength status than Hero.

        • daystar says:

          you buy the darkness staff in invidia

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