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Posted on Oct 31, 2010

[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Guide: Gathering Legendary Equipment Part 1

Tips before you start gathering legendary equipment:

  • Try to sell things in Urbeth (mini game) to gain money
  • If you feel you are doing too little damage to the enemy then upgrade your weapons in urbeth (hammer symbol; I recommend you to upgrade your weapon maximum to level 5, because you will find more powerful equipment as you progress)
  • Start to level up your crown to get better ability. Especially elementalist (Mysterio is very good ability). Try not to master any crown for now, only get useful ability (e.g: only level up black mage once; you only need spell focus ability. But you are free to level it if you are thinking it useful :D).
  • You can buy important spells:
    [0] Fira/ga: urbeth
    [0] Leafra/ga: Arbor
    [0] Quakra/ga Guera
    [0] Watera/ga: Liberte
    [0] Blizzara/ga: Invidia
    [0] Thundara/ga: Spelvia
    [0] Banishra/ga: Spellvia

====Sword of Light====


Go to Spellvia dungeon (west of the town). Go to the start point (1) in my map and then talk to Rolan over there. Go back to the town and then enter

Fountain of Hope

You must defeat 3 arch demons inside each door (where you chased blue soul before). Location of the arch demons:

  • Left room: west
  • Middle room: north east
  • Right room: south east

Arch demon’s attacks based on dark elemental (I recommend you to equip darksteel shield). Also bring some echo herbs because he can inflict silence.

After you have defeated them go talk to Rolan.


Buy Holy shield at the weapon shop (Spellvia). I hope you already have elementalist level 2 (have mysterio ability). I suggest you to bring White mage, black mage, elementalist, and other job (free). Equip your black mage with Leafra spell because the boss is resist to all elements. You can also equip wind cape but it is not important.

Enter the middle door and


This is your last chance to obtain Lightbringer (via steal) if you haven’t got it from Rolan before (I don’t know if you can get 2 if you have stolen it before). This boss is very easy if you follow my tips. His attack patterns:

  • Aeroga: deals about 20 damage to all party members (wind element)
  • Thundaga: deals only about 10 light damage to to all party members
  • Judgments bolt: Drain all of your AP, so don’t boost AP too much
  • Attack: only does 1 damage ……

=====Shield of Light=====


Talk to the king in the castle. Krinjh will appear and go to moonlight tower.


Equip Rock shield and buy water magic for your black mage. You can also buy some gold needle in Invidia (not that important).

Follow Krinjh to the moonlight tower. Go to the top floor (where you got merkmal). Help Krinjh over there (you will encounter a battle against normal enemies). Get out from this dungeon and then head to quicksand castle (east of guera).

Go to top floor and you will find Ariadne and King guera. Talk to them and

Mini boss: King guera

You only have 3 turns to kill him. If you haven’t killed him after 3 turns the battle will end by itself (you won’t get 100 Exp). His attack patterns:

  • Firaga: 15 fire damage to all characters
  • Quakra: 3o earth damage to single character
  • Attack: 10 neutral damage

You will see a cut scene and then agree when being asked by Krinjh

BOSS: Asmodeus

Use mysterio and  if you have equipped rock shield this battle will become a breeze. This boss is weak against water magic, so “spell focus” followed by water will deal a lot of damage to him. His attack patterns:

  • Silence: inflict silence to single character
  • Sleep: Inflict sleep to single character
  • Firaga:30 fire damage to all (half if you cast mysterio)
  • Moonlight curse: psyche down all characters
  • Fira: 30 fire damage to single target (half if you cast mysterio)
  • Flash: Blind your character
  • Sidewinder: 20 damage and inflict many bad status to all party (confuse, curse,etc). Mysterio will reduce damage from this attack.
  • Break: inflict petrified; this is when gold needle become useful
  • Death: instant death against one character

======Cape of Light======


Talk to thauzand; you will learn that his daughter is sick. Go to the Sorcerer’s house (northeast of the town) and then talk to the Apothecary. Get out from this town and then head to the Hunting caves (southwest of Urbeth). Go to B4 (look at my map; your goal is Hi-ether spot). Check the bush and you will obtain Hi-elixir (You must fight with lord orc first).

Go back to the town and then talk with Thauzand. He will tell you to rest at the inn, so go over there. Next day, go and talk again to Thauzand; he will go to the tower to the sky.

Follow Thauzand to the Tower to the Sky. Head to 10F (rainbow path) and


Bring 4 fire shield and neutral weapons for your physical attackers (you can buy in Thauzand’s shop). I recommend you to have level 2 black mage in your party with leafra spell.

BOSS: Beelzebub

Bring 2 Black mages who have spell focus and leafra spell. You can also use merchant if he/she has money talk (you must have quite lot of money; about 30.000 gil should be fine). Keep your AP minimal at 3, so you can cast spell focus and leafra when he flies to the sky. Your option is to defend (boost) on the 2nd turn after he fly or deal enough damage to him(350 for me). His attack patterns:

  • Attack: 30 damage
  • Firaga: 11-20 fire damage to all target (fire shield)
  • Fira: 11-20 fire damage to single target
  • Fall of angels: cheating attack that does about 200 damage to all characters :(. You can cancel this attack by deal large amount of damage before he falls (for me it is about 350 damage) to him.
  • Bazeteor: He will use this attack when you cancel his “fall of angels” attack. It will does about 600 damage to himself, so you have more reason to cancel that attack.

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