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Posted on Oct 12, 2010

[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Guide: Desert to Guera

Go to the King’s room and talk to the man here. 2nd and 4th characters will leave your party. Go back to the town and then talk to the man near the storage shop; you will learn that there is a cure for the curse. Get out from the town and head east to the desert.

Tips: Buy Antidote and eye drops because upcoming enemy can inflict poison and blind on your characters.

Enemy exp Drop
big worm 6 antidote, earth gauntlet
basilisk 6 poison ring, phoenix down
wight 7 phoenix down
cowpel 4 phoenix down

Wander around in this desert (near tower on the northwest), you will meet with Krinjh (I meet with Krinjh at the night and on the screen shot spot; not sure if his location fixed or random). He will join your party; now head to moonlight tower (northwest).

Moonlight Tower

This dungeon is pretty straight forward. Your goal is 5F (* area in my map); check the pedestal to obtain the Merkmal. Get out from this tower once you have got it.

You can use  the Merkmal by press Y button (it is basically a world map). Go to the town on the southeast of the desert (see your merkmal). You arrive at Guera now.


Another 8 hidden treasures (I can’t find it all,if you know the location of the other treasures please comment to help me. You can know the amount of the treasures you have gathered by talking to  the man who is located at the inn) :

  1. Potion on the left side of the inn (inside)
  2. Wi-fi shop: check the  green table on the left to obtain a eye drops
  3. Magic shop: bookshelf in the left entrance to get a potion
  4. east house of the magic shop: check left board to obtain a antidote (talk with the man here; he will say something about the water tome)
  5. West tree (near the cat/dog): Check it to get a potion
  6. Go towards the direction of Castle.After you pass the magic shop turn to the right, there is a hidden path to the right. Check spot in the screen shot to obtain antidote.
  7. You can’t get it now 😀
  8. You can’t get it now 😀

Go to the king’s castle on the northern part of this town. Talk to the king and agree to defeat sand devil.

You need water magic to beat sand devil normally (you still can beat him but it is harder, so you can skip this section if you want). You can also buy antartic wind on the item shop, but they are very expensive at this point (300 gil). Deposit all unnecessary items on the storage shop!!! you will know why later 😀

=========================optional section=======================

Go inside the castle during the night (Stay on the world map until you can see the moon and then enter the town). Go to the second floor/screen of king’s castle. Head either to the left or the right, enter the door here and you will arrive  at the underground (You can’t go to this place during daytime because there is a guard blocking your way). Keep going downstairs until you arrive at

Guera cavern

Enemy exp Drop
basilisk 6 poison ring, phoenix down
goblin 2 hi-potion
blood bat 1

Your goal in this cavern is to get the Water: tome. Other equipment can be considered as a bonus. Follow the path in the map until you get the water: tome and then go north to the next area. Grab phoenix down and then go left until you see an option to jump (it is a shortcut and one way path). Return to the town after you have got all the items.

=================end of the optional section========================

Don’t forget to buy earth shield for your party members to make the upcoming boss battle easier. Get out from this town and head east to quicksand castle.

Quicksand castle

Enemy exp drop
wight 7 phoenix down
basilisk 6 p down
cait sith 7 terra stave, tranquilizer
cu sith 7 antidote

To get all Items in this dungeon you need a water spell (I hope you have done optional part). Take all the items on the 1f and go to 2f. You will begin to see quicksand in this floor. Go to the right stairs first to 3f and then go back to 2f. You will arrive at point (1), check the pedestal so you can cast  the water spell. This will make quicksand number 1 disappear and you can take Blue shot from treasure chest.

I suggest you to fall down at quicksand number 2 and 3 because they lead you to 2 important piece of equipments. After you have obtained all treasure chests, go to the save point to save your game.

I suggest you to unequip Krinjh because he will leave your party soon. If you put new items from this dungeon on him, then give the items to the other characters otherwise you will lose it. Don’t worry about upcoming boss battle because it is easy if you have the water: tome. You can also equip Bane knife and Blue shot (water element) but you still have to cast water spell first.

Go upstairs when you are ready and

BOSS: Sand demon

Cast water on him so your physical attack deals more damage. His body will be hardened for 2 turns, so make sure you cast again water spell after the effect is lost. Equip earth shield to reduce his damage. His attack patterns:

  • Attack: deal about 5 damage (if equip earth shield)
  • Sandstorm: deal about 15 damages to all and sometime inflict blind.

Reward: earth sword

Go back to Guera (Step on magic circle for a shortcut) and sleep at the inn to see a cut scene.

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22 Responses to “[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Guide: Desert to Guera”

  1. Ty says:

    How do I get water magic because everyone is saying the king took all of it away…??

  2. FF-helper says:

    in the first step by gathering the items (8) , the first item isn’t in the left side of the inn but it is on the right side:) (between the table and the bed above the table)

  3. belldandy47 says:

    I would like to add that in this section the Cait Siths in the Quicksand Castle also drop Tranquilizers (which Cures Confusion).

    They are a rare drop, however.

  4. nile says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  5. Tinky says:

    8th treasure is behind the wifi tent, you must be a cat to get it…

  6. Peter says:

    where is the 8th treasure? plssss

  7. stoono says:

    oh.. in the wifi shop you can buy a hercules. verry good weapon :). but low accuracy :(. you missing verry mutch. only always hit wen you are ranger and use snipe or target.

  8. Dragonrakion says:

    How do you retrieve the Earth Axe in the Quicksand Castle ?

  9. Crazy DAC says:

    For the Quicksand Castle, you don’t really need Water spell to get Blue Shot. Just simply drop down from the quicksand at under left of floor 3F.

  10. PCubed says:

    Thanks for the guide I really love your little maps.

  11. PHI says:

    I have found the 7th hidden treasure
    (Dirt Dirk).
    It’s behind the locked house on north-west.
    (you must transfrom to a cat to walk thought the small door which is in the right of locked house)

  12. alver says:

    Guera Hidden Treasure :
    6. Bush Southeast of Wi-fi shop
    7. Go to the direction of Castle.After you pass the magic shop turn to the right, there is a hidden path to the right.

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